BSU president: Best way to get in Mountain West is to "keep beating them in everything we play"

Boise State president Bob Kustra said Tuesday morning that he considered recent comments by Mountain West Conference commissioner Craig Thompson a "final statement for now" on the Broncos' hopes of joining the nine-team league.

Boise State is a member of the Western Athletic Conference, but Kustra has made no secret of his desire to join the Mountain West, which includes Utah, BYU, TCU, UNLV and Colorado State among its members.

Thompson told USA Today this week that his league was not interested in expansion unless another team could guarantee entry into the lucrative Bowl Championship Series.

"Unless there is evidence, concrete evidence, that would say this will get you an automatic bid — not just get you closer but get you or guarantee you — I think we'll just play on with the current nine (MWC schools). There's cohesiveness. There's balance, four home games and four road," Thompson told the paper.

"We've run all sorts of models. And there's no model where a 10th member would guarantee us automatic access."

That seems to close the door any chance Boise State had of joining the league in the near-term. Some reports indicated the Broncos could enter the league as soon as 2010 — a possibility that is all but gone now.

"It's a final statement for now. They can re-examine. They can open it up at anytime they want, but it seems to me that that's a fairly definitive statement on where they stand," Kustra told the Idaho Statesman on Tuesday.

Kustra said he discussed the situation with athletic director Gene Bleymaier and football coach Chris Petersen recently.

"I said it looks as though they're looking for a model that works for a 10th team and the only way I know how to build a model like that for Boise State is to keep beating them in everything we play," Kustra said.

Boise State's football team was 12-0 against current Mountain West teams since 1996 before losing to TCU 17-16 in the Poinsettia Bowl in December.

The Broncos have dominated the WAC in football over the past decade, winning six conference titles in the last seven seasons.

"The WAC is getting stronger in some respects. This is not ever been about casting aspersions on the WAC as much as it's been about a better fit in terms of competition in the intermountain West," Kustra said.

"If that's not meant to be, we still have a strong program and it won't affect our success in the future."

• Here is a statement released Tuesday from Mountain West commissioner Craig Thompson:

"The Mountain West Conference will continue with its growth and development as a nine-team conference. There is no timeline as to when this position may be re-evaluated, nor any specific series of events that would serve as an impetus to consider expansion.

"The Conference’s ongoing progression has been further strengthened by the success the MWC earned during the 2008 football season (which included three teams – Utah, TCU & BYU – finishing in the Top 16 of the final BCS standings), and there is no compelling motivation at this time to deviate from the status quo with regard to membership."

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You better not play them in

You better not play them in academics than, because you will get embarrassed. Don't you think the President of a university, even a junior college, should be more focused on academics than athletics? You'll never change conferences until you step your academics and other sports programs up. One fiesta bowl three years ago doesn't say crap anymore. especially against an 0-5 in bowls Oklahoma team vs. a 1-4 in bowls bsu team. Pillow fight 2006.

Then and Than

COTvandal...apparently at U of I they didn't teach you the difference between "then" and "than." I think you should be a little more focused on academics and quit worrying about BSU.

Re: Then and Than

Actually shobe80, COTvandal did use than properly. "Than" is used in comparison and "then" is used when describing timing sequences. No, I didn't go to either university, but I have followed the Broncos since the mid 90's. I don't see BSU moving up into the MWC anytime soon, or for that case, the PAC-10. What is the point really? They don't want them there because they are afraid, even if it would add credibility to either conference, academics notwithstanding. Don't for a second think academics mean anything other than for the graduation rate calculation. For the most part, all scholarship players are essentially paid to play football.

Why does everyone look down on BSU for plays they think are "trick plays?" At one point in time, I am sure every play ever scripted was new. The first time a team saw it, everyone would ask "what was that?" BSU beat Oregon by doing what? Aren't they supposed to beat them down to win the game? They got the better of the QB and Oregon as a TEAM couldn't beat the Broncos. The same thing happened with the Fiesta Bowl. BSU outplayed Oklahoma for 3 of the four quarters. If it weren't for a turnover on a punt that lead to a touchdown and a couple of mental errors in the pass interference calls in the end zone, it was a two touchdown game. That was a great year for BSU. They haven't been able to match it since with two awful bowl game appearances since.

Unless the MWC conference obtains membership in the BSC, what would the Broncos gain? They would lose out on 3-4 or more ESPN games a season as long as they continue to play well. It is a no win situation for them right now. They don't get credit for a perfect regular season because of a weak schedule, but they can't schedule the bigger teams on a regular basis. Give them a shot at Georgia again later on in the season. I'm not saying BSU would win, but I would bet it would be a lot better game. (Plus, it would be great again to go to Sanford Stadium in Athens and experience a real college football Saturday!)

No, he didn't use it

No, he didn't use it correctly westcon5. I like your other points, though.

Either way it was good for four posts.

To read is wonderful. To comprehend art. Falling back to whatever you believed in is NORMAL.

NOT to mention that you

NOT to mention that you didn't beat them this year, so you better START beating them, not KEEP beating them.

Kustra's act is tiring

Does he ever lobby for BSU academics? I've never seen a University president out front and center for an athletic program like Kustra is. He's always the athletics spokesman. I thought BSU had an athletic director or does Kustra think he's both?

Now there's a shock

Don't worry candle fool, we'll be rid of you overblown losers before too long. In the meantime you get to have your arses handed to you a few more times.

Have you read your personal copy of the Yardley report yet? Academic superiority, HA! It's all about your overblown egos that can't justify your opinion of yourselves. Cancel anymore programs today?

20% of candle freshmen on academic probation? Sounds like a school that is beginning to realize it's harboring future alcoholics, not contributors to society.

Before you donks spout off

Before you donks spout off about academics, look at yourselves. You only graduate 10 percent of students in four years and barely 25 percent in 6 years. Many donk students drop out too. The mighty donks accept 90 percent of new applicants.

You love to bring up the Yardley report. How many PhDs do the "metro research university of distinction have?" Uhhhh yeah.

That's an incorrect figure... 10% is too high.

BSU only graduates 5.8% of its degree-seeking students in 4 years (this number does not include part-timers and non-degree track students).

That's pretty pathetic, Kustra. Maybe you should worry a little less about football and a little more about academics. The best football team in the world isn't going to get you into a better conference when you're bottom of the barrel in academics.

It's time to quit running your mouth. I wouldn't be drawing attention to myself if I was running an organization with such an abysmal performance record. That's right, the purpose of the institution is academics, not football.

Do you...

... make up statistics for a living? Please cite your sources. Otherwise, just put that keyboard away and go back to making license plates.

Straight from the

Straight from the mistakesman's mouth. 7% (probably generous because the only one with their head further up the donkey butt than the mistakesman is david augusto).

The article you have cited

does not support your claim. First, it says the rate is 7%, not 5.8%. Second, that is the overall 4 year graduation rate, which does not exclude non-degree seekers, as you claim. Even your own source is calling you a liar.

Do your own 'reseach'

There are a TON of places on the web where you can get the most basic statistics (such as graduation rate) for any university.


... and none of them support the drivel that he was claiming, which is why I called him out. If you'd ever read any of my posts in the past, you would know that I am quite adept at doing my own research. BTW, I am not, nor have I ever been a student at BSU. I just know how to spot BS when I see it, and I'm not afraid to call it out.

Well, good for you.

I hope you feel special. Here, have a gold sticker. You're the best googler ever!

Google it

College graduation rates. College retention rates. Even BSU's website has some eye-opening information if you look hard enough. The Idaho SBOE's site is interesting too.

I have.

And his numbers are wrong. So I called him out.

Funny stuff

I always hear this argument from U of I alum that point out the PhD status and so forth. But the problem is that none of them have a PhD or even a graduate degree. Many decided to go to BSU because they couldn't graduate in four years anyhow. It is nice to say that you have all of these academic outlets and acredation yet I would make the bet you don't have a PhD or possibly a degree for that matter. And mind you an Associates doesn't count. You might as well have dropped out of high school.

Sounds like you're talking

Sounds like you're talking about the 59 year old donkey freshman that make up 75% of your "freshman class".

BSU has such a terrible

BSU has such a terrible graduation rate because their freshman don't live long enough to finish their degree.

Make the degree mean something

A degree from BSU only means something in the Treasure Valley. Not even close to the same level as a degree from Utah, BYU, UCLA, UW, USC,etc. That is the key to moving up for BSU...improve the quality of the degree programs, make them mean something to businesses and professionals across the country and around the world. And offer more post-grad degree programs, like Architecture, Physical Therapy, and things that have some value in the eyes of business and educational peers across the nation. Let all these "technical" programs move to CWI, and make BSU a true place of higher learning.

The Broncos already have multiple levels of superiority

The comment that the other athletic programs should catch up are quites silly to me. BSU carries nationally ranked football, tennis, wrestling, track and gymnastics programs already. Even the basketball programs appear to be making headway in their recruiting and ability to compete against teams like Utah State and Nevada who are consistently among some of the threatening teams in NCAA basketball year in and year out.

BSU may own the MWC in

BSU may own the MWC in football, except for the last bowl game, but men's basketball appears to be 4-3 against MWC teams over the last three seasons and the women's team is 1-1. Soccer is 0-3-1. Football may be BSU's bread and butter athletic program, but does Kustra know that there's other sports? The stats are right there on BSU's website. Maybe he should check it out.

Some perspective

If you look at the combined record of the MWC teams BSU has beat since 1996, that record is 70-73. That doesn't exactly reflect dominance over a conference, as much as it says BSU played a lot of middle-of-the-road MWC teams and beat them. The only MWC championship team BSU beat was Utah in 1999 when they were 3-way co-champions. None of the other teams BSU beat were in the top 2. (And TCU wasn't CUSA champ in 2003.) The majority were either in the middle third or bottom half.

So BSU can console itself and keep saying it has dominated the MWC even though the MWC doesn't want them. Well, you went into your bowl game undefeated last month and lost to the second place MWC team. What does that tell you?


Do you guys just make up numbers thinking that nobody will check on you? Your comments are factually incorrect. First, the Broncos have played 5 of the current MWC members since moving up to Div 1-A (FBS). Utah 3 times, BYU twice, TCU once, Wyoming 4 times, and New Mexico twice. Here's how those teams finished in conference play the years the Broncos beat them (the record in parentheses is their overall record excluding the loss to BSU):

1999 Utah finished 1st in MWC at 5-2 (9-2)
2003 TCU finished 2nd in CUSA at 7-1 (11-1)
2004 BYU finished 3rd in MWC at 4-3 (5-5)
2006 Utah finished T3rd in MWC at 5-3 (8-4)
2006 Wyoming finished T3rd in MWC at 5-3 (6-5)
2004 Wyoming finished 4th in the MWC at 3-4 (7-4)
2003 BYU finished 4th in MWC at 3-4 (4-7)
1998 Utah finished 5th (out of 16) in the WAC at 5-3 (7-3)
2000 UNM finished 5th in MWC at 3-4 (5-6)
1999 UNM finished 5th in MWC at 3-4 (4-6)
2007 Wyoming finished 7th in MWC at 2-6 (5-6)
2005 Wyoming finished 8th in MWC at 2-6 (4-6)

So BSU's victories over current MWC teams include a 1st place team, a second place team, three third place teams, and two fourth place teams. The combined conference records of all the MWC teams the Broncos have played is 47-43 (52%), or a little better than average. Note that this is better than the average competition that a top MWC team sees in conference. The combined record of the teams overall (excluding their losses to BSU, since that is standard practice in SoS calcs) is 75-55 (58%). Even if you add in the losses to BSU, their overall record is 75-67 (53%). Also, 7 of the 12 wins were on the road, including the wins over the 1st place team, the 2nd place team, two of the 3rd place teams, and one of the 4th place teams.


Your numbers are off, but you still prove my point.

BSU didn't play Wyoming in 2004. They did play in 2002, when Wyoming went 2-10 and placed dead last in the MWC. They also didn't play Wyoming in 2005. They did play in 2006, when Wyoming went 6-6 and placed 4th in the MWC.

Take all of those stats as corrected and determine the average conference ranking of the MWC teams BSU played. Throw out TCU in 03 because TCU didn't play in the MWC that year, so their ranking in CUSA is irrelevant. They didn't play any MWC teams that year. What is the average conference ranking of the MWC teams BSU has played? 4.5. In a conference that had 8 teams (up until 2005), that puts the average MWC team BSU has played in the bottom half of the conference. Going by the conference since TCU joined that puts you dead in the middle. So BSU can statistically brag that they have dominated about half of the MWC.

Pat on the back. Can't imagine why they don't let you in.

I stand corrected

on the Wyoming games, but that really changes very little in my argument. It swaps 1 8th place team with another 8th place team, and one 4th place team with a 7th place team. As for 2003 TCU, they have to be included, since the discussion is how the Broncos have faired vs CURRENT members of the MWC.

Here's the corrected data, and I've added the most recent loss to TCU into the mix (the record in parentheses is their overall record excluding the loss to BSU):

1999 Utah 1st in MWC at 5-2 (9-2)
2003 TCU 2nd in CUSA at 7-1 (11-1)
2004 BYU 3rd in MWC at 4-3 (5-5)
2006 Utah T3rd in MWC at 5-3 (8-4)
2006 Wyoming T3rd in MWC at 5-3 (6-5)
2003 BYU 4th in MWC at 3-4 (4-7)
1998 Utah 5th (out of 16) in the WAC at 5-3 (7-3)
2000 UNM 5th in MWC at 3-4 (5-6)
1999 UNM 5th in MWC at 3-4 (4-6)
2007 Wyoming 7th in MWC at 2-6 (5-6)
2003 Wyoming 7th in MWC at 2-5 (4-7)
2002 Wyoming 8th in MWC at 1-6 (2-9)

2008 TCU 2nd in MWC at 7-1 (11-2)

So BSU's victories over current MWC teams include a 1st place team, a second place team, three third place teams, and two fourth place teams. The combined conference records of all the MWC teams the Broncos have played is 52-45 (54%), or a little better than average. Note that this is better than the average competition that a top MWC team sees in conference. The combined record of the teams overall (excluding their losses to BSU, since that is standard practice in SoS calcs) is 81-63 (56%). Even if you add in the losses to BSU, their overall record is 81-75 (52%). Also, 7 of the 12 wins were on the road, including the wins over the 1st place team, the 2nd place team, two of the 3rd place teams, and the 4th place teams. They have 1 loss to 2nd place TCU, who was 7-1 (11-2).

So in 13 games vs current MWC teams, the Broncos are 12-1, against teams with a in conference win percentage of 54% (52-45), an average conference rank of 4.23, and an overall win percentage of 56% (81-63), with 5 home games, 7 away games, and 1 neutral site game.

Lets look at conference champion Utah's last 13 games vs the MWC (the record in parentheses is their overall record excluding the loss to Utah):

2008 TCU 2nd in MWC at 7-1 (11-1)
2007 New Mexico 3rd in MWC at 5-3 (9-3)
2008 BYU 3rd in MWC at 6-2 (10-2)
2008 Air Force 4th in MWC at 5-3 (8-4)
2007 TCU 5th in MWC at 4-4 (8-4)
2008 CSU 5th in MWC at 4-4 (7-5)
2008 UNLV 6th in MWC at 2-6 (5-6)
2008 New Mexico 6th in MWC at 2-6 (4-7)
2007 CSU T7th in MWC at 2-6 (3-8)
2007 Wyoming T7th in MWC at 2-6 (5-6)
2008 Wyoming 8th in MWC at 1-7 (4-7)
2008 SDSU 8th in MWC at 1-7 (2-9)

2007 BYU 1st in MWC at 8-0 (11-2)

So in their last 13 games vs current MWC teams, the Utes are 12-1, against teams with an in conference win percentage of 47% (49-55), an average MWC rank of 5.00, and an overall win percentage of 58% (87-64), with 6 home games, and 7 away games,

So the slate of 13 teams that BSU played out of the MWC was, on average, slightly better than the slate of the last 13 teams that MWC champ Utah played, and they had 1 fewer home game, but both teams went 12-1. Note that no other MWC team went 12-1 versus their last 13 MWC opponents.

Grow up

Sometime I would like to come to this message board without people insulting one another. It gets really old. Can't everyone have a conversation without being completely juvenile?
People need to lighten up. U of I people have this chip on their shoulder and Boise people are far too defensive. Then you guys provoke each other.
Chances are you guys wouldn't talk to each other like this if you were face to face. Stop trying to be tough and conduct yourself with some manners.

How pathetic

It's pathetic how envious the vandull fans are. The Statesman actually throws them a bone with a complimentary
story about their improving BB team and do you think they
have anything to say about it? Nope, once again they spend
their whole day hanging around a story regarding BSU.
Lawyers, loggers, legislators and Larrys are all the UofI has to be proud of anymore. IMO we have more than we need already. Someday it will probably end up looking like the
school in Albion.

As long as you don't need an

As long as you don't need an education, you are right. You've got your wife-beater on, mustard stain, football to watch, and worthless degree (doubtful, unless you areo ne of the lucky 7%). Everything you need.

My point exactly

Nice to see your student loan went to a good cause.
Keep up on the night classes.
Zolof might help your outlook on life.
Pfizer has good freebies if money is a problem.


Rather than "keep beating them in everything we play", they should begin beating them in some things they play. Let's begin with footabll! BSU is really good at beating junior varsity WAC teams, but it is obvious that they are not very good at beating BCS teams. Okalahoma? Fluke!, Oregon? Fourth string QB. TCU? BC? Loisville? Georgia? Washington?

Tired argument

Ok, the argument that Boise State beat Oregon ONLY because of the 4th-string QB is a ridiculous one. The QB situation in Eugene wasn't a factor during the pre-game hype for Oregon. Oregon was credited as having an unstoppable rushing duo (of Johnson and Blount) and a dominating defense. Their QB was an afterthought that wasn't supposed to win them a game anyway. It's like being the tailback for Hawaii with Colt Brennan at QB. Yeah, you are in the game, but is anyone gonna notice unless you catch a pass?

And what did Oregon produce? Their rushing "dominance" resuted in just under 200 yds and 2 TDs (hardly dominating considering it was split between the 2 rushers). And their defense? It was supposed to smother Boise State into submission, yet our QB humiliated them in front of the home crowd. Since the main threats Oregon posed were squashed, Oregon fans decide to blame it on something completely irrelevant. To say Boise State only won because of their lack of a QB is a joke. Maybe you should blame it on the distractions brought by the Boise State cheerleaders. Or maybe that the sun was out in Oregon, effectively blinding your team.

Oregon couldn't stop Boise, and some folks just want to use any excuse as to why their team lost. But, the final result is the same: a disappointment for Duck fans at home.

Bad Idea.

The worst mistake BSU football could ever make would be to play good teams regularly. They are a good WAC team and that is it. If they schedule more than one BCS non-conference per year and win those games consistently, then moving conferences would be a little more than just an oversupply of blue kool aid. If they want to continue to see 9 wins a year...they better just stay in the WAC and concentrate and proving the nation wrong in their OOC. Going 1-4 in the last 5 bowl games does not help. People outside of Boise DO pay attention to the quality of teams that the wins come against. 1 good win a year is not going to do it.

5 years for my worthless degree

I don't understand why non BSU fans are so Anti-Kustra on his want to move BSU to what he feels is a better conference. A better conference equals more fans. More fans equals more money for everything including Academics. Has anyone been around the campus lately? The new academic facilities that are going up are awesome and a good chunk of that money is coming straight our football programs. But then again what do I know....I was part of the 94.2% that didn't graduate in 4 years. Unfortunately it took me 5 to get this worthless Electrical Engineering degree that somehow got me a decent job that pays the bills. I'm really bummed I didn't get that superior UofI or University of Utah degree because they sit in the cubes right next to me and obviously get a much superior wage.

Football revenue

I seriously doubt that any of the money that is used to build non-athletic facilities at BSU comes directly from the football program. Take a look at the athletic budget sheet and find the entry titled "money given to non-athletic programs." Look long and hard. I don't think you're going to find it.

Remember when BSU got something like $4.4 million from the Fiesta Bowl? Know where every cent of that money went? Right back into the athletic department. Sure, applications to BSU may have gone up after that. Sure, the bookstores sold more T-shirts. But revenue that comes into the athletic program by and large stays there.


Where did that money come from before, the school. So the money that was other wised earmarked for athletics was then put into other facilities or programs. Also increased attendance from the Fiesta Bowl allowed for more $$.

Just my thoughts, not necessarily facts.

Can you explain how a

Can you explain how a different conference gets you more fans in the stands? Last time I checked Bronco stadium isnt getting bigger any sooner

It can't, the stadium has a thyroid problem.

To read is wonderful. To comprehend art. Falling back to whatever you believed in is NORMAL.

Don't worry. Kustra won't be here forever and he's kinda wacky.

To read is wonderful. To comprehend art. Falling back to whatever you believed in is NORMAL.

Poor Vandals -

Losing enrollment because the institution is not responsible to the citizens of Idaho. New law school opening in Boise because UofI once again fumbled the ball and could not provide service to Idaho's citizens. Tried to establish a presence in Boise academics, but failed miserably. - BSU has pick up the pieces every time one of your well thought out engineering initiatives crash and burn. Disgraced by fraud and gross negligence with the Idaho Place scandal costing the foundation millions. Where do you get off talking academics? The UofI has been a bunch of bumblers over the last few years. You may be a big deal on the Palouse, but you have got along way to go down here in Boise. Whether we are talking football or academics.

Uh, the new law school

Uh, the new law school coming in? I don't know who would go there. It's not even American Bar Association accredited. Whoever goes there is wasting their time and money. Employers would laugh. The UI law school will be down here eventually. Once we get that wrench jockey donkey lover out as president of the Board of Education (real good, didn't go to college).

COTVandal- after umpteen posts - You're finally right about

Something - that the Law School needs to be in Boise. In fact the whole University needs to be Boise and you could call it the University of Idaho as far as I care. At least it would benefit more people in the state than hiding it in a grain silo in Moscow. Wrench jockey or ag. degree vandal farmer, doesn't make any difference to me, but the University of Idaho needs to be more accessible

Did I miss something?

Is there suddenly a shortage of lawyers? We need MORE?
If the UofI does move down here, I hope they add an Ethics
course And make it mandatory. Maybe one of there illustrious
alumni like Craig or Sali could teach it.

Bill Sali

Bill Sali is a Boise State graduate too. Class of '79. Well done.

Sali is a lawyer for the U of I

I was talking about the current "shortage" of lawyers in my post.
Sali is a U of I grad'84 and practices as an attorney. Don't you
want to claim him? I thought once a Vandull always a Vandull.
Are you cutting Craig loose too?

FrankTheTank, you're a moron

Stop deflecting, fool.

Hey Dude, Who's Deflecting - you brought it up

The issue is BSU in the MWC and you and your Vandal buddies injected academics into the conversation. So I point out a few recent failures involving the UofI academic pursuits around the state that you must of conveniently forgot. If you don't want to talk about academics anymore that is fine with me.

FrankTheTank - You're wrong again, clown

UI's enrollment is up, as are research dollars, and gpa figures.

The only failure around here is BSU trying to be a 4 year university.

Stick to football, chump. It's all you got.