Day 114 and counting: political Darwinism

Don't look now, but the 2010 Idaho primary elections are less than 13 months away.

And this bareknuckle 2009 legislative session will make or break political reputations, in 2010 and possibly beyond. So let's break down some of the players in the intra-Republican struggle:

Gov. Butch Otter: Much has been made about how this session will affect Otter's political future. If he "loses" on transportation funding, after vetoing 35 bills and keeping the Legislature in town for 114 days (and counting), will his 2010 legislative agenda be nothing more than an afterthought to lawmakers? Will it even be his last legislative session?

Otter is raising money, which points to a 2010 run. So the best operating theory at this point is that he runs again. But does he decide to step aside? Does he wind up facing an anti-tax candidate in the 2010 GOP primary? And who do Democrats run against him?

Lt. Gov. Brad Little: When Otter appointed the Emmett Republican from the state Senate as in January, this seemed to be the first step in a political five-year plan. Little would run statewide as lieutenant governor in 2010, a precursor to a 2014 gubernatorial run. As a prominent supporter of Otter's road repair plan, his success is tied somewhat to Otter's.

State Sen. John McGee: The Caldwell Republican has done nothing to quell rumors that he could be a congressional candidate someday. And he's hardly shied from the limelight, as one of the Legislature's most vocal supporters of a gas tax increase. McGee's pro-roadwork politics are made to order for a commuter legislative district. How would his gas tax support play in the rest of the 1st Congressional District?

State Rep. Raul Labrador: The Eagle attorney is young and staunchly conservative on social and fiscal issues. When organizers held a second — and much more sparsely attended — anti-tax tea party on Monday, Labrador was one of the speakers. As one of the Republicans who helped orchestrate the ouster of state GOP chairman Kirk Sullivan last summer, Labrador could have a base of conservative loyalists.

State Reps. Mike Moyle and Ken Roberts: It's certainly not unheard of for a lawmaker to parlay a leadership position into a run for higher officer. Even if Moyle, the House majority leader, and Roberts, the House GOP caucus chairman, never run for higher office, they have a lot on the line this spring. The entire House leadership team has staked its reputation on its ability to close ranks, flatly saying that there aren't the votes in the House to raise the gas tax.

The long-term politics are a subtext. But the uglier this session gets — and the closer it comes to shattering the 118-day record set in 2003 — the more this becomes a game of political Darwinism.

Click here for some excellent connecting-the-dots reporting from John Miller at the Associated Press.

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The solution to the 'problem' now worse...

than the Howard Stern fart machine.

We must have been expected to replace Days Of Our Lives in the NBC lineup.

Beethoven was deaf when he wrote his Ninth Symphony. Rush Limbaugh is profoundly hard of hearing.

Millions of people like Beethoven.

do they think we won't remember

in November 2010 there will be plenty odf people to remind us

ODF??? OPP? ADD? SOL??? Boy Scouts who turned18?

We need more anachronistic acronyms.

Beethoven was deaf when he wrote his Ninth Symphony. Rush Limbaugh is profoundly hard of hearing.

Millions of people like Beethoven.

How did it happen? How did

How did it happen? How did our national government grow from a servant with sharply limited powers into a master with virtually unlimited power? In part, we were swindled. There are occasions when we have elevated men and political parties to power that promised to restore limited government and then proceeded, after their election, to expand the activities of government. But let us be honest with ourselves. Broken promises are not the major causes of our trouble. Kept promises are. All too often we have put men in office who have suggested spending a little more on this, a little more on that, who have proposed a new welfare program, who have thought of another variety of 'security.' We have taken the bait, preferring to put off to another day the recapture of freedom and the restoration of our constitutional system. We have gone the way of many a democratic society that has lost its freedom by persuading itself that if 'the people' rule, all is well.

I would have to hold out a large degree of faith you aren't nuts

And that certainly you cannot believe such a wingnut idea.

Grow up, son. We atomized thousands of Japanese citizens and left thousands more to die slowly, years on end.

They love us and respect us.


We had to defeat the Axis but save as many of their misled citizens and even save Europe's plundered artwork (yes, murderous Nazis seem to have planned the Fuhrer's dreams of a GALLERY with each conquest). The battle of Montecassino was extremely complicated by the aspect of a ton of masterpiece artworks being stored there and soldiers who fought there would tell you it was hell and frustrating not being able to just attack as they wished.

You can do better. Think and feel for yourself, PLEASE.

Beethoven was deaf when he wrote his Ninth Symphony. Rush Limbaugh is profoundly hard of hearing.

Millions of people like Beethoven.

We let it happen & still are through campaign finance!

The Statesman view is a good example of why. They suggest our government is working the way it is suppose to, only problem is we have trillions in debt suggeting it isn't! The theory, idea, well intended but the results I suspect, are far from the original concept as designed by the people who sacrificed so much to get from beneath the same problem we face today.

The Statesman like so many newspapers, while slowy going broke, continue to support the system so obviously flawed suggesting we can forget their logic. Change with the times or fall by the wayside. Even government needs to be adjusted to run smooth, not the same failure day after day while suggesting it's working? If a news paper doesn't have vision, provide the news without supporting failure, that newspaper will fail as well just like the rest of US. We have trillions in debt as proof the system the Statesman suggest is working as designed.

I would think a newspaper would look beyond more of the same failure when we are so far off the mark through that failure. We need $270 million for roads because the same system the Statesman suggest is working the way it's designed to work. It obvioulsy failed up to this point! It's a little late to suggest we continue to listen to the people who failed, Bush & the republican party in the mess we face as a nation due to his & that same leadership? Over the last eight years, while the republican party blames democrats after wasting a surplus, & spending trillions to fix the problems after bush is rediculous.

Like calling Obama socialist when America has been social for a half century from every thing from taxes to public schools to Social ecurity being robbed by all our representatives, both parties through campaign finance, which is why we're trillion in need of infratstructure $! Tax cuts handed out in return for contributions, they all hand our tax $ back & forth, making billion with it! There is plenty of $ for roads, We the People are being robbed of it, have been for a half century while Otter & the rest of our mis-representaives claim we need to adddress the problem now that they have neglected for years!

If Otter wants money for roads he might try to cowboy up, get the rest of Idaho's represnetatives,go to DC, & demand $ for the people he represents instead of trying to ppull the same scam they have all made bank on for years at taxpayer expense!

Otter & the rest of our representatives in the Senate contradict themselves daily suggeting big DC government would increase Idaho taxes, stimulus money which is already spent by Otter, wouldn't be accepted as real until the check is in hand, while Otter, & the Senate want to raise fuel taxes federal government isn't?

A couple questions I have for Otter & the Senate. Why is our infrastructure 25 years & trillions of $ behind after they accepted $ from contributors, never worried about the roads when the money was flowing like honey from contrinbutors, corporate un-America like Micron & agri corrutpion? If they are all about the roads we can't let go now, how is it we let them get so far behind, & why did we hand out tax cuts for so many years like candy on Oct 31?

Otter would suggest you don't run a car low on oil & continue to drive until she locks up yet has runs this old car, not only low on oil but on one cylinder, making taxpayers do all the work!

There's more to a car than adding oil Butch/Gus, wanna be Texas Rnager, better stick to horses with that lack of mechanical knowledge. Here's a little 101 Butch.

An eight cyl engine runs best, yes with oil, & regular maintenance which as I mentioned we haven't been performing as government city, county, state, & federal! Just as importantly we need balance! When one cyl does all the work the engine fails slowly through inefficiency no matter if the oil is up or not! With un-America & agri corruption enjoying the ride & thetaxpayer doing all the work we have trillion in debt! Understand Butchie? Does that help clear it up any? You know, have to have spark, fuel, timing, & a little balance doesn't hurt.

We the People Butchie, are the only working cyl, soon won't be as evident by the unemployment, no $ set aside for, another favor to corporate un-America, campaign fiannce, jobs lost to illegal immigration while busting our health care, & free trade, because our representatives in the pocket, & bed with corporate un-America & agri corruption, sold US out for $. $4,500 a month to live in Butche's own house smells of the problem, greed.

Might want to stick with something your qualified Gus, horses. Cars are obvioulsy a little over your head, something a workingman understands but a polticians has much to learn as evident by the state of the state & union. One cyl. pulling a monster like the US economy cannot continue to carry the load. Why didn't we put the money aside & build infrastructure when housing was booming. Bringing millions of people to the Valley & not building the infrastructure while handing out tax cuts wasn't exactly making usre the oil level was up!

Quit being a whimp, go back, & get the money from those who made the money! You know the same who lined your pockets!

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I have a problem with my 1995 Plymouth...oh, having a 1995 Plymouth is my problem...thank you (click).

If you were seeking Acclaim, maybe you need a Duster.

Beethoven was deaf when he wrote his Ninth Symphony. Rush Limbaugh is profoundly hard of hearing.

Millions of people like Beethoven.

The American Society of Civil Engineers has given US

failing grads for years: 2005 below & if not mistaken the Statesman prited an article a year or two stating the same & nothing had been done from years before when reported.

America's Infrastructure G.P.A. = D

Total Investment Needs = $1.6 Trillion

(estimated 5-year need--does not include security investment needs) A = Exceptional
B = Good
C = Mediocre
D = Poor
F = Failing
I = Incomplete

If Otter & the Idaho Senate have anything to complain about, I would suggest it's the same thing taxpayers are complaining about, represnetative's own failure!

Otter & the rest of our representatives have accepted millions of $, handed out tax cuts, & NOT addressed the same problem they suggest is urgent now. Otter didn't have a problem accepting $4,500 a month to live in his own house for a couple years, the same representatives have been screwing around on the same problem for a couple years with NO solutions, & all the while they have accepted $ from contributors while handing out tax cuts in return.

This problem starts at a city level which is a trainging ground for politicians who are spoon fed all to DC. Wean corporate un-America & agri corruption from the government teat. Full financial disclosure by all our representatives & family, take campaign finance given to representatives on our payroll, cut represnetative pay, auto pay raises, eliminate their health care we provide, & all retirement to current & past representatives leaving them with the same Social Security we get. They might address the failure of Social Security if we do.

The real problem isn't the roads, infrastructure, or cost, it's our representaives selling US out through campaign finance!