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Welcome to the Idaho Statesman Photo Blog!

You'll be able to follow the work of Idaho Statesman's award-winning photojournalists on this blog. We look forward to frequently sharing
with you engaging, interesting and compelling photography, and answering any questions you may have.

We hope you will check back with us frequently to see some great images that might not have made it into the paper, and leave a comment if you have any thoughts or questions on our work.

We'll kick it off with some of our best images from last week's NCAA tournament in Boise:

ScrambleAgony of DefeatWisconsin Wins

What is up with the towel?

Granola whimpers upon spying my countenance

Thanks for this blog

The Statesman website has had small and unsatisfying versions of its photographers' work for too long; it's great to see your photos large enough to appreciate.

Without great photos...

We'd never know what the eee-diots we holler about LOOK LIKE!

Beethoven was deaf when he wrote his Ninth Symphony. Rush Limbaugh is profoundly hard of hearing.

Millions of people like Beethoven.

Thank YOU

Thanks for taking the time to look, we are definitely excited to have this venue to share our work in a different way from the rest of the site.

We're trying to update it every day, so check back soon.

- Joe Jaszewski