Ball State to the Humanitarian Bowl; Name the Score contest

Ball State completed its regular season undefeated Tuesday night, beating Western Michigan to finish 12-0. The Cardinals will play Buffalo on Dec. 5 in the MAC Championship Game.

And if Ball State wins that game, there is a chance the Cardinals could play in the Boise-based Humanitarian Bowl on Dec. 30 against Boise State.

Here's my take:

The WAC and the Roady's Humanitarian Bowl folks want to keep Boise State in the game because of the revenue it would generate. But Boise State — assuming it defeats Fresno State to remain undefeated — thinks it deserves better than a date with a 6-6 ACC team on the blue. And the Broncos are right.

So the WAC and the H-Bowl is trying to secure No. 15 Ball State as a worthy opponent for Boise State.

The game — A Clash of the Unbeatens — would be the most significant H-Bowl in history. Boise State would be ranked in the top 10; Ball State in the top 15. It would give ESPN something to promote.

The hardest part will be convincing Ball State to come to Boise to play Boise State. But the Cardinals will get more attention out of this game than playing in the Motor City Bowl or the GMAC Bowl.

"What’s great is that we’re talking about two teams that are really, really impressive football teams. Boise has built itself absolutely into a national program. Ball State is having a special year," MAC commissioner Rick Chryst said. "To think people would want to see that game played, that’s great. Whether it can or not, is still to be seen."

The MAC has three bowl tie-ins: Motor City, GMAC and International. Ball State is likely to go to the Motor City to play the No. 7 team from the Big Ten. But the Big Ten, if Ohio State makes the BCS, will not have a team to fill the Motor City Bowl.

If Ohio State does not make the BCS, Ball State is likely to meet 7-5 Minnesota in the Motor City Bowl.

The WAC would also have to convince the ACC to accept a spot in the Motor City Bowl, which shouldn't be too hard.

Perhaps the Broncos or ESPN could add some incentives to the deal, a regular-season road game at Ball State for the Broncos or a made-for-TV matchup between Ball State and someone next year from ESPN maybe, to make it more appealing.

Boise State players and coaches often talk about playing the best team possible in a bowl game, though that wasn't the case last year when the Broncos opted for East Carolina in the Hawaii Bowl over Georgia Tech in the H-Bowl.

If Ball State players and coaches feel that they need to be challenged on the biggest stage possible, then they could choose the H-Bowl.

Would you be excited by a Ball State-Boise State game in the H-Bowl?

Name the Score contest

OK, it's time for the weekly Name the Score contest — Boise State vs. Fresno State, Senior Day-style.

Here are the rules for the newcomers:

Boise State hosts Fresno State on Friday, and here is your chance to predict the score and win a $20 gift certificate from Domino's Pizza.

Place your guesses in the comments down below and we will pick two winners.

Closest to the actual score of the game wins.

All entries must be received by 3 p.m. MST Friday.

When you register to make comments at, you put in an e-mail address. I will contact the winner through that e-mail address.

If it comes down to tiebreakers, closest to Boise State's actual score, closest without going over and then first received will be the tie-breaking order.

Good luck.


BSU 27
FSU 17


BSU 31
Fresno 7


BSU - 38
Fresno - 20

Don't do it

BSU needs to keep playing BCS schools at all costs especially at home when we can get em. Learn from the East Carolina mistake. Ball State is a flash in the pan, and would make some headlines such as "Best of the Bad Conferences." BSU needs to take every opportunity to play bigger name BCS schools particularly if we can get them in our own back yard. Keep up a win streak vs. BCS teams and more people will take notice. Beating up Ball State at home in freezing temperatures will get yawns, and if you lose... uh oh.


Sam is keeping it real,

I hope that this game is competitive...I am wishing for a 17-10 FSU victory. Wishing!

If Boise is undefeated at the end of the year....if....they need to play a BCS team....bottom line.

Nobody can make the argument that they deserve to be in a BCS bowl. They don't man up and play a competitive schedule. I would love to see them play 4 BCS teams in a row. Chances are they would be successfull. But they would not be undefeated.

By the way if you want to know what makes a National Champion, look to the Fresno State Baseball have to play the best and beat the best, to get respect....No more smoke and mirrors Boise.


... that philosopy has worked out really well for Fresno football. When, exactly, was it that Fresno last won a WAC title? The bulldogs can't even win their own conference, and their fans are going to give out lectures on respect? That's funny. Four BCS teams in a row? Fresno doesn't even do that. This year, the Bulldogs played a weaker OOC than Boise State. Beat 6-5 Rutgers, lost at home to a 7-5 Wisconsin team that just needed overtime to beat Cal Poly, needed overtime to beat 3-8 Toledo, and squeaked by 4-6 UCLA. Very impressive. That kind of record will really command some national respect. I prefer the Broncos' method of getting respect: beat the crap out of the rest of their conference every year, then go to the Fiesta Bowl and beat the champion of the Big XII. How many BCS conference champions has Fresno beaten?


BSU 56
Fresho 6

BSU v. Fresno / H-bowl

BSU - 45
Fresno - 14

And on the topic of a BSU vs. BSU H-bowl, I think it would be a great idea. I don't think that Ball St. would be able to hang with the Broncos for four quarters, but it would attract national media attention as the "best of the rest bowl." I think it would be a better game than the Orange Bowl is going to be...HA! But it would sure be interesting to see two undefeated teams play....far better than BSU vs. a 6-6 or 7-5 ACC team. But hey if that doesn't work out, I'm all for the Poinsetta Bowl and a BSU vs. TCU/BYU matchup. That'd be fun as well.

Go Broncos!





BSU 41 FSU 24

41-24 Go Broncs



BSU 38 FSU 21

BSU 38
FSU 21

Go broncos

BSU 36
Fresnomore 9

A Good Ole Fashion But Woopin

It won't be a game at all. Our offense will be able to score a bunch and our defense will dominate.
Boise State:42
Fresno State:6


Boise State - 45
Fresno State - 17

BSU 34 -- FSU 10

BSU 34 -- FSU 10

Only because it's senior day. Some will play that normally dont, otherwise the score would be higher.


BSU 31
Fresno State 17

Go Broncs!

BSU 34 - FSU 13

BSU 34
FSU 13


Good Guys - 45
Bad Guys - 10

BSU-49 FSU-9


Let the last domino fall

BSU 45
FSU 13

Ball State

I would be open to a Ball State vs. Boise State Humanitarian Bowl. I think that it would be a great matchup and one of the better non-BCS bowls if not the most intriguing. Ball State's QB is VERY good.

Me Too

I'm with Eaglewing,
The H-Bowl with Boise State vs. Ball U. would be an excellent match up -- I'd stand in line for tickets. But the H-Bowl with some mediocre ACC team -- not interested, plus BSU deserves better. Just my .02

Do Ball State fans travel?

Do Ball State fans travel? Or would the stadium be all Broncos?


I think that they would travel as well or better than say Boston College, Virginia, Miami or Georgia Tech. It would be mostly Bronco fans for sure, probably one of the least attractive parts of the deal for Ball State I'm sure.


this game could be played in Detroit with only a few BSU fans and it still would be a BSU win by 20. I'm not being a homer here seriously Ball State has some talent but Boise has been there before, and after last year with ECU they won't take these guys lightly.

H Bowl with Ball State

I agree. If Boise is denied a BCS game, this would be the next best thing. If they pull it off, then for once the H Bowl will have done something right.

Broncos vs Cardinals...I'd go for it.

I'm kind of unique here having graduated from Ball State and now being a die hard Bronco fan here in Boise. I'd like to see the Broncos in a BCS bowl more than anything or a next tier bowl against an interesting, key match-up school. No interest in some of the east coast schools who finish mid-way through their own conference.

If the Broncos must play in the H-Bowl, I'd want to see Ball State there as well. Another wish I have is that Boise State get a stronger schedule and get into a stronger conference. I'm so tired of the comments about the WAC's lack of strength. Having graduated from the University of Arizona, too, I'd really like to see a PAC-12 with Boise State and Fresno State but maybe I'm dreamin' here.

BSU 38 - FSU12

BSU 38 - FSU12

typical pat hill loss to bsu

pat hill will never win a game at bronco stadium.


Fresno loss

BSU 34 Fresno 17

Score and Opinion

Boise 35
Fresno 17


I think it would be pretty fun to watch Boise and Ball State play. Some NFL Scouts have said that Davis could potentially be a first rounder. Also, I was watching the Ball State game last night and the color commentators were also talking about how they would like to see Ball State versus Boise State in a bowl game.

BSU Fresno Score

BSU 47

Fresno 23

BSU - 48 FresNO - 17

BSU - 48

FresNO - 17


Fresno 42
BSU 35

You wish.......

Not likely.

I guess i'm not one of the

I guess i'm not one of the sheep.

Being a sheep is one thing...

Not having common sense is another.

Fresno beat Rutgers, UCLA,

Fresno beat Rutgers, UCLA, and Toledo and only lost to Wisconsin by 3. They 4 tough games in their first 4 of the year. That's 3 more than BSU has played since Georgia. They are leaving that God-awful blue with a W.


COTvandal..... did you happen to see just how bad Rutgers, UCLA, Toledo and Wisconsin were this year??? Explain how those games were so "tough"...


You are an absolute idiot!

To think those schools were tough. Remind me if you will which one of those schools if any are ranked in the top 25??...........NO REALLY.....PLEASE TELL ME!!!......HELLO I'M WAITING!.............................................ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Doesn't matter their rank.

Doesn't matter their rank. They'd still take you down.


Do you know how many teams in the WAC this year have beaten Fresno? They are mentally about as stable as the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Don't give me the non-conference games they have played......what have they done in their own conference? They are going to be barely bowl eligible in the end. All this does not add up to them beating the 2008 WAC Champs on our home field.

I give them about as much change to win in Boise on Friday as I give Idaho scoring more than 10 points next year on the Blue.


I bet you also think that Utah had a quality win over Michigan too!!



How's that prediction...

... working out for you?


BSU 48
Fresno 7


BSU - 45
FS - 13

BSU wins game, I win Pizza

BSU 47
FSU 10