Are the Broncos' new uniforms hideous? CNBC readers think so

By Chadd Cripe

About a third of poll respondents at consider Boise State's new Nike football uniforms "hideous." That's running well ahead of "amazing," although "neither" is the leading response.

The poll is attached to a sports business reporter's take on the uniforms: "I've seen various versions of piping and I think this just might be the worst," Darren Rovell wrote.

Here's the link.

You also can vote on the uniforms here.


Jared Zabransky talked about his CFL prospects with the Edmonton newspaper. Link to it here.


Well, considering that this poll was posted over 24 hours ago on a nationally-based website and only a little over 3,000 people have voted on it, I think the winning response by a mile would actually be: "I couldn't care less."

CNBC readers...

CNBC readers are big-government, left-wing loons who don't know how to root for an underdog. Their opinion is worthless. The uniforms are fine.

For you.

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The new uniforms BLOW!, its

The new uniforms BLOW!, its great that taters think these new uni's are very cool, LMAO, it just reinforces that Cup Cake State is that jerkwater school in Idaho that plays gimmicky community college turf now thinks they look cool when the rest of America loves a joke, yeah this helps the respect issue,right, now you Cup Cake State fans have more to whine about, the lack of respect your hideous football uniforms will receive from the national college football fans and media, yeah its everybody else fault, idiots. These crappy uni's are fitting for the worst football conference in college football, you go girls.

Take it easy!

Sounds like someone is having a "cranky" day. Take a pill dude!

He wrote that yesterday and they still suck. Like caviar.

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Great comment!

Your right along with that disgusting turff,now they have hideous unis to go along with the bigotted,non-friendly judgemental religious atmosphere that makes up that side of the state. Wow I am so impressed. GO DUCKS,and the rest of the weak wac I hope BSU losses every game then and only then will this color scheme make sense to me

Get Your NBC's Straight!

Finloopio-that's MSNBC that's home to big-government,left-wing loons. CNBC leans primarily to the right if anything. By the way, the new unis are awful!

EVERYTHING under Jeff Immelt is left wing

NBC, MSNBD, CNBC, Universal, GE... ALL OF IT. While CNBC may be more to the middle than MSNBC, it is still left wing. Fox Business Channel is the right wing business channel. I like the unis if the team likes the unis. They are fine.

Considering that it's only a PARTNERSHIP, Uni has it's own spin

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

I'll try to be objective . . .

Not a BSU fan, so I'll give you all an outsider's opinion.

On a general note, I think uniforms across the country have gotten uglier through the years. The best look has always been the clean, classic cut--solid colors, simple stripes, appropriately-placed logos.

With regard to BSU's new threads . . . not good. First off, I think it's a mistake to move away from orange as a secondary color. Adding gray into the color scheme is kind of like the program admitting wasn't fond of the school colors to begin with. Orange and blue aren't easy colors to work with, but Florida makes it work. This new blue-gray pattern just doesn't jive. Boring.

The weird striping/piping on the rear pants is just plain weird-looking. Tragic, even. It's like the designer felt like tacking on some arbitrary decoration at the last minute.

Same goes for the striping/piping on the shoulders. It's distracting and unnecessary.

Honestly, the uniforms BSU had three years ago--when they went to the Fiesta Bowl--were actually pretty decent. That design, at least, embraced the school colors and had some balance to it. Looking at those uniforms and this latest travesty, it would be pretty hard to argue that BSU's football team hasn't taken a few steps back in terms of fashion.

So tell me,

Why to people like you who are not BSU fans spend so much time on these discussion boards? Do you spend as much time supporting the teams you are a fan of as you do insulting BSU. What is the point?

What IS the point?

To keep you nervous.

If you weren't nervous then what the hell would the point be? We could paint a box like a monitor and put a smilie on it.

Course I can't say that because they contradict my hatred of pounding enviro-nuts and politics into the ground.

Well, SURE I can. Football doesn't suck, if you leave stats out of it.

The unis do suck, Nike made them and somebody else should from now on.

We're not playing rugby in 2112.

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the uniforms aren't as nice as the previous versions

but they don't suck. I don't know of any other college teams that are going to think less of you because your uniform sucks when you're kicking their butts. Besides, they're better than ALL of the 35 versions Oregon uses, and who designs their uni's?

Nike. Haven't you been following?

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The question was rhetorical

for someone who purports to be witty you're not that fast are you?

I'm not Rhett. I don't care how fast I am, the question was old.

If you think you are the next contestant on "Stump Foreignoregonian" you'll waste a lot of time anyhow.

Rhett Orical's thoughts don't work well around here anyway.

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If you had wondered how OREGON would wreck the uni for '09...

HERE IS THE Duck crud.,172251

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Strange how much the new BSU unis look like Arizona's uniforms.

If Nike makes them, no wonder?


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