Wolves kill cougar near Sun Valley (Updated)

A celebrity pack of wolves in Idaho has made the scene in Sun Valley this week and killed a mountain lion.

The Phantom Hill Pack, which makes it home north of Ketchum, moved into the Elkhorn area last weekend giving Wood River Valley residents many opportunities to see the wolves, which were already a tourist attraction in the resort community.

The wolves killed the cougar Monday while it was eating an elk carcass in the area. You can see Lynne Stone's pictures of the wolves and dead cougar at Ralph Maughan’s blog.

Here's a story in the Mountain Express.


Is the Wood River Valley considered wilderness? The wolves are in the resort town of Sun Valley. Where are The Defenders of Wildlife when a cougar needs them?

I hear they are good eating, but I would rather stew one.

To read is wonderful. To comprehend art. Falling back to whatever you believed in is NORMAL.

The cougars best friend

I think I’ve found a solution to our wolf problem……..This is very therapeutic, I plan to watch this first thing out of bed each morning !!!!!!

A simply amazing video. Let's import some of these trained golden eagles to thin the wolf packs down. Eagles rule, wolves drool.

Zimo Mourns

Now we know why Zimo has not seen his nieghborhood cougar lately. That's sad...

It's only a matter of time before one of the Ketchum residents loses something 'of value' to the wolves.

I understand there are alot of cougars in Sun Valley.

Well thats what I heard.

They buy a lot of hair products and jumpsuits.

To read is wonderful. To comprehend art. Falling back to whatever you believed in is NORMAL.

Forgot to ask if they sang and danced before the kill.

Welcome to D2, glad you could come to sense the misery we built ourselves


It's not well known, but in their single-minded devotion to cater to the livestock operators and one big game species -- elk -- Idaho Fish and Game has decimated the cougar population of central Idaho.

We does Idaho Fish and Game do this? It is because the agency has lost any power to resist the livestock industry and Butch Otter and his livestock buddies. They simply do what they are told. They are powerless to do anything much to help Idaho's wildlife except try to kill predators. Killing cougar, bear, and, soon wolves, does not anger their livestock masters. Just look at what the Idaho legislature is trying to do to reduce protection of bighorn sheep from disease-spreading bands of domestic sheep that invade the bighorn's country.

I guess we can say the department has been "cowed."

"...gentlemen, we can rebuild it..."

It will live again on Saturday Night Live.

Granola whimpers upon spying my countenance