Inauguration, changes to the homepage and more

We've got a lot for you to read on the upcoming presidential inauguration.

Did you know that more than 100 officials from 58 federal, state and local agencies will oversee what is likely the largest security operation in inaugural history?

And there are some cool historical stories. From a newspaper story from 1933: "Franklin D. Roosevelt ascended to the Presidency today with the stringent banking situation foremost in his planning, forthwith declared "this nation asks for action and action now," and proceeded to act accordingly."

You can find these stories and more on the page. And I love the photo gallery of inaugurations from the past (it includes a photo of President Lincoln giving his address)

If you're attending the inauguration, send us your photos and stories that we can publish on the website. All submissions become the property of the Idaho Statesman.

* * *

Have you noticed our new feature on the homepage highlighting food & drink, movies and music? Take a minute to check it out — we wanted to make it easier for you to get to movie showtimes, movie and restaurant reviews, upcoming concerts and more.

We’ve also added on our homepage another way for you to get to our site search. On the bottom of the homepage, you’ll see the “Find more” box. If you use one of the pulldown options, it’ll help you narrow your search down. The fastest way to find local stories, for instance, is to use the pulldown menu option for "Recent News."

Darlene Carnopis
Online Initiatives Editor

The main menu is still in the way of the member login/out and...

That stupid Sprint ad that eats the top so you can't navigate until you close it or refresh. It does that on other sites as well, hang their agency please.

There may be a CLOSE spot for the Lifeflight helicopter animation but it's still a pain in the butt and hogs your processor badly. GROUND it like hamburger. We all get the idea and it's detrimental to the ad viewer and thus OF NO USE to St. Alphonsus. All ads that fly the top of the page and hinder your navigation must be VERBOTEN. You are being disingenuous to yourself if you think they help you or them and all that's left 3 seconds later when it's done and users couldn't react is &*(%&^$%&(^T)*^&(*&)(*&)^&%$%^$#$%#!!!!!!!!

Animation overlays are so Republican and spammy that why anybody wants to look is beyond me. If you put naked women there we'd all be afraid we had a virus so I think that is a lost cause.

The Dillards 'jack in the box' is also annoying, same faulty triggering as the main menu.

Now, ABOUT THAT AP VIDEO FLASH never worked and may never at all if you don't find out why it's not responsive to clicks. You have to go to Yahoo and use the Cosmos player then and they have so many more sources...savvy?

This is as constructive as I can be and I've mentioned some of it more than once.

If you want this website to be a fallback or eventually a replacement to the paper paper, much less a regular internet destination for local and some worldwide users and have them hit repeatedly (how you make money on ads, after all) you must make it as obstruction free as you really can.

Best wishes and good luck as you're gonna be busier than ever for a few days even if you didn't have an inauguration.

To read is wonderful. To comprehend art. Falling back to whatever you believed in is NORMAL.


I agree on all points. At least I can still comment here. Something about the way the firm sets up my browser precludes me from seeing comments or commenting in the main section. Gotta love the "new system."