Zappa beers from Lagunitas are gone for good

It appears as if the marriage of the Zappa Family Trust and the Lagunitas Brewing Co. is defunct.

The Ruben and the Jets Imperial Stout released by Lagunitas in December is the last of the Zappa themed beers to come out after Frank’s widow Gail decided she didn’t want the program to continue.

“It was just that the Zappa Trust pulled the plug on us,” said Don Chartier, a Lagunitas employee who answered the phone at the Pteluma-based brewery last week. “We had more beers lined up. We would have loved to keep it going. Gail just said no.”

The brewers at Lagunitas are Zappa freaks.

Once they got the OK from the Zappa family, they pledged to brew a unique beer for each of Zappa’s record releases — starting with Freak Out ale in 2006. They made it through five records — brewing unique beers in honor of these records: Freak Out, Absolutely Free (Kill Ugly Radio), Lumpy Gravy, We’re Only In It For The Money, and Cruising with Ruben and the Jets.

All the beers were good but I liked the “Kill Ugly Radio” Imperial IPA the best. That beer was smokin’.

But alas, it’s all over now. Since Frank has about a zillion records, I was wondering what kind of beers the Lagunitas brewers had in the hopper. I was hoping they would make it to Joe’s Garage Act 1 but I guess we’ll never know.

Maybe they can move on to Replacements-themed beers? What about KISS? That would be awesome.

By the way, thanks to Beer Nut reader Edzot for posting this news on the commenting portion of the blog earlier this spring.