Ian Johnson looks 'fast, powerful' at pro day

By Chadd Cripe

Former Boise State tailback Ian Johnson put together another impressive workout Tuesday for NFL scouts at the Broncos’ annual pro day.

Johnson, who has bulked up to 212 pounds, did not run the 40-yard dash because he posted a terrific time of 4.46 seconds at the NFL Scouting Combine. He did do agility drills.

“He’s as big as he’s ever been and moving as well as he’s ever moved,” Boise State coach Chris Petersen said. “… He looked fast and he looked powerful.”

Johnson was one of 11 former Broncos to participate in pro day. About a dozen NFL scouts and a couple of CFL representatives showed up — a much smaller crowd than traveled to Ryan Clady’s workout last year.

Johnson plans to stay in Boise for the next month. He will watch the NFL Draft in California.

“I’m not satisfied yet, because I still know there are a lot of things I can work on,” he said. “… Now it’s keep on the same path of helping myself every day.”

He doesn’t worry about draft position, he said. He’s confident he will make a team regardless.

“I will stick with a team once I get there,” he said. “Once I get that chance, I’ll work until my second contract, third contract, fourth contract, until you kick me off the field. For me, it’s just getting that first chance.”


The Boise Burn will be getting a good back in Ian!!

Ian Johnson

I agree, Ian allowed Coach Pete to play him out of a high draft pick with the running back by committee.....

For as long as the Burn is

For as long as the Burn is around. And then to put his "degree" to work.

Good Attitude!

Great attitude, best of luck to you!

Ian is going to prove everyone wrong..

He is used proving everyone wrong. If he gets his chance he is going to make the best of it. He is a team player with many intangibles.

Ian haters

Hey all you Ian haters can kiss my... Ian is projected to go in the 2nd or 3rd round in the NFL draft. Are you that jealous to post on this blog?

If history proves anything...

It's that most high draft picks end up out of the NFL in about 6 years, with recent Heisman Winners out in about 3 pro seasons. Ok, I'm exaggerating a bit. But, Ian Johnson could surprise whichever team selects him. He may not be chosen for his RB position, but could still shine in the NFL. You can never tell about the future.

Besides, he seems to have a good brain in his head. Even if the NFL isn't in his destiny, he won't end up some unemployed bonehead who didn't plan outside of football.

Vandal whoevers

It will sure be nice when BSU no longer has to wipe the floor with Idaho Vandal's. Maybe then the "cupcake" tag will be lost. Yes indeed, playing Bowling Green or Toledo is quite an upgrade from U of Idaho. The Vandal's are a university are they not? If not I did not mean to insult your "white pillow case hooded heads." Go Van-dulles : )

Attention Vandal-haters and Bronco-haters

At the end of the season, we should be pulling for each other during Bowl Games. It's like sibling rivalry in Idaho. Yet, get someone outside of the "family" involved and WE turn on them. I don't hate UoI, I just don't go there. But, I have proudly worn a Vandal sweatshirt when stationed in the military. OK, my mom bought it for me, and I didn't want to insult her gift. BTW, it was a very nice sweatshirt.

The only good time to talk trash about the other school is when they play against each other. Until then, we're in the same boat.


The blood is a little thinner than familys.

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