A whole latte trouble?

OK, this is mostly just a fight over coffee — and where Idaho Gov. Butch Otter buys a cup.

But the flap between the state's chief executive officer and Downtown coffee proprietor David Ledgard really couldn't come at a worse time for Otter. It comes when legislative conservatives appear to be winning a political and public relations battle over raising Idaho's gas tax to fix roads.

Since Otter has chosen to make road repair the defining and consciously public referendum of his term, he has chosen to step into an unforgiving spotlight. In that context, there aren't any "minor" controversies.

Not even a caffeinated buzz over Otter's choice of coffee shop — even though the governor got ambushed on this one.

To hear local blogger Mike Murphy weave the tale, Ledgard cursed out Otter during the coffee confrontation. Ledgard, the owner of Dawson Taylor Coffee Roasters and a card-carrying, dues-paying Buy Idaho member, buttonholed Otter outside Thomas Hammer Coffee, the Washington-headquartered coffee chain that operates a shop across the street from Otter's office — and also across the street from Ledgard's shop.

As we reported this morning, Ledgard apologized for lobbing the s-bomb at the governor, and the governor accepted the apology.

Fair enough. But dropping the s-bomb on a street corner — not to mention swearing at the governor — isn't exactly civil. And it isn't exactly the smartest way to drum up business.

I will claim neutrality in the Thomas Hammer-Dawson Taylor debate; I've frequented both, but I have to sheepishly admit I make most of my coffee runs to a Starbucks near the office.

Object lesson for us all. I could certainly to a better job of buying local; I certainly understand the economic arguments behind it. So should Otter. And as the public face for the Buy Idaho campaign, his consumer habits invite scrutiny.

No elected official wants to perceived as a walking contradiction, or as someone out of touch with real people. A Buy Idaho guy who lets his coffee money trickle out of state. A wealthy man who, for months, accepted a $4,500-a-month state housing housing allowance. A fiscal conservative who is grinding the Legislature to a halt because he wants to raise taxes in a recession. Images matter.

Otter is nothing if not very careful of the image he projects. So this little dustup is about coffee, but not entirely. It comes at a time when some Idahoans are struggling to understand who Otter really is, what he really wants — and whether they really know the man.

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So it's,"Can this marriage be saved"?

Beethoven was deaf when he wrote his Ninth Symphony. Rush Limbaugh is profoundly hard of hearing.

Millions of people like Beethoven.


Ledgard is obviously a terd.

A good business person would have greeted the governor on the street with a fresh cup of Dawson's and invited the governor to sit down sometime and talk shop about small biz in downtown.

As mentioned in the deluge of comments on the lame forum, Thomas Hammer also hires Boise employees, pays rent to an Idaho landlord, and has Idaho suppliers. And apparently they don't put terds in their coffee.

Otter is obvioulsy a nerd, not a representatives of the people

If costing us $30,00 a day that could be going to roads is a good plan, I don't think Otter will get much respect or support. I hope is coffee has a little creamer from Darigold in it, if he looks at www.nextrevolution.net, he may want to get a pork sandwich to go with it.

If anybody in Idaho gets swine flu or food pisoning, they have Otter & Risch to thank. The following is what I sent to Risch, Crapo, & Minnick. I refuse to show any respect to crooks who show me no respect & the last thing I would do is sit down & have a conversation with one in hopes of walking away with anything but the same lies already told by them while they line their pockets with my tax $.

If my representatives lining their pockets with campaign contributions, my tax $ given to contributors by the same representatives, I might not have to waste my time, & should not have to be sending these email.

Now that we have swine flu to worry about, I guess it'll take the focus off the greatest scam the world has ever seen, this two party joke we call representation! Look at conditions of dairy & hog farms in Idaho & I would think people would demand these dead beat politicians not allow taxpayers like myself to be fired for reporting conditions that result in swine flu food pisioning, E Coli, & who knows what. Fact is I don't know how swine flu started in Mexico when all the rotten pork is in DC & Idaho!

I hope Jim Risch pays close attention to this, though I doubt he'll even see it. The following is his work as LT Gov of Idaho filling in for Kemphtorne as interim Gov. It's also Otter's & Mike Jokhann's failure. I send this all over the world everyday so the rest of the world can see the conditions & joke America & Idaho has become through the two parties selling US out through campaign finance. If Jim Risch had any balls he would reply to this but I'm sure lining his pockets is more important than answering to the boss/taxpayer!

People might want to ask representatives why when reported, unsanitary transportation & warehousing as well as kickbacks in transportation, aren't looked into?


I don't know what conditions are like in Mexico or all there is to know about swine flu, but if you look at pictures on Nextrev., I think any American with an ounce of common sense would be of the mind, {considering this swine flu pandemic possibility} this is not dairy or pork we want sold to millions of people.

Idaho Representatives Jim Risch when interim Gov of Idaho wouldn't look into this, current Gov. Butch Otter said the USDA & FDA do Inspections yet I had to report conditions to the USDA so they would make Darigold clean up, & Secretary of the USDA, now US Nebraska Senator Mike Johanns wouldn't answer email. The Idaho Statesman doesn't want to report anything that requires or resembles investigative reporting.

I was fired, it cost me thousands of $, a $50,000 a year job, & thousands more lost in my 401k. Even though I aswered a letter from darigold's corproate office asking for information into theft, fraud, & waste & saved them hundreds of thousands of $, along with Idaho's represnettaive sthey chose to fire me & rip off the American taxpayer through a $300 billion farm bill. If the Statesman can't find a story in this while we fce a pandemic in this swine flu, I suggest they close the doors, they aren't really a newspaper anylonger.

Is it the position of US taxpayers that a citizen should be fired when reporting these things while campaign contributors can go on making money while accepting your tax $ & continue to contribute to the campaigns of representatives who do nothing to safeguard our food safety & health?

We're paying trillions to the crooks in banking, AIG, & Wall Street after they contributed millions, made trillions, broke the world economy, gave themselves bonuses, & received more of our tax $ while working class lost their 401k. How foolish are the American people to do nothing while they send family to die in war based on lies, the same representatives break the world economy while getting rich, & we eat rotten food while they hand out $300 billion to agri-corruption, a perpetual stimulus.

Do millions of Americans have to die from food poisoning, pay for while it while we endure a pandemic, this financial crisis, & war, before people demand our representatives do the job we pay them to do? Do we have to lose everything we work years for as with banking, send family to die in war based on lies, & now lose family in avoidable health crisis?

Am I the only American who thinks the pictures on Nextrev., conditions I would think exist only in third world countries, are not OK, NOT in the US where we're taxed to death & pay billions to a farm bill going to dairy & all agri- corruption?

Bull Hooey and a Large Suprise Me

One fun thing about living 'round these parts is how sanctimonious some folks can be about an appropriately placed F Bomb, or - as was the case here - another word for Scat. There are times when decorum not only justifies it; but demands it.

It is not necessarily a 911 event! Au contraire confrere.

Calling Bull Hooey when Bull Hooey is what's being peddled is nothing short of stand up and commendable.

I humbly suggest that Mr Ledgard's NPR interview [ http://citydesk.boiseweekly.com/2009/04/uncle-butch-caught-buying-out-of-state.html ] regarding the subject is worth your 7+ minutes.

Dawson's Coffee is not only a local roaster and purveyor of fine coffee; but of good will, cheer and superlative customer service. I suggest you drop in and order a Large "Surprise Me" (I order mine: "no cinnamon")and judge for yourself.

His confrontation with Butch had nothing to do with Mr Hammer or his shop(s), and everything to do with calling BS on a politician who preaches one thing to the masses and does another.

The evil empire, and our many quality local alternatives

As soon as I heard this story on BSU radio on Monday morning and they referred to an unnamed Washington-based coffee roaster, I immediately assumed it must be Starbucks. Funny how that goes.

Hammer is good stuff and sufficiently small-time for my taste, but I agree: Dawson Taylor's is better. (Perhaps best of all at Blue Sky Bagelry ...)

And then there's Lucy's ... perhaps Boise's ultimate micro-roaster, but way too far from either the Borah Bldg or the Statesman. Too bad.

Speaking of little guys, congrats to the Picayune for breaking the story (and for providing a distraction from what has become a most tedious and dysfunctional legislative session).

Ms. Fanselow, TEAR DOWN THE WALL...

of crap because somebody had a Statesman tantrum and paid for it.

Beethoven was deaf when he wrote his Ninth Symphony. Rush Limbaugh is profoundly hard of hearing.

Millions of people like Beethoven.

Coffee still sucks. All the beans are local too-from Kuna?

Beethoven was deaf when he wrote his Ninth Symphony. Rush Limbaugh is profoundly hard of hearing.

Millions of people like Beethoven.


To make a point we should all do a better job buying local when possible, that is how we will pull out of this recession/depression. Our choice is MoxiJava and White Cloud Coffee. Not only are they local but they support our troops overseas. Starbucks refused to send coffee to Iraq stating that they supported the troops but not the action, but that the troops were not a 501c3 so they would not send coffee to them. White Cloud stepped up and sent coffee and even put the company logo on the bags. Since then I have not stepped anywhere near a Starbuck's. If you think I am just making this up I went to Starbuck's Corp. Office and made the request, I also physically went into 3 different stores locally and made the request and was turned down with the same response by all 4.
So Be careful who you support, and buy local whenever possible. You could save a family business.

Maybe you should call General Dynamics, or Northrop and see

if they will send free equipment to the troops to support the war. Or maybe all those no-bid contracts to Cheney's friends, maybe they will donate some of that money to Disabled Vets.

Starbucks is a business just like these others. If you want to judge them on that basis go ahead, but I think it is stupid critera that you wouldn't expect of the military-industrial complex, and indicitive of the ignorant mindset that we can invade other countries for oil, then if we don't support the troops we're not patriotic. Support the troops by bringing them home and never electing another idiot president who thinks of the military as his own box of toy soldiers.

A Vet!


Go Moxie Java!!!!

No coffee has ever been grown in Idaho, whole idea is garbage.

Beethoven was deaf when he wrote his Ninth Symphony. Rush Limbaugh is profoundly hard of hearing.

Millions of people like Beethoven.

Obama's Plane- Otter's Coffee

"No elected official wants to perceived as a walking contradiction, or as someone out of touch with real people."

And yet no mention in the online version of Obama's plane flyover of New York City- expensive, dumb, and offensive to NYC people. Not very thoughtful of Obama (admin and plane boss) yet he is supposed to be 'thoughtful'.


KR, I'm convinced if the Governor were a democrat and did the exact same thing YOU would not have even thought of typing a word about it.

Well that was a pretty stupid post...

Since you are fact challenged here they are:
Otter was directly involved in Coffeegate.
Obama personally did not order the flyover in NYC.

I suppose if you don't twist the facts at least once a day you probably get constipated.


And Bush did not personally order the torture of each suspected terrorist. So give him a break!

Maybe Obama should know where his multi-million dollar plane is.
Biden is in charge of 'accounting for all the stimulus money'. I guess he'll have to account for Air Force Two and ONE from now on.

CEOS of the auto makers flying to DC in a private plane (paid for by stakeholders) is OUTRAGEOUS to Obama.

His own Air Force One doing a fly-by on NYC with military escort (flash backs to 9/11) is just "a mistake".

Red Herring...

Must really bite being a neo-con apologist these days…
Bush/Cheney intentionally violated domestic and international law in order to trump up support to invade an oil rich nation for the express purpose of creating a US friendly government in the Middle East, during which thousands of Americans were killed and hundreds of billions were spent enriching their friends in the oil and defense industries, while America suffered in the eyes of the world cause Bush/Cheney disregarded the treaty on torture that their Patron Saint RONNIE REAGAN pushed American lawmakers to adopt, …and all you got is:

'But Obama’s plane flew over New York…’


Ya know Poet,
Your stuff would be much more entertaining to read if you actually wrote it in prose.

No comment...

Beethoven was deaf when he wrote his Ninth Symphony. Rush Limbaugh is profoundly hard of hearing.

Millions of people like Beethoven.

Obama just needs to fire some tard donkeys PERIOD.

Beethoven was deaf when he wrote his Ninth Symphony. Rush Limbaugh is profoundly hard of hearing.

Millions of people like Beethoven.


Americano with cream please...
Dawson Taylor, Moxie or Starbucks...but what about those brothers from the Netherlands?

Not coffee but SPAM

As is the frightful amount that shows up in Forums>General News.

The latest spammer just registered about 20 min ago.

Darlene says you guys don't pay attention to this side of the site anymore but as long as you have columns that link from IS.com this stuff is there under recent posts your reputation becomes HASH for no good reason.

This is your LIVELIHOOD, kids...pay attention! Idiots with opinions is nothing compared to "steam engine train ride" as an excuse for a porn-themed link about our girl BS.

Beethoven was deaf when he wrote his Ninth Symphony. Rush Limbaugh is profoundly hard of hearing.

Millions of people like Beethoven.

Statesman is Not Buy Idaho

Being the Statesman is OWNED by California based company,,,, where does the Governor stand IF he buys a Statesman newspaper?

I suppose Ledgard would drop another foul word and tell him to buy the Idaho Business Review.

Do they actually PRINT that?

Beethoven was deaf when he wrote his Ninth Symphony. Rush Limbaugh is profoundly hard of hearing.

Millions of people like Beethoven.