State parks headquarters has mussel stickers

ImageI got my mussel stickers Tuesday at the headquarters of the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation on Warm Springs Avenue near the Shakespeare Festival in Boise.

It was the quickest place for me to get them. I paid for them with a check.

If you are heading to Lucky Peak Reservoir, this is the place to get them. You'll have to come in from Idaho 21 down Warm Springs Avenue (back toward Boise) to state parks and recreation headquarters. Warm Springs Avenue is closed where the ParkCenter East Bridge is being built.

Another way is to go online at the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation. The Web site is

It also is available through a mail-in process with a form, which is on the state parks and recreation Web site.

In the next few weeks, information and mail-in forms will be made available at all Idaho state parks, sheriff’s offices and boat registration vendors, including DMVs. They do not, and will not, have the stickers.