Crane lauded as 1st District Congress hopeful. Says he's not in the race. Yet.

Idaho Treasurer Ron Crane was in Washington, D.C., Wednesday, where he signed a pledge to "oppose legislation relating to climate change that includes a net increase in government revenue.”

Crane's "No Climate Tax Pledge" was applauded in a press release by Americans for Prosperity, which calls itself a "free-market grassroots group." AFP described Crane a candidate for the GOP nomination in Idaho's 1st District for the seat held by Democratic Rep. Walt Minnick.

Crane confirmed signing the pledge, but amended AFP's characterization of him as a candidate.

"No, I am not an announced candidate," said Crane in an e-mail from Washington. "But I am taking a serious look at this race."

Crane has not filed a notice of candidacy with the Federal Election Commission, which is required once he raises $5,000 in contibutions.

Former GOP Rep. Bill Sali, who lost to Minnick in 2008 by 51 percent to 49 percent, has filed with the FEC and has asked supporters to pray for him as he weighs whether to make the race. Vaughn Ward, a Marine veteran and former aide to former-Sen. Dirk Kempthorne, is in the race and raised $50,000 in the first quarter of 2009. Others considering the race include state Sen. John McGee, R-Caldwell.

Crane is one of more 130 lawmakers on the federal, state and local levels pledging to cap-and-trade legislation that would raise net revenue.

To read the pledge, go to

Oh, Jeez!

Don't tell me the election is beginning again. Haven't we had enough of the ongoing state politics to endure or cope with this next election already! Does anyone really care because those elected certainly don't seem to care what the citizens of the state prefer.

Since the House is

Since the House is re-elected every two years the election process is a non-stop cycle. I'd say a lot of elected officals care what the citizens of the state prefer.

This is what we need

Another person pandering to ignorance. Let's continue to put money ahead of saving the human race from itself.

I dunno!

I'd have to look a lot closer at Crane, if he did run, but one things for sure, we don't need Ward, if he's been connected to Kempthorne! Besides, they all will tell you anything til they get in, from Yomama on down!

The Truth About District 1.

The line needs to be redrawn and district 1 split into separate areas. With the exception of the toxic pollution and corruption, Coeur D' Alene and Shoshone Counties have absolutely nothing in common, neither do any of the other counties. They're as different as France is to Germany. Republicans have a stronghold there because they have been plugged in to the leadership since forever.
Bill Sali had one big claim to fame, ordering catering, while doing nothing. He's one of the corrupt Republicans that has done his level best to dismantle public schooling and the Idaho Department of Health & Welfare.
District 1 needs improvements, not a further dismantling. The aged can't get the medical help they need. Avista's predatory practices are rampant. The area's businesses are still suffering from the effects of the long time Republican rule.
Law enforcement and the judicial system for District 1 is completely compromised by corruption. Elected officials and their families enjoy complete autonomy from prosecution.
Driving on the roads in Shoshone county is more like off roading...
Enough already!

Tell Crane to get a day might help.

Beethoven was deaf when he wrote his Ninth Symphony. Rush Limbaugh is profoundly hard of hearing.

Millions of people like Beethoven.

At Least With Minnick

My comments come from common sense, but Idaho has terrible political clout in Washington despite the Iron triangle of leaders here in the state that continue to hold power. Do you think that if we sent an all Red guy to Washington that he would be able to really be heard there? Not with the division that is in Congress right now. They would simply spend our money, go on trips, and continue to be rolled over in their ideas and looked over for favors. At least with Minnick, he has the ear of people in Washington and is truly keeping his ear to the gorund in Idaho.

It's not the color. It's the knack to work with others and...

simply get the job done.

You're still mixing up the PARTY with the JOB.

After 25+ years I still don't think it takes a drycleaner to fix the political suit. Maybe the biggest problem is that 25 years was the time it took to grow two generations of voters. The current 14-50 year olds have taken on the interest needed to free themselves, red or blue, purple or pink.

The step needed now is to join the spirit of Charles de Gaulle and his Free French Forces to form the Fifth Republic and end the chaos of French life after World War II.

Read about the lives of those who helped to build and reconsile. Early UN secretary-general U Thant might be a good read, US senators such as Everett Dirksen, even Lyndon Johnson's life is one of the best stories you could read...just reading about the 'good guys' tells you little about how men in adverse conditions solve problems.

PROBLEM SOLVING, not men saves our country.

Beethoven was deaf when he wrote his Ninth Symphony. Rush Limbaugh is profoundly hard of hearing.

Millions of people like Beethoven.