Broncos snubbed by BCS, headed to San Diego

By Chadd Cripe

The Poinsettia Bowl has announced that No. 9 Boise State (12-0) will play No. 11 TCU (10-2) on Dec. 23 in San Diego.

Quick reaction from Poinsettia Bowl executive director Bruce Binkowski, whose game is in its fourth year:

"I've had my fingers crossed for a long time. ... This puts the Poinsettia Bowl on the map. We're going to really make our mark."

"We do feel we're going to get a great bump in ticket sales — not only from the great Boise State fans ... but also, if you're a college football fan in San Diego, this is going to be the game of the year. We're confident ticket sales are going to get a dramatic boost because of this matchup."

Fun fact: The Holiday/Poinsettia bowls in San Diego will have four top 15 teams, including No. 13 Oklahoma State and No. 15 Oregon in the Holiday Bowl. The Orange Bowl/BCS National Championship Game in Miami will only have three top-15 teams.

Reaction from Chris Petersen:

"I think TCU is a BCS team and most people that know about TCU would say the same thing. This will be the best team we've played all year."

Reaction from TCU coach Gary Patterson:

"I've already watched them. ... We may have to bring two TCU football teams."


It's official — Boise State has been left out of the Bowl Championship Series with an undefeated record for the second time in five years.

No. 10 Ohio State (10-2) was given the last at-large spot, in the Fiesta Bowl, over No. 9 Boise State (12-0). The Broncos also were left out in 2004, when they were 11-0 and ranked ninth. They got into the Fiesta Bowl in 2006.

The Broncos will accept a Poinsettia Bowl invitation to play No. 11 TCU (10-2) at 6:30 p.m. That game is Dec. 23 in San Diego.

The BCS matchups:

Orange Bowl: No. 19 Virginia Tech (9-4) vs. No. 12 Cincinnati (11-2)
Rose Bowl: No. 5 USC (11-1) vs. No. 8 Penn State (11-1)
Fiesta Bowl: No. 10 Ohio State (10-2) vs. No. 3 Texas (11-1)
Sugar Bowl: No. 6 Utah (12-0) vs. No. 4 Alabama (12-1)
BCS National Championship Game: No. 1 Oklahoma (12-1) vs. No. 2 Florida (12-1)


Notre Dame will play Hawaii in the Hawaii Bowl, the Honolulu Advertiser reports.

That fills another hole in the WAC bowl lineup. Here are the confirmed invitations:

Poinsettia: Boise State (12-0) vs. TCU (10-2)
Humanitarian: Nevada (7-5) vs. Maryland (7-5)
Hawaii: Hawaii (7-6) vs. Notre Dame (6-6)
New Mexico: Fresno State (7-5) vs. Colorado State (6-6)
Independence: Louisiana Tech (7-5) vs. Northern Illinois (6-6)

San Jose State (6-6) is waiting on the sidelines and likely to be left out.

We need a playoff system and Boise State needs to get out of the

The only fair way is a playoff system. They have one in the FSC and Division II. Whats the diffrence. I will tell you what it is, its all about money.

I vote for a playoff and I also vote for Boise State to get out of the WAC. Being an independent is better then the WAC.

No way!

Independant?? Are you kidding? You want to be snubbed even further go independant. Then who wants to play you?? North Texas?? Idaho??? Better to be affiliated with a conference than independant. Look what happened to Utah State, they used to be a challenge in the Big West, now look where they are. Took them 5+ years to recover from being independant!

It was just a thought

I just figure that anything would be better then the WAC. I would prefer a move to the MWC or even better the PAC 10. The WAC gets no respect and is consider a very low tier mid-major confrence. Why we did not move when the WAC broke up a few years back and join the MWC then is a mystery to me.

We need to leave the WAC that is for certain.


We were in the Big West when the MWC split from the WAC, that is when we joined the WAC. So we would not have been able to make it into the MWC, we were just a startup D-1 team at that time.

I do agree we need to jump conferences, and hopefully the MWC will make a move to invite.

4 letters for NOT leaving the WAC



... hard to give up the ESPN contract. Certainly, there has to be a better solution.

More Money

The MWC makes more money per game and almost all of their games are played on TV. True The Mtn Network does not have as many viewers but the schools make alot more money then the teams in the WAC plus they are in HD and not on channel 7.

but ESPN

gets the coverage we really need for recruiting. I keep thinking of Kyle Wilson from New jersey. Saw our funky blue field on tv as a high is history. We need a new conference (since the WAC does not seem to be able to improve) BUT we also must demand good tv coverage. 'Versus' is NOT good tv coverage. Maybe we'd make more money in the MWC but that does not directly contribute to the tv coverage we must have in order to recruit. Without recruits, money means nothing.

What is so SPECIAL about HD?

Half the state can barely get ANALOG.


No wonder that you fall for all the technobabble.

I've studied TV and radio since before I started kindergarten (late 1971) and I know people fell for anything with RADIO, ELECTRIC, ATOMIC...this is the new pollution.

Humans can be like cows but without udders. They demand to have their WALLETS milked instead.


They refuse to fly over here and bail our butts out anymore though.

I agree

We have a great fan base all across the nation, it would not be fair to them if we go to a conference that does not allow their games to be shown on national TV. Plus the national coverage is great for BSU. I would like to see us go to the MWC, but only if they get rid of that stupid TV contract they have.

at least

The MT.WEST has a T.V. contact and real teams. lol. I am sorry the WAC has has um oh who gives a rats azzzzz. Week football and only one team that pulvirises all the rest what does that tell you about the WAC?

lol back at ya!

Yeah - San Diego. Now there's a MWC POWERHOUSE. Broncos are shaking in their borium studded horseshoes!
Come ON. You think the MWC is the freaking Big 12 or something? HOMER ALERT! HOMER ALERT!
Good luck with your bowl game (and I mean that) and all of us here in Bronconation cannot wait to be in the MWC with you soon! After all - we're something like 12-0 against your entire conference. Why wouldn't we be excited to join? ha ha ha HA!


Your right

The program works at BSU its a program style football team. Thats what Peterson is good at. Sub-par players working together. BSU will not be moving to another conference until 2010-12. Being a independent would aid in better bowl selection. However they would have to understand that getting their azzzz handed to them by real D-1 teams is a bit different than beating teams from the week wac. The Broncos have no idea what is about to happen to them against TCU. Their first defeat will be against a real big time school with a very very tough defense and very pissed off. Remember the all time offenseive scoring machine Oklahoma only managed to score 35 points against this team,their lowest output of the year. And oh by the way 2 of those scores came from turnovers. So when BSU losses yet another worthless bowl game can you again explain to me how great this team is again?? LOL GO MT WEST!!

A playoff would be great for

A playoff would be great for college football. BSU would never be higher than the 7 or 8 seed in an 8 team playoff. Pitting them against the 1 or 2 team in the country. I'd LOVE to watch BSU get spanked on national TV by the likes of an SEC or Big 12 school ala Hawaii last year. Maybe then you guys would come to terms with your place in college football hierarchy. BSU is the Kimbo Slice of college football. You beat up on a bunch of no-names every year and will be put in your place if you ever have a chance at the big boys(let the "we beat oklahoma talk" begin, to be countered by me saying "Remember Georgia?")

It's funny how you guys complain about not being in a BCS game against a BCS school, but refuse to schedule them in the regular season. Boo hoo, they wont come play in Boise. Well if your stadium sat 60-80,000 I'm sure they would. If you're as good as you say you are, location shouldnt matter. Oklahoma, Texas, Florida and Alabama all played more than 1 difficult road game this year. Why should BSU be any different? If you're on the same level as these teams are, then why are you afraid to prove it? And no, playing 1 game with a month to prepare isnt proving it. Doing it week in and week out against the top teams is proving it.


Also snubbed....


I guess BSU is not alone. Numbers, 7, 9, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18 were snubbed over number 19!!!! And why does number 19 have an automatic in?

How can anyone consider this a reasonable approach (unless your in the $$$$)?

BTW, number 6 was choosen cause the Government threatened the BCS into including other teams.

The B*ll C**p Series is what it is. Till you have a playoff, it is a joke. Can you imagine the World Series, "why were not going include the Cleveland Indians cause the NY Yankees will have a better TV audience for the world series! So were going to ignore the rankings and throw the Indians out!".


"BTW, number 6 was choosen cause the Government threatened the BCS into including other teams."

No. Utah earned an automatic berth. No "choosing" was necessary.

Of the 10 BCS spots, 9 of them were earned via automatic berths this year. Just 1 was an at large.

6 - ACC, B10, B12, Big East, P10, SEC champs (AQ rule 2)

1 - Utah, by being ranked in the top 12 (and being ranked higher than BSU and TCU, as only 1 team from C-USA, MAC, MWC, WAC and Sun Belt can get an auto-berth) (AQ rule 3)

1 - Texas, by being #3, in a conference that has an auto-berth for its champ, and not being the conf champ (AQ rule 5)

1 - Alabama, by being #4, in a conference that has an auto-berth for its champ, and not being the conf champ (AQ rule 6) [Edit: This rule applies only if rule 5 doesn't apply. So Alabama got an at-large berth, not an automatic.]

Only 1 at large spot was available. Eligible teams were 9 (BSU), 10 (OSU), 11 (TCU), 13 (Ok St)and 14 (GT). TT was not eligible--3rd team from the B12 and only 2 are allowed. The Fiesta picked 10, OSU.

I agree the BCS is junk. But not because the rankings aren't followed to the letter--but because rankings are used period. Opinion polls are a terrible approach.

Only after the third supernova on the fifth Thursday though!


They refuse to fly over here and bail our butts out anymore though.

Bowl Game

Time to stick it to the MWC and all the naysayers who think we would lose 3 or 4 games a year there. TCU is going to get all they can handle and then some!


Will destroy BSU hands down. They have no idea what is about to hit them

The line...

... will be around TCU -3, so if you really believe this, you should bet your entire paycheck on the game.


on what? Tell my how TCU is going to out score BSU by so many to vaildate your blow-out!


Love it when people don't validate their statement. Yes, I've watched TCU and they are a good team though I don't think they know what's coming at them. TCU better be ready for a duel threat and a smart QB that has rearview mirrors. Moore has ice in his veins. He will hold his cool and at the end of the day Boise will be going on all celinders. Moore will dump the ball off to Vinny or Ian whenever you guys get close to him and make at least 8 yards everytime. If you let him sit in the pocket he'll disect your D and find a reciever who'll get the yards needed. If the fast D runs past this QB he'll take the ball himself and I'll be chanting, "That's another Boise State 1st down!" BSU's D will be everywhere plugging every hole so don't try to run on them it doesn't work. Your QB better be dead on through the air or else there is no way you guys will pull out an upset. BSU all the way baby. Should be good game.

Name the Score BSU vs TCU

Nice analysis bluephan! What is your prediction for the score? Looks like Vegas has TCU -2.0 to -2.5 and 46. That would give a final score of TCU 24 BSU 22. I think the Broncos will score more than 3 TDs against TCU. What say y'all? Marcsulf? Horra? Bueller? Anyone?

Go to the Forum

Seems there's only quality people there that understand the game. All I've heard about is how fast TCU's D is, what about the offense? I'm always wrong when guessing the score of Boise but pretty dead on with the other team. Boise D is going to stuff this team so if Boise doesn't score a lot, um, TCU 18 Boise 21 or if Boise is able to confuse their D it will be TCU 18 Boise 37.

I see...

... Brotzman being very important in this game, both for punting and for field goals. If he can get over his slump, the Broncos will be victorious. If not, I don't think it will be a good day for the Broncos. I think he's going to handle the pressure. I was extremely impressed with him last year in the game against Nevada. He made four kicks (end of regulation, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd OTs) where if he misses, the game ends in a loss right there. If he can play like that, the Broncos will win. I see something like 23-17 Boise State.

Validate his blow-out? What about valet parking?


They refuse to fly over here and bail our butts out anymore though.

Their coach is deserting them possibly! DUH? You forget stuff?

We spent all season telling Coach Pete he should leave because the last three left us abused without a recovery shelter for football abuse victims.

Start a fund at the United Way!


They refuse to fly over here and bail our butts out anymore though.

Shafted once again

When will the NCAA wake up and install a system that works ... and is fair!!!

Some time after 2011 or 2013

When the current contracts start expiring. But even then, it's unlikely. Too many viewers of the BCS exhibition games.


We need to let the Fiesta Bowl/BCS know there are OTHER
deserving teams besides the 'elite'. Very disgusting!!

letter writing and product shunning

that's the only way the BCS overlords and their lacky sponsors will get the message. I've already said it here - vote with your email AND your wallet. Boycott products, but don't do it unless you have written the sponsors and told them outright that you and all of your friends and family will NEVER again purchase anything they produce. This must include subsidiary products too. Communicate !!! The only thing that makes this poor country sit up and take notice anymore is the dollar. Sad but true. (I envy my parents who saw the US back when things were normal!)


This is all what we expected, but it's still bull!

I think we all new it wouldn't work out for us, like it should. Let's just kick the crap out of TCU and finish as the only undefeated team in America, again.

BSU needs to wake up and

BSU needs to wake up and realize they are a small time program that is not on par with a MWC team let alone a SEC, Big 12 team. You are already looking past TCU so be careful what you wish for. TCU is a good football team with a faster defense than any WAC team or Oregon for that matter.


I haven't seen anyone in here complain about playing, or look past, TCU. You must be reading some other posts about a different program. As far as on par with the MWC, have seen our record against Mountain West Teams?

I love this matchup, TCU has a great team, especially their defense!



Not on par with MWC?

You're right, Boise is 12-0 vs. the MWC. Clearly the MWC is below BSU. TCU is going to be tough, they are a very good team, but Boise not on par with the MWC? Get some facts man.

I love this argument

"BSU is 12-0 against the MWC" that is great, out of the 4 teams that BSU has played 12 times only one team had a winning record. That team was Utah. Utah98 7-4, Utah99 9-3, Utah06 8-5. The rest of the MWC teams BSU has faced went a combined 30-52 the years they played them. GREAT ARGUMENT!

What's your arguement?

Boise has beaten every MWC team they've played. What's the MWC's basis for saying that they are better than BSU? Prove it on the football field or shut up. It doesn't matter what a MWC team's record was when BSU beat them, no MWC team has beaten BSU. Until they do, there is no basis for saying BSU couldn't win in the MWC. You can't argue with on the field results, unless you are the BCS or an Oregon Duck. Remember, BSU only beat Oregon because Oregon was on their 1,456,764th string QB. It's a team game, the team that was better THAT DAY won. Just like ECU was the better team in the Hawaii Bowl last year, no excuses.

The Argument

BSU hasn't played a winning program in the MWC. The combined record of the teams they have played are 30-52. Maybe they should try playing the top 4 or 5 instead of the bottom 4 or 5. Everyone is going to see on the 23rd if BSU can hang with the top of the MWC. TCU is a great team and I think that it will be a great game. I just get really tired of all the fans and Augusto saying that BSU is 12-0 against the MWC when they only played one team with a winning record.


So you're saying the MWC isn't capable of putting a winner up against BSU?

Just not true

I guess if your going to combine records as though they aren't different teams, that is one thing, but I think you are confused. Check your facts.

Don't forget ....

Did you forget about TCU in 2003-04 season or what? You forget that we came back from being down 14 to beat the Horned Frogs in the Fort Worth Bowl in their house? TCU was 11-1 that year.

TCU was not a part of the

TCU was not a part of the MWC then but if you want to add them then it would be 41-53 which is still not playing the top of the MWC.

BSU vs current MWC teams

Your comments are factually incorrect. First, the Broncos have played 5 of the current MWC members since moving up to Div 1-A (FBS). Utah 3 times, BYU twice, TCU once, Wyoming 4 times, and New Mexico twice. Here's how those teams finished in conference play the years the Broncos beat them (the record in parentheses is their overall record excluding the loss to BSU):

1999 Utah finished 1st in MWC at 5-2 (9-2)
2003 TCU finished 2nd in CUSA at 7-1 (11-1)
2004 BYU finished 3rd in MWC at 4-3 (5-5)
2006 Utah finished T3rd in MWC at 5-3 (8-4)
2006 Wyoming finished T3rd in MWC at 5-3 (6-5)
2004 Wyoming finished 4th in the MWC at 3-4 (7-4)
2003 BYU finished 4th in MWC at 3-4 (4-7)
1998 Utah finished 5th (out of 16) in the WAC at 5-3 (7-3)
2000 UNM finished 5th in MWC at 3-4 (5-6)
1999 UNM finished 5th in MWC at 3-4 (4-6)
2007 Wyoming finished 7th in MWC at 2-6 (5-6)
2005 Wyoming finished 8th in MWC at 2-6 (4-6)

So BSU's victories of current MWC teams include a 1st place team, a second place team, three third place teams, and two fourth place teams. The combined conference records of all the MWC teams the Broncos have played is 47-43 (52%), or a little better than average. Note that this is better than the average competition that a top MWC team sees in conference. The combined record of the teams overall (excluding their losses to BSU, since that is standard practice in SoS calcs) is 75-55 (58%). Even if you add in the losses to BSU, their overall record is 75-67 (53%).

Excellent stats

But just as they put the warnings on investment disclosures:

"Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance."

It will be very interesting to see this game. I'm looking forward to it!

I totally agree.

I think this game vs TCU will be a major test, and I fully expect TCU to be about a 3 point favorite (that's what Sagarin's Predictor has). I was simply replying to the silly posts by several MWC fans claiming that BSU somehow magically got lucky and managed to face 12 MWC teams in a row that were having down years. That is just plain wrong. The numbers speak for themselves.

Can you read?

I by no means said that BSU got lucky. I am saying that BSU has played Wyoming 4 or 5 times and only once was Wyoming even a 6-6 team. BYU was 4-8 and 5-6 the two years BSU played them. New Mexico was 4-7 both years that BSU played them. Those are losing teams, so how can you say that BSU could be dominate in the MWC when they have played some crappy teams? Yes TCU and Utah both had winning records and I said that. I have also said that this game is going to be a good one, I just hate that every BSU fan keeps saying that they are 12-0 against the MWC and I think that someone should explaing that the MAJORITY of those teams were in losing seasons.

I can read, can you?

I was refuting your stats. I still am. You quoted some ridiculously low win percentage for the teams that the Broncos played. It was blatantly false, and I called you on it. Man-up and admit you were wrong. Boise State has beaten a 1st place, a 2nd place, three 3rd place, and two 4th place finishers in the MWC, and has lost to nobody in that conference. That means 8 of their 12 victories were over teams that finished in the top half of the conference, with no losses. That says to me that they would be one of the top teams in the conference if they joined.

The average win percentage of the teams they beat is 52% in conference, and 53% overall. Note that the average in-conference win percentage for all teams in a given conference must be 50% (there is always a winner for every loser within a conferece), so BSU's 12 game win streak is against a slightly above average conference slate. Also, I failed to mention this before, but 7 of the 12 wins were on the road, including the wins over the 1st place team, the 2nd place team, two of the 3rd place teams, and one of the 4th place teams. Note that in conference play, only half the games are on the road, and rarely is a road slate so top-heavy.

Come on...

And I was giving you their records those years. I am saying that BSU has beat up on teams that haven't been that good. This year the MWC has a 12-0 in first 11-2 second and 11-2 in third. Those are different then the 2-10 Wyo and 4-8 New Mexico. All I am saying is that over the past few years the MWC has gotten tougher along with BSU and I think that BSU doesn't come out of that undefeated. They still might be the conference champ but it is different playing Utah, TCU, BYU and Air Force all in the same year. Give them some credit they have three teams in the top 25 and the WAC only has one.

I agree...

... with what you are saying. The MWC is definitely stronger than the WAC. No question. Heck, I think the MWC has a strong argument for being stronger than the Big East. If you check the Sagarin ratings using current conference alignment since 1998, the MWC is only about 1 point behind the Big East. Add Boise State to the MWC, and the MWC is definitely stronger.

What I am saying is that Boise State is much stronger than the WAC, as well. The Broncos are 60-4 in 8 seasons with the WAC, with 6 WAC titles, and 2 of those losses were in the first year. Since that first year they are 54-2. My argument is not WAC vs MWC, it is BSU vs MWC, and I think the numbers are very clear. If Boise State were in the MWC, they would finish in the top 3 almost every year, and they would win their share of conference titles, along with Utah, BYU, and TCU. Air Force, New Mexico, and Colorado State would be in the second tier, winning conference championships at most a couple times a decade, and the rest of the league (UNLV, Wyoming, and SDSU) would rarely get higher than 3rd in the league.

All this is speculation on my part, but it is very informed speculation. I would love it if we could stop speculating, though, and just get Boise State in that league. Right now, the WAC is like an anchor around the Broncos' neck, keeping them from reaching some of their goals, because the bottom of the league (Idaho, NMSU, and Utah State) is woefully bad, and the second tier makes up the rest of the league. There isn't a single team in the WAC that is competitive with the Broncos year-in and year-out. The league record speaks for itself (in the last 7 years, the Broncos are 54-2 in WAC play, winning 6 out of 7 league titles). Not only that, but the travel budget in the WAC is ridiculous, consuming many dollars that would otherwise go to building facilities. The road trips to Hawaii and La Tech are ridiculous.