Explaining Idaho to the rest of the world

Here's a little gem from the 2009 Special Olympics World Winter Games media guide — a 60-page explainer for reporters covering the event.

The authors boil down "Idaho traditions" with two curious paragraphs:

"The United States Constitution allows every citizen the right to own firearms. Hunting and shooting sports are a proud tradition in Idaho. There is a chance that you will see a person with a firearm, or see a firearm in a truck window, particularly in the small towns. This is legal and poses no danger to you. Do not be alarmed.

"Most Idahoans own dogs and you will see dogs in public places. You are welcome to pet the dog with the owner’s permission. It is also common to see dogs in the back of parked pickup trucks. However, these dogs are often protective and should not be approached."

The takeaway points:

• A rifle in a gun rack — no worries.

• A dog in the bed of a pickup — beware.

• And, I guess, when the truck has a gun rack and a dog in the back, signals are mixed. Use your best discretion.

makes sense to me

I haven't seen the rifle yet that protects its pickup by shooting at people who try to pet it.

I did that once and have a keloid on my right arm for it.

To read is wonderful. To comprehend art. Falling back to whatever you believed in is NORMAL.

Next paragraph

Then on the next page was:

Don't mess with the police.
Don't point your cameras at them.
Don't tease them.
Don't talk to them.
Don't approach them.
Do not show them your pocket knife.
They shoot repeatedly to kill- regardless.
And this is legal.

You may also see a dog with the police. The dog handlers may not control the dogs and the dogs will bite your genitals- so don't mess with them either.

Your worst mistake Kevin, assuming McClatchy HQ knows...

all this.

Recycle your editorials

Hey Kevin --- didn't you write the same comment a few days ago? Is this part of your "Green" policy --recycling the news? In the future, if you can't come up with something original -- don't write anything at all. By-the-way, whats with the big black ink smudges in the paper today?

Call Subscriber Services at (208) 377-6370 and ask for help.

To read is wonderful. To comprehend art. Falling back to whatever you believed in is NORMAL.

I got a ticket for not wearing my seat belt yesterday.

That's a good plan, no other violation, just an excuse & a lie as to why he stopped me. I told the kid who was being trained as the next shoot first ask questions later in killing another violent butter knife threat to parkay, "maybe you should send some officers to DC & investigate a real crime." Wet behind the ears jerk is who hire to protect & serve? He didn't have enough wiskers to pass as wild billie goat lover's next victim.

I have to admit, it is a good way to pay the police, fund courts, no doubt prisons, {by the time they're done with an otherwise honest taxpayer} & every other state agency that suffered budgets cuts by Otter while he enjoys his $90k a year house allowance, vehicle rigistration, & gas tax increases.

Just like the crooks in DC, local misrepresention & police are going to nickle & dime the taxpayer into foreclosure. Hand over trillions, police rob US at gunpoint where we do can nothing in our defense, {except court, ha, ha, ha, support those crooks too} & expect they US taxpayers to support the economy too? It genius, how could we possibly misunderstand, $53 trillion later?

When Bush took US to Iraq, all the fools listened, chimed in about not fighting terrorist here in America, but they forgot one little problem.

The real terrorist are paid to represent US in DC, busting unions, promoting illegal immigrtaion & free trade sending millions of jobs out of country, promoting democrcy through war, & have US taxpayers handing over billions again & again to & after the banks, insurance, & mortgage companies responsible for breaking US handed over a puny $64 million to our representatives to make sure the SEC would look the other way, & giving themselves billions in bonuses. Why our representatives didn't ask for more is the puzzle? Must have had something to do with investment advice.

We pay for this & call it representation?

If your belts are off they don't need an excuse.

You're busted, Ghost.


To read is wonderful. To comprehend art. Falling back to whatever you believed in is NORMAL.

actually they do

'No seatbelt' is not a stoppable offense, just something they can get you for if they stop you for someone else. There have been attempts over the last couple of years to change this, but to the best of my knowledge they have not succeeded.

Erratic driving, broken equipment, obscured visual field-windows

Same criteria as they use looking for drunk drivers.

I had to bet somebody out of Payette County lockup and drive a crappy breadbox Dodge Maxivan with no windows from the doors back.


I will NEVER drive one again.

To read is wonderful. To comprehend art. Falling back to whatever you believed in is NORMAL.