Idaho House tells feds to back off

The Idaho House passed three joint memorials Monday encouraging the federal government to stay out of the state’s business.

House Joint Memorial 5 urges Congress to oppose federal legislation that interferes with a state’s ability to direct or process horses. It passed on a voice vote.

House Joint Memorial 6 opposed any proposed federal legislation similar to the Clean Water Restoration Act of 2007 and urged Congress not to enact any similar legislation. It passed on a voice vote.

Rep. Judy Boyle, R-Midvale, said that act gave the feds control over every body of water in the state, including potholes. Rep. Dell Raybould, R-Rexburg, said citizens could be fined for a muddy puddle in their garden.

House Joint Memorial 4 claimed the state’s sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution. It passed 51-17.

“This is a sovereign state and we want to govern ourselves,” said Rep. Dick Harwood, R-St. Maries.

Said Rep. Lenore Hardy Barrett, R-Challis: “We need to be reminded and we need to remind the federal government that we have a constitution, we have a Tenth Amendment and we are a sovereign state and we need to act like one.”

Joint memorials are non-binding.

Novel Concept

However, it would have a little more impact if the state hadn't just accepted "stimulus" money from the federal government.

Kinda like begging your pimp not to put you in a gang area.

Gilligan inhaled


Well of course there is the age 21 drinking age per federal highway dollars.
The medicaid requirements with medicaid dollars.
The No Child Left Behind or no federal dollars... etc.

The feds hold money over the states.

How about Wolf management and ESA?

Just like the eternal battle of good and evil, there is the battle of state's power and big federal government... and Barker's battle of donuts or pizza.

Pizza. Are you kidding?

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And furthermore

The State Legislature doesn't want the Feds mucking around in it's business, but think it is ok to muck around in the State Department's business. Pick a lane folks. Either go with micromanagement or don't!!!

What next?

So, he got his way in a nonbinding resolution to enforce the 10th amendment. Elsewhere, Harwood is quoted as saying that the U.S. is a confederated republic, and that the federal government is there because the states wanted to set it up. There is only a very small bit of truth to that, and that is because the Articles of Confederation were such a disaster that the framers of the current Constitution tried to rewrite them, but had to come up with something completely different. Thus, for approximately 70 years, confederation was considered a failure, until the civil war. Even after that, when the Union came out victorious, we were still a republic, with a federal government set up by the Constitution. The only thing that the 10th amendment does is allow the states to govern themselves in the ways not prescribed by the enumerated powers of the Constitution. However, the framers of said Constitution had the foresight to realize that they wouldn't be able to predict everything that would ever happen, so they wrote the necessary and proper clause into the Constitution, so the federal government would be able to deal with things unforeseen in 1787. Thus, this HJM was completely off-base from the beginning, it bastardized the state's rights amendment.

I also want to know what happens next for Northern Idaho. Will they realize that if Boise were to have supreme power over the state that they are still left out in the cold, so to speak? Will they then want to declare their sovereignty from Boise? So many questions, and if I had to guess, Dick Harwood and the rest of the northern delegation don't have the answers to such questions.

Tell feds to back off!

Good work lawmakers, but I have to agree with arg1980, why didn't this come up before Butch stuck his hand out?
Now Idaho is caught at the trough, like most of the welfare states!

state’s sovereignty

“This is a sovereign state and we want to govern ourselves,” said Rep. Dick Harwood, R-St. Maries.

Said Rep. Lenore Hardy Barrett, R-Challis: “We need to be reminded and we need to remind the federal government that we have a constitution, we have a Tenth Amendment and we are a sovereign state and we need to act like one.”

Well, I just gotta say that the Idaho State powers that be aren't doing a very good job of it. The political agenda keeps getting in the way.

So is this the Republican's

So is this the Republican's answer so that they can continue to s.c.r.e.w everyone?

What a waste of time

the legislative lemmings are squandering $30,000 per day of BS like this after shafting state employees, the elderly, children, and the disabled. Have they no shame?

Pointless posturing

Quit wasting our time with this drivel, Senators. These joint memorials are wasting perfectly good paper.


Does the word CRACKPOT mean anything to you people????

Why, did you win some crack?

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posturing is right

Even before the stimulus, Idaho (like most if not all states) was accepting billions of dollars from the federal government. I don't see anyone lining up to give it back.

None of these "actions" do anything.

The real purpose is obvious from when Representative Barrett asked for a roll call vote -- it's to catch the people who voted 'no' and use this later to campaign against them.

"Keep your hands off our Kingdom of God"

"Unless of course you want to use our tax dollars to go kill them people that worship a different god, then we're with ya 'Dubya'."

Semi-mellow the hell out.

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Tried that once...

but had to change my shorts afterward.

Lawyers don't wear boxers, you know. They have all those briefs.


constitutional denial

Is there not a competent lawyer in the entire legislature? The 10th Amendment is nothing more than a "truism" (See U.S. v. Darby 312 U.S. 100, 124 (1941)). It's the commerce clause that's the real issue with these legislators, and even the current conservative-leaning Supreme Court is not going to satisfy this crowd on the commerce clause. For all the pro-constitution blather on behalf of these House "memorials", you'd figure that at least somebody would have looked into the constitutional caselaw.

Too much fun raisin' a fuss over nuthin' ya know!

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Stewards for honorable and dignified Guardianship of Liberty.

Relative the comment of "pointless posturing" . . . "joint memorials are wasting perfectly good paper."

Did you see the curve ball thrown over the home-plate of American Apple pie while one of our former umpires for attending to veto guardianship was compromised by Aroma therapy of Amore? That right, some alleged "Contract with America" necessitated a ten-fold increase in embezzlement from We the People -- i.e., usurping further from trusts that are/were to attend Needs of the Needy and prospective needy for preference of diversion to greed of the Greedy of eyes Beady. Ask Ms. Dona Shalala or the Honorable David Gray Ross, Esq. if they might be so kind as to kindly show you "wasting(fn1) of perfectly good paper" including posturings thereof for trashing "the valuable paper of our U.S. Constitution."

Today, I would gratefully take Idaho's paper of "posturing" ten-times over those formerly alleged to posture for "contracts with America."

- just adad

(fn1) Hint, look for one of the egregious conforming amendments.

All egregious conforming amendments should go to Macy's 4 help.

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I like it

So, stop accepting ALL federal funds in any form (stimulus, Medicare/Medicaid, highway, Mt. Home AFT, etc, etc, etc, etc). Secede from the union, declare Idaho a separate country, establish a military defense, form of government, financial system, trade system. In other words, put your money where you mouth is. Give us the plan. We're with ya, Dick.

You're not getting my dogfood, Max

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Im with you on it but you

Im with you on it but you need more than one state. Idaho could never do it alone but if you get like minded states together like the 20 that are doing the same thing as Idaho you could create an even stronger and greater nation. There are little movements like this cropping up more and more, Its just a matter of time before people get pi$$ed off enough to shed blood over it. It will eventually get there it might be a year or it may be 50 years but it will happen. It took a revolution to create this great nation but like Britian the federal government is controlling things they have no business with. The vast majority of Idahoans think the same way we do because this is the very reason people live in Idaho so they can be the least affected by Federal Government. You get the minority whining on these little blogs.

Shed blood? OK, you go first!

No backing out now, lest you look like a wimpy wiener.

That was those 20 packs of Bar-S with red dye. Tummy hates 'em.

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The Tenth Amendment Movement

The Tenth Amendment Movement or state sovereignty is a conservative political party product issued to republican State legislators across the United States, these radical conservatives are filing resolutions declaring state sovereignty, just as they did the last time a Democrat won the White House. For example by late 1994 at least eight states had passed versions, with 20 states planning to introduce them in 1995. The state-sovereignty movement is also a part of the anti-government sentiment including the militia movement, those resolutions abruptly ceased in 1995, after McVeigh blew up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, killing 168 people.

The federal-state balance has moved to the federal side, constitutional experts acknowledge that, but it is very old news. Certainly it is no truer today than when George W. Bush and the Republican congress were in power, there were no resolutions from any states filed. The claims of these resolutions are indefensible on constitutional grounds, as several constitutional experts have already indicated; they rest on untenable interpretations of the Constitution's text, structure, history, and proceed as though the Civil War had been won by the Confederacy.

Republicans all over the United States find themselves backed into an ideological and political corner; their dogma has brought our country and our economy to its knees, ruining their conservative beliefs and political party’s relevance in modern American society.

Idaho’s rouge anti-federalist legislators are wasting valuable legislative time spending Idaho’s tax dollars working to preserve the conservative republican political party’s relevance and opposition to our elected president. Idahoans beware these radical conservative legislators are not concerned about our Idaho families or our future; theses actions are all about conservative arrogance in our state and maintaining power, the citizens of Idaho deserve better

Evidently, well presented and thoughful opinions, backed by

facts is an offense worth flagging. For the 'majority' party in this state, the truth is a painful and illuminating bright light.

He can't spell 'rogue'. It's a free freakshow from now on.


That beer is too expensive anyway. I'm sticking with Deschutes.

Mmmmmm, Black Butte Porter.

Please note this was not a paid endorsement. Simply an opinion offered by a thirsty man with a liver the size of a small dog. We now return you to F.O. for his next re-direction.

Fine beer is spelled Diet A&W. I'm a diabetic

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Diet A&W...the only "light" beer nearly as good as the real one.

And the tap is evil...

but it's self-service here.

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If you want socialism move

If you want socialism move to California. Its that easy. Idaho has always been conservative and always will be. Really, if you dont like a conservative state why would you move to one. That just dont make any sense. Thats just like a situation we had up here in North Idaho. Theres a gun range in place since 1950 and people from California move up and build around 40 yrs later and then got the gun range shut down. Are you kidding me? Get a clue. Dont buy a house near a gun range if you dont want to hear shooting. Its simple, when in Idaho be an Idahoan. How stupid would I be as a conservative to move to California or New Jersey? Simple, I wouldnt expect my voice to be heard at all.

And if you don't like Indians, don't go west, young man...

Oh, that's right, we killed them off too.
Was that genocide an example of conservative or liberal policies?'s what's for dinner, every frickin' night. Get used to it.

That has no relevence to my

That has no relevence to my comment at all. There will be no change. One county voted for Obama that should tell you something. If it were Idaho's choice it would have been Ron Paul.

And the Indians didn't vote for Grant either...

But they got change. Movement of people, increased enlightenment, and progress of humanity are all against you and your idea of a bastion of conservatism.

I'm convinced one of the reasons conservatives are so enamored with a past that didn't really exist is because none of them have actually learned real history. They just make up what they want it to be.

A lot of people never thought much of Ulysses though...

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Well now, I know what you're thinking...

Do I have 1 memorial or do I have 2?

So what'll it be, punk?

Do you feel LUCKY?

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Embarrassed by Dick

Once again, but not for the last time.

That's another website/

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Idaho the #1 Corrupt Legislature in America

Instead of passing laws against corruption, or to take care of Idaho's neglected children, or fix the crumbling infrastructure, the most corrupt Legislature in America chooses to do their best to keep the fix in. You wouldn't want those pesky Federal laws getting in the way of milking Idaho for everything it's worth. Nor would you want them forcing you to take care of those you take advantage of. So how best to spend your time, you make sure you tell the Federal government that you like the way you run your corrupt state. Which is why there are no Federal Marshals in Northern Idaho, because of course they get in the way of the Sheriff's enforcing a bought and paid for Judicial system that guarantees an outcome. In the middle of an election, right after a primary, you can actually change the laws in Idaho, guaranteeing that your candidate for Sheriff gets on the ballot and enforces corruption's will. Meanwhile over the course of one weekend, you have a young girl kidnapped in Kellogg, Idaho then raped publicly at the local pool. Then there are the text messages circulating where the newly built Wal-mart in Smelterville, (ToxicVille), where employees are threatened with their very lives. Then of course while the Pinehurst police are out fleecing their population, a Barny's supermarket manager is tied, beaten and robbed at gunpoint directly across the street from their police station. Yeah, Idaho needs no interference. Everything is just fine the way it is. Time well spent Legislature!

Even IIIIII find that hard to swallow. Agent Scully is annoyed.

The Wal-Mart rumor started in 2005 WAY past Idaho.

Persons under 14 may not be allowed to post until after a nap when the sugar cookies with the pink sprinklies and punch have been finished off.

Somebody get me a translator.

They make less sense than I supposedly do. What's a rape got anything to do with this?



If you dont like the way

If you dont like the way things work in Idaho you are free to leave. The fact is you live in one of the most free states in the Union because of what our past polititians have done. They all could use some room for improvement, but we could have Californias or New Yorks mess which might be where you escaped from. Give this some time to work. I applaud this move and the 20 other states that are joining in. If we get like minds to get together we can change the mess this country is in. As far as the stimulus money goes I dont know what the governers intentions were with that. We have one of the best balanced budgets in the union and maybe they said something like "Hey if you dont take it you are throwing your own taxpayer dollars away to California" At least the state got something for bailing 22 other states out. Keep up the good work Harwood!!! the 17 that voted no should be ashamed of themselves. I would be embarrassed to show my face in public after essentially saying that you want DC to control your lives.

It's only a JOINT MEMORIAL! They could've sent an email.

Don't bust a vessel, son!

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I got the email

It read ..."your not a state anymore, your now West Chicago".

Great!! When do they extend the El to my neighborhood?

Does this also move me up on the ticket list for Oprah?

Do I finally get all my Chess records back?

Granola whimpers upon spying my countenance

YOU must have missed the memo. Idaho is a net gainer of

federal tax dollars EVERY year. Californians and New Yorkers SUPPORT IDAHO!
Doesn't that make your puny head want to explode.

BTW, states don't have rights, they have powers, which are restricted by the U.S. Constitution. Maybe you should live in South 1861.

Again, how'd that work out?