Ball State passes on H-Bowl; Broncos almost certainly headed to San Diego

By Chadd Cripe

Ball State has passed on an opportunity to play Boise State in the Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl.

The decision almost certainly sends Boise State to the Poinsettia Bowl on Dec. 23 in San Diego. The Broncos will play TCU. However, that game can't be announced until Sunday because both teams are being held for consideration by the BCS.

"Everyone understood and worked hard to see if there were scenarios that made sense to see if the game could get played," MAC commissioner Rick Chryst said, "but probably in the end, at least from a MAC perspective, I think the importance of our own bowl relationships and the proximity of those games for Ball State probably were the factors that keep Ball State in our bowl mix for this year."

Said Humanitarian Bowl executive director Kevin McDonald: “It’s unfortunate for college football that we are not able to put together these two unbeaten and nationally ranked teams in the Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl. There was some good creativity, flexibility and enterprise among all the potential participants to try to make this thing happen, but in the end it couldn’t be worked out."

The Humanitarian Bowl likely will have Nevada (7-5) and Maryland (7-5).

Oh well

Their loss

Not Really;

They have never won a Bowl game in school history; now is not the time to continue a poor tradition and play Boise State in a bowl and get whipped. Better for them to stay at home where they have at least some chance to win by taking on a unranked opponent from a seriously weak conferance. Besides, lots of people think that the Mountain Conferance is the place where we will get our come uppance so to speak. Might as well settle that silly notion this year before anyone important enough to matter, starts to believe it. Go Bronco's and Welcome to the H-Bowl Nevada lets kick some Maryland hiney.

True dat

Yes, gloating aside, it’s really an uphill battle for Ball State — freezing their arse at the other team’s stadium at wich latter rarely loses. I mean, there is always a chance, that’s why the games are played, but in this here case it is an far outside chance. And in cituation where you can actually choose, you can better manage your risk.

C U l8r

It's hard to take one's opinion seriously when they spell 'situation' with a 'c'.


Yeah, because it's not very cold in Indiana in the winter. I would'nt use that as an excuse when they (Ball St.) live in a part of the country that has more severe winters than the great Northwest. The cold would'nt be an issue.

This game would be a horrible idea anyways, I'm glad it fell through.

Be careful about assumptions

Virtually everyone thought Boise State would get whipped by OU a couple of years ago. As fans we would do well to not make the same mistaken assumption about how Ball State would fare.

yeah - ease up maybe?

I laugh at Ball state 'passing' on the Boise game, but I guess I can see a bit of logic there. They are a building team slowly on the rise maybe. Winning their bowl game would make more sense for recruiting. But on the other hand, having cahones to play on the blue turf would have certainly gotten them some huge attention too. (And haters - I know the H Bowl is not big time, but believe me, it would have gotten more attention than ever before had BSU's played each other.) I have to agree with those posters who reference opponents whining about playing USC at the Rose Bowl, etc. I've never heard of anyone backing away from that match up! I tell ya, Boise has something seriously amazing going on here, between the team, coaching and that magic turf! Hate it or love it - it is making waves and turning heads.

boise st

So fing what if Ball state did not want to come to Boise and play on the blue turff. For the Broncos to really get the nation to believe in them they have to play on nutural ground I see it being TCU. The mountain west is a hell of a lot stronger than the week WAC the MT.WEST had 3 teams in the top 15. The WAC had one Boise st. WOW so impressive betting Utah State voted the worst D-1 football program in the nation. Followed by LATECH and highly over rated FRESNO ST. Until BSU moves or plays a real team and Oregon St does not qualify they got no chance at any serious bowl. Buy the way they have not faced the likes of TCU any time since playing Oaklahoma in Boise. TCU will most deffiantly destroy BSU easily.....GO MT WEST. You guys think Kelen Moore playing QB for the broncos is Gods gift to the football world wait till he faces a real footaball team and not A Boise High,Timberline,or Eagle football team reality is awaiting. GOUTES


Your right, Oregon State doesn't count, WE DIDN'T PLAY THEM THIS YEAR! If you had wathched College Football this year you would know that we played Oregon, who I might add is going to play in the Holiday Bowl, a serious bowl, against Oklahoma State or Missourri.

you said:"Buy the way they have not faced the likes of TCU any time since playing Oaklahoma in Boise." What are you talking about? Who is "they" that you are referring to? And who played Oklahoma in Boise? Sober up Dude!

Does anybody else...

... find it funny that this Ute fan rips on Oregon State and Utah State, both of whom were on Utah's out-of-conference slate this year, when trying to rip on Boise State? That, coupled with some serious spelling deficiencies, points to a highly educated football fan who's opinions we should all hold in high regard...


miss spelled word is "oaklahoma"

No, that would be BSU's

No, that would be BSU's loss. In the Poinietta bowl.

"You keep using that word I don't think it means what you think

it means" Oh wait forgot I was talking to a vandal you guys know what lose means.

ha ha ha!

I love that movie! You Go Horra!


Not a given

That would be a good game. Much better than Ball State, fer sure. And still looking good for BSU. We beat TCU in their own yard, so neutral field that is closer to Boise is even better.

Granted, this year’s TCU is a better team (Frankly, I think they should’ve beaten Utah — I didn’t see the game, but judging by penalties they suffered in Salt Lake, refereeing wasn’t at all impartial and adequate.), but BSU wasn’t stagnating either, so it would be good win as voters know how good TCU’s defence is.


is the one we want


Because I kinda want one of the BCS opponents.

I agree

Playing a MWC team doesn't do much of anything to raise the BSU boat. "Who cares about a couple of 'mid-majors' beating up on each other--each of them would lose at least 4 games in a 'real' conference."

BSU needs to play teams from "favored" 6 conferences early and often if they want to keep moving up the food chain.

You tried that. Remeber

You tried that. Remeber Georgia? That set your program back a coule of years. Be careful what you wish for.


And then just a couple years later BSU beat Oklahoma in what was supposed to be a spanking by the Sooners. No worries. Everyone gets a beating from time to time--even UGA.

But the teams that lost to UGA and beat OU are different from this year's team (as are UGA and OU). No telling what would happen now or next year.


and I also remember #16 (AP current ranking) Oregon this year, #11 (AP final ranking) Oklahoma in 2007, and #21 (AP final ranking) Oregon State in 2006. So the Broncos have won 3 of their past 4 games against BCS teams, all the wins coming against ranked BCS teams. Sounds pretty good to me. Interesting that you selectively pick the first game from 2005 when commenting on this team...


Look everyone a vandal loser talking smack... you would know all about losing huh? How do you like our decade of dominance? Shut up until you start winning some games.

I'm used to losing football

I'm used to losing football by now. As for your decade of dominance, you've peaked. There's nowhere else to go. How do you explain an undefeated season and no bcs? Utah kept you out, because they played good teams. You could change that by playing someone, but all you have in the next three years is oregon and oregon state. I don't think you can fool the voters with the BS out of conference games anymore. Back to the 18-wheelers and taco bell i guess.


BSU is 12-0 angainst the MWC. We spanked Utah at their place 2 years ago. As Soon as the Vandals wise-up and start playing equal competition (1AA) the WAC conference will be better and then you Vandals can come to BSU for a payday and a warm-up game for us.

we OWN the loser from up

we OWN the loser from up north

Uh, is this about the Vandals or about Ball State passing...

on the H-Bowl.

You beat UI? Really? That's like touting a win over Borah High.

i'll keep touting until they

i'll keep touting until they shut up

Okay. Have fun.


HAHA never did I once bring

HAHA never did I once bring up the vandals in this convo. This is about BSU and their bowl game, which is what I was talking about. I know UI is bad. It's ok. My degree puts food on my table, and my taxes probably put food on Spudman and Horras table through welfare. Whatever, no biggy. Let's talk football though.


me. I need to go p/u my/your paycheck and get my food stamps. BTW the team up north still sucks.

Yes. We suck bad. Hoping for

Yes. We suck bad. Hoping for 3 wins next year.

You wont get 3 wins

As the Broncos get a new invite in the new year, so will you...if the Big Sky will take your sorry decrepit program.




Borah High would be a much tougher game!

Easy there...

No need to diss Borah High. Their team isn't that terrible.

12-0 against the MWC?

Just today it was reported that they are 4-7 against MWC teams. So, which is it?

4-7 is the record in basketball. 12-0 in football.


This article says 4-7 in football...

but then again, we're talking about the Statesman, so they could have just made it up on the spot. LOL.

The whole article is about basketball.

I dont see anything in the article about football.

My bad. I see.


I think Mr. Spock mind-melded them together or something.


They refuse to fly over here and bail our butts out anymore though.


... it doesn't. Learn how to read before making yourself look silly. As a Div 1-A (FBS) program, Boise State is 3-0 vs Utah, 2-0 vs BYU, 1-0 vs TCU, 2-0 vs UNM, and 4-0 vs Wyoming, for a total of 12-0 vs the MWC.

Vandal s bring down our SOS

If the Vandals would go back to Big Sky - it would help the whole WACs' Strength of Schedule

Of course we'd have to do

Of course we'd have to do something to fix YOUR strength of schedule, because you guys sure the he!! aren't going to do anything about it.

Honestly, not by much...

Idaho's not the only dog turd in the WAC. And, it doesn't help when you schedule D-2 schools. Any team of BSU's caliber who wants credit should not be scheduling ISU's. They should be scheduling up in hopes of winning and getting some BCS cred.

in that case....

We should thank Bleymeier for not scheduling a FBS (formerly D-II) school next year. That UC Davis team could be some stiff competition. C'mon Bleymeier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boise State...

... has never, as a Div-1A (FBS) team, scheduled a D2 school.

The next donkey comment will

The next donkey comment will be something to the effect of "87.5% of DI schools play DII schools". The preemptive response to that will be: They play in difficult conferences all year long. They can have a warmer upper. They aren't out to prove themselves by wailing on ISU.


you suppose to crap out the other end dude!

What conferences?

Did you see how some BCS “powerhouse” conferences (likes of ACC) play their non con schedules? And within a conference they can’t often produce couple dominant teams — everybody is losing to everybody. It’s not a sign of tougher conference, it’s a sign of lack of consistency, and henceforth, weakness.