March against Hunger

March against hunger

I just came back from Haiti, where I accompanied a medical mission team from Saint Alphonsus Hospital. (More stories to come in the Statesman at a later date.) Haiti is an overwhelming experience, where nearly everyone is hurting and hungry and needy.

My first assignment back in Boise, 24 hours after leaving Port au Prince, was this march against hunger, benefiting both the City Light Home and Boise Rescue Mission.

I am troubled by the pervasive and urgent hunger in Haiti, never mind the rest of the world. It gave me comfort to cover this event. Hunger is here, too. Small though this event was, one starts somewhere. One just has to start.

Darcie Turner is a resident at City Light Home. She collects a rubber band for each lap around the block that she does to raise money and food for City Light. “I’m marching for all the people who really need food,” she says. “It’s God’s way of telling me this is what he wants me to do: Love, faith and hope for everybody around the world. And it’s good exercise. It’s good for everybody and good for me…”

I'll bet they had a burger when they were done marching.

Granola whimpers upon spying my countenance