Raining in San Diego; Poinsettia Bowl Name the Score contest

Monday, Dec. 22

Hello from rainy San Diego. Just got back from the Poinsettia Bowl luncheon on the USS Midway and a press conference with Boise State's Chris Petersen and TCU's Gary Patterson.

The luncheon was a great event with the bands playing and cheerleaders cheering — even if rain forced everyone from the flight deck of the aircraft carrier that is now a museum. Both teams were there.

ESPN's Rece Davis was there and here is the audio from Davis' speech, which was very amusing. He also talked about Mark May's comments about Boise State. Check tomorrow's Bronco Beat blog for those comments.

One of the cool things about the bowl is the partnership with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Much of the luncheon focused on the "Wish kids" as they are called with a moving rendition of the National Anthem by one. It moved some people to tears. Each team has a Make-A-Wish captain for the game, although Boise State's captain could not attend because he is in the hospital. Each team provided a jersey for their Wish captain.

It was moving stuff.

The teams handed out Inspirational Awards with Boise State equipment manager Dale Hoste winning the Broncos' award. TCU senior offensive lineman Giles Montgomery won the Horned Frogs' award.

• I wanted to pass along a few other news items:

— The rain in San Diego is sure to make Qualcomm Stadium a bit sloppy. It has been raining pretty steadily all morning and into the afternoon.

— Poinsettia Bowl officials said they have sold more than 35,000 tickets for Tuesday's game, which includes the 15,000 distributed to the schools. P-Bowl officials are hopeful that the good weather forecast for Tuesday will help the walk-up crowd.

The fourth-year bowl set an attendance record of 39,129 for last year's game between Navy and Utah.

• Below are the rules for the Name the Score contest. Please don't enter twice, but I wanted to give everyone another chance to participate before kickoff.

Thursday, Dec. 18

It will be up to Treasure Valley college football fans to make sure the Roady's Humanitarian Bowl is not the least attended bowl game of the season. Ticket sales by Maryland and Nevada are dismal.

The Baltimore Sun reports that Maryland is not expected to bring a whole lot of fans to Boise.

The more disheartening story is from the Reno Gazette-Journal. Nevada has sold about 100 tickets to the Dec. 30 bowl game.


So, once again, it will be up to college football fans in the Valley to attend the game and support it. Now you know why the game's executive director, Kevin McDonald, tried so hard to keep Boise State in the bowl.

Audio prediction

Here is what I think is going to happen in the Poinsettia Bowl.

Name the Score contest

OK, it's time for the Name the Score contest — Boise State vs. TCU, Poinsettia Bowl-style.

Here are the rules for the newcomers:

Boise State plays TCU in the Poinsettia Bowl in San Diego on Tuesday, and here is your chance to predict the score and win a $20 gift certificate from Domino's Pizza.

Place your guesses in the comments down below and we will pick two winners.

Closest to the actual score of the game wins.

All entries must be received by 5 p.m Mountain time Tuesday.

When you register to make comments at IdahoStatesman.com, you put in an e-mail address. I will contact the winner through that e-mail address.

If it comes down to tiebreakers, closest to Boise State's actual score, closest without going over and then first received will be the tie-breaking order.

Good luck.

Bring me the pizza

BSU 31 TCU 28

Broncos get a taste of humble pie.....

TCU 24
BS 17

defense rules

Boise St. 24 TCU 13


Boise State 83, TCU 0

BSU TCU score

BSU 33

TCU 15

Entertaining, but lower score

BSU 17
TCU 13

Make mine Flying Pie please

Frog-Stompers(Boise State) 45

Horse-shoe Fodder (TCU) 38


BSU -31 TO 27.....
BSU'S defense has given up more than 16 twice to 2 of the top 5 rushing teams in the country. TCU averages 215 on the groun but much like Oregon and Nevada I really doubt they'll get the that number in this game. This is going to be under the over/under of 46.
BSU 24
TCU 19.

Defensive Battle

BSU 20
TCU 17

BSU 21 TCU 14

BSU 21

TCU 14

Too easy...

BSU Eleventy Billion
TCU -4



"I be eating Pizza".......


"You mess with the Purple Frog... You get the Horn"!!!!

........time for the reality check!!!!!!


from a frog? OOOOOHHHHHH no not the horn of a frog! Is it going to cause my big toe to bleed? ahhhhh. lol

BSU 24 --- TCU 17

BSU 24 --- TCU 17

What Defense?

BSU Wins Offensive Battle with Moore Exploding for 4 or more TD passes!


BSU- 48

THE Game

Ponies (BSU) 38
Froggies (TCU) 31

BSU 42 TCU 17

We can only hope...


scores more than 40 I'll buy you a pizza! Look me up if they do!

BSU 30 TCU 9

BSU 30 TCU 9

Non BCS Championship Game

BSU 42
TCU 14


with you.

Another undefeated season

BSU 28 TCU 20

BSU 24 TCU21

Go Broncos!

bowl pizza


It will be a close one but...

...the Broncos will prevail.

Boise State 21
TCU 17


BSU 28
TCU 27


BSU 35
other guys 3

BSU 27, TCU 16

TCU's defense is good, but so is the Broncos', and that is the element that all the bowl prognosticators have been missing. The difference in this game will be BSU's offense. They won't score a ton, but they will do enough to get the win.

Final Score

BSU 21
TCU 13





Here's your final score...


BSU intercepts on TCU's last drive to seal the victory.

Go Broncos!

BSU 42 TCU 24

Bronco go for another perfect season!

BSU 35 TCU 17

Go Broncos.


BSU - 31
TCU - 10

Go Broncos!

BSU 23
TCU 21

Perfect Bowl


BSU is a young team so I'm really excited to see what is to come in the next few years. BCS contender is a def. YES! Let's go BRONCOS and show the village of NCAA and USC lovers that we can do it. WE WILL DO IT!

BSU 37 TCU 3

BSU 37

TCU 24 BSU 10

Looking forward to my pizza. Thanks.

The final will be...

TCU - 24
BSU - 17

The score will be

BSU - 27
TCU - 17


BSU 34
TCU 24


I hate pizza

but I'll enjoy taking it away from you people that do

BSU 22
TCU 20

Boise State wins!

I have a feeling that BSU will be much better prepaired than last year, and with this years team as suprisingly good as they are I think that they will win convincingly. I mean no disrespect to TCU I just think that BSU will come out with a chip on their shoulder, partly because of last years bowl fiasco, partly because I believe that they want to show the MWC that they belong although they don't say this publicly, and partly because outside of Idaho they don't get much respect.

BSU - 31
TCU - 14

Broncs eak one out

Broncos 26
TCU 19

BOISE { ~~~~ } STATE

close first half.... second half we pull away.... BSU 30 TCU 7

Same as 2003

BSU 34
TCU 31

All About the 'D'

BSU 27
TCU 13

The unpopular score...

TCU 24
BSU 21