Why won't Petersen lobby for Boise State in the BCS?

Boise State coach Chris Petersen made it clear during his Monday press conference that he doesn't want to talk about the Bowl Championship Series and he isn't interested in lobbying on behalf of his undefeated Boise State team.

Right now, Boise State appears to be on the outside looking in at a spot in the big-money, high-prestige BCS. Utah all but locked up a spot with its win against BYU, elbowing Boise State into the at-large pool with USC (potentially) and Ohio State.

Petersen might not be able to do anything about it by voicing his opinion in public. But the Boise State coach isn't even going to try.

"It's not what we do," Petersen said.

He wouldn't be the first coach to lobby on behalf of his team, something Texas coach Mack Brown perfected back in 2004.

"People are going to tell us where to go and we're going to play," Petersen said of the Broncos' postseason opportunities.

I don't understand what Petersen has to lose by saying, "Hey, watch us play against Fresno State. Decide for yourself if we deserve to be ahead of Utah or get in before Ohio State. We're proud of our program."

But that is not Pete's style. His players weren't doing much lobbying, either.

"Ask Lou Holtz," linebacker Kyle Gingg said.

The Broncos found out about Utah's victory against BYU during their plane flight home from Reno.

"It's something we really don't worry too much about, as long as we keep winning. That's all you can do," wide receiver Vinny Perretta said.

These guys have either been very well trained or they've truly bought into Petersen's philosophy.

"It's out of our control. If it's meant for us to be in the BCS, we'll be there," safety Ellis Powers said.

What can fans do?

Jeff Caves has suggested that Boise State fans start lobbying on behalf of their beloved Broncos by calling and sending e-mails and faxes to ESPN and BCS bowl representatives.

Caves suggested that such a campaign could influence the bowls to select Boise State over Ohio State as the final at-large selection.

I think it's a long-shot, but — like Petersen speaking out — it wouldn't hurt.

One point for BSU fans to make in potential letters: Ohio State has played two games against potential BCS teams (USC and Penn State) this year and lost both of them.

If Oregon State beats Oregon on Saturday, however, all of this is moot. USC would claim the final at-large spot and there is really nothing that could be done.

Bowl possibilities

The most likely bowl destinations for Boise State remain Boise's Humanitarian Bowl and the Poinsettia Bowl in San Diego.

I'd put the percentages at something like this:

Humanitarian Bowl: 55 percent

Poinsettia Bowl: 40 percent

BCS Bowl: 4 percent

Other bowl game: 1 percent

I keep getting conflicting information about who really controls Boise State's destiny in the bowl picture.

Kevin McDonald, the executive director of the H-Bowl, says his board has to release the Broncos.

Karl Benson, the WAC commissioner, says that a board of WAC athletic directors (from schools that are not bowl eligible) in consultation with the league's bowl partners and teams, make the decision about which WAC teams go where.

What I do know: It is not a simple matter of this bowl gets first pick and this bowl gets second pick.

McDonald, who I just heard on KTIK, sounds more and more determined to keep the Broncos in Boise. He said in his mind there is not much difference between a 10-2 TCU (Boise State's likely opponent in the Poinsettia Bowl) and a 7-5 North Carolina (a possibility for BSU in the H-Bowl).

That'd be news to the voters who have TCU in the top 15 and North Carolina out of the polls completely.

McDonald also said a game between undefeated Boise State and an undefeated Ball State team is not out of the question. But it is a long way off.

Petersen was diplomatic when discussing his team's options outside of the BCS.

"I really think of it as a reward to the guys and so I always, if you can, want to do what they want to do. I think about the fans, too. Last year was an awkward situation," Petersen said of the Broncos' insistence to play in the Hawaii Bowl instead of the Humanitarian Bowl.

That decision may bite the Broncos this year.

"We’d love to get ourselves in a place where the players say this is a great place, this is a great reward," Petersen said. "And there are different scenarios that can take place in."

What do you think?

If Boise State doesn't make the BCS, where should the Broncos play?

Are the Broncos better off playing in the Humanitarian Bowl (and, presumably, winning) or would it be in the program's best interests to go to San Diego to play TCU?


Coach Pete, to his credit, understands how things work. And being an honest, forthright person, he knows that lobbying is basically sniveling,whining,begging,lying(to a degree) and being a wuss. Not his style, nor is it the Broncos. That's why he's a great coach. And like many of us on this thread, he understands what conference we're in and our SOS. Thankyou coach for once again proving what you (and your team) are made of. As a fan, I won't lobby either. Sloper.

Sloper, I'm forgetting how to post.

I agree with what you say, see below, but am curious. Why would Pete consider 'rewarding' the team for doing what we already pay them to do. I, as you and everybody else in Idaho are paying for their education and a great facility, coaches etc to hopefully fulfill their dreams and or give them a good shot at life. Aren't gifts, cash, cars etc against the NCAA rules? Don't get me wrong I am a huge fan and Booster but what about 'rewards'? From what I've read it seems it actually cost the WAC to send them to Hawaii last year.

Lobbying vs. Whining

There's a fine line between lobbying and whining - and Coach Pete is wise enough to know that... So many coaches, university officials and fans come off poorly when stridently trumpeting the cause of their teams. I'm thankful that the Bronco staff, players and administration is taking the classier road here.

Jeff Caves has his position - but think of how he often comes across on the radio. Do we raelly want to do the same?

Thanks Coach Pete for being the class act that you are. Next year ehrn BSU has the nation's longest winning streak (after starting the season ranked in the top 12 or 15) there won't be any argument about whether we go to a BCS Bowl - Maybe it'll even be the National Championship.

What do I think?

I think Kevin McDonald is a moron and he's going to drive the H-Bowl into the ground.

I think...

BSU needs to get out of the WAC. They're better than that. No one in the NCAA nation is ever going to respect BSU as long as they're happy to just stay put and be (whoopee) WAC champions. Lets move on!

nope, I think the armchair morons are all here...

You guys wan't BSU to play at large in whatever league you like on a given Saturday and you need to SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN.

There are NCAA RULES here or we play NOBODY!

For the last time, takes at least two years to change leagues.

I won't hear your disrespect again, any of you morons. Buy Tuck's Medicated Pads and use them.

speaking in tongues?

foreignoregonian, I can't understand a dang thing you wrote there. The problem is, I think maybe I agree with some of it, but I couldn't be sure.

You can't change leagues every two weeks for the morons. NEXT

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You don't need a GURU for anything, just stop accusing me of being from PORTLAND. I don't call you a drug addict so PLEASE.

I AM JUST SICK OF THE FICKLE. They are an insult to BSU.

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I remember when Yellen Electric wasn't so old and their classic version of the electric Y man on the logo.

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As you were asking?


you are younger than me, but oh how I can relate. I know you have more stories (as do I) but yours bring back some fond(and not so fond)memories. May you be blessed,my friend, and don't forget the good times as well. Sloper.

Do you remember a burger

Do you remember a burger drive in on 12th near Safeway called the Cuckoo? I think I remember it was called that. Ate there a lot when I was a kid. I am thinking it was or near where the Burger Den was or still is.

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and Wee Willy's? May have not been old enough, I'm 42.

Are you employed?

...something makes me suspect you're not.

And not very relevant either.

If this had been an actual troll post the attention seeking you just read would've been followed by screaming, name-calling and cutting and pasting for no apparent reason. We now return you to the Idaho Statesman already in progress.

BCS all the way

I think Boise State is better than a 2 loss OSU team. Sure, they are in a BCS conference, but a weak one at that. Plus they do have two losses and one was a blowout put on them by USC. Boise State does play in a weaker conference, but an improving conference as well. (Nevada is one team that is definitely undervalued.) No one truly knows there potential if they keep on winning. Sure, they play close games, but they win them regardless. Not to mention that Boise State has a stellar defense and fans that travel. If Boise State had one loss, that would be a different story. And if you want proof, just look at the 2006 team. They played close games, but gave Oklahoma more than they could handle. It is a different team, but the scenario should play out the same.

If Boise State doesn't get that bowl bid, I would like to see them play Ball State...assuming ball state wins their final regular season game and the MAC Championship. TCU or BYU wouldn't be bad either. Boise State deserves to at least get off the blue turf. MacDonald is full of it. North Carolina (as said) isn't even ranked in the top 25. Even if they are a better team, people sure wouldn't see it that way, and that's truly what counts in the rankings. I'll be in Boise for the Bowl and Christmas season. I'd rather see them travel away from Boise to enjoy the bowl experience (as they deserve). I don't want them to go to Hawaii again, but sure would be a better reward that not getting to go anywhere. Not saying that the Humanitarian Bowl would be a bad bid, but there are so many more better options for Boise State!

No Difference

There is no difference between Kevin McDonald and the BCS....they both are looking for the coin!!

Tell the H Bowl and the WAC to stuff it.

Boise should take the best Bowl available that they can get. If the WAC or the H-Bowl don't like it they can go jump in the lake as far as I am concerned.

If the WAC or the H-Bowl tried to say that Boise could not accept any other choice then Boise should stay home period and play no Bowl.

Its not right and its biased and unfair so it would be better to stay home period then go someplace just because someone has a knot in there shorts and wants to go on a power trip.

Its time to leave the WAC. Go Independent if anything. Look at Navy. They do well as an Independent. So could Boise State.

As far as the WAC is concerned, with out Boise they are nothing.


Let's not kid ourselves here, the Roady's Humanitarian Bowl is a snoozefest. Let's take a couple mediocre teams and send them to frigid Boise, ID in December and call it a bowl game. Boise State deserves better and I personally couldn't care less whether or not the Humanitarian Bowl survives.


Some people on here need to chill! You want big games? You want respect? BCS games? So, it takes 2 years? Get on with it! I'm tired of the nation laughing at BSU. They are a great team. We all know that. If we had started 2 years ago...well, just maybe, huh??

Started what 2 years ago?

Started what 2 years ago? There's been MWC talk for several years and it's not like this is their first undefeated (potentialy) season. Just wondering what you meant........

I don't even care anymore. PS Mom enjoyed watching the game.

If this had been an actual troll post the attention seeking you just read would've been followed by screaming, name-calling and cutting and pasting for no apparent reason. We now return you to the Idaho Statesman already in progress.

Respect = BSU vs, best team available

It's been a great season and I would love to see the Broncos in a BCS game. If that doesn't happen I think BSU should go to the bowl game that gives then the best opportunity to prove that they can play with some of the top teams in the country. If that's in the H-Bowl in Boise, great! If it is in the P-Bowl in San Diego, take the road trip. The only way to overcome wins over the bottom feeders of the WAC like Idaho, and New Mexico State will be to face (and defeat) highly rated teams from other conferences. I would love to see BSU take on Ohio State, but I doubt that the Big 10 would risk it.

Play the best team available. A win over a 5th place finisher in the ACC isn't going to do much to build the Bronco's reputation.

Sloper, you hit it.

If you have to tell people how good you are you're wasting your time. Far as I'm concerned the squeeky wheel doesn't get greased, it gets replaced. Just keep winning, it'll be seen.


Just keep winning that WAC trophy. That'll show them we deserve more.


Maybe Peterson knows where his team is at in development this year and realizes a bad showing like Hawaii last year is not in Boise`s best interest.

amen to that.

This is a young bunch with a load of raw talent -- likely the greatest load of cumulative talent BSU has seen in most areas of the team. There are too many rough spots this year, though, and this is not the year to talk big time. Next year, maybe, if another Clady or Colledge surfaces on the O-line.


The o-line is just straight up not good enough this year to compete with some of the rush defenses of bigger schools. No beef against kellen either, but he needs one more year of maturity under his belt. After this year I think he will be truly amazing and boise st. will definately earn a bcs bowl next year. heck if the cards fall right, we could play in NC Game.

Excuse me?

Kellen Moore is already amazing! cbssportsline.com has him ranked the #2 Freshman in the country at the moment behind Oregon State's Jacquizz Rodgers!!

non-conference schedule

could help bsu's cause A LOT! How about (2) PAC 10 teams a Mountain West team or Big 12 team and a cream puff (no not Idaho).....go undefeated then start talking BCS......BSU will never get into the PAC 10, no medical or law school,which is a requirement! Mountainh West.....sure, but they wouldn't go undefeated there.....the quickest way to another BCS bowl is a tougher schedule!


We'll play Idaho every year, not just because we have a rivalry with them but because they're in our conference. So we get our cream puff game in-season.

Coach Peterson is a class

Coach Peterson is a class act! I'm proud of him and his team...

Few have said that so far in this thread and THANK YOU!

If this had been an actual troll post the attention seeking you just read would've been followed by screaming, name-calling and cutting and pasting for no apparent reason. We now return you to the Idaho Statesman already in progress.

And just maybe....

beating a BCS team from the ACC with a 7-5 record may not mean much to Bronco Nation but it is usually a big hit with the jerks that talk down about the WAC like Herbstreet and James. Hanging 40 or 50 and winning by 25 or more would shut them up for a while and give BSU a high number in the rankings to start next year.

Hang 50?

Not this year. We couldn't hang 50 on Utah State, and we barely scored 25 against some of the worst teams we played. UNC is no way to make a statement.


How quickly we forget. The H-bowl is a big reason we have any respect or any chance at playing in a decent bowl. If they don't sell tickets and get people to watch the H-bowl than it goes away. Perhaps local media could ask McDonald if he would give up Boise State if tickets sold out before selections were made. If there is truly a Bronco Nation than we should be willing to put our frozen buts in seats to cheer on any WAC team, and be thankful when it is all our team has. (By the way we lost our last two non-bcs bowls.) It would be a nice reward for the players to go somehwere else, especially San Diego to play TCU. Handling them better than Utah would be good, but I don't think beating BYU gives us all that much more credibility than beating the crap out of an ACC team. We could probably alomost get more credit out of the latter if Nevada beats TCU/BYU.


Thank goodness Pete won't "beg" for inclusion in a BCS. I lost any respect I might have had for Mack Brown when he lobbied for a spot. The BCS guys know who Boise State is, they know when the Broncos play, and they know their accomplishments. If they want Boise State, they know where to find them. Coach Peterson isn't going to sway 'em with anything he says.

They know

when BSU plays they get a good show, unlike the NC game following the 2006/2007 Fiesta

Mack Brown

I lost respect for him at that point, too. It was shameless the way he whined-- but it worked. Now I'm hoping that he will get his payback when Oklahoma goes to the Big 12 championship game instead of the Longhorns.

Hey Murph! This is a no brainer...

go to San Diego and play TCU. The Horned Frogs are a much better match up for Boise State than the Tarheels. Besides, #14 TCU would be looking at Boise State as a grudge match and seeking revenge for what the Broncos did to them on their home field in the inaugural Ft Worth Bowl. Ya'll remember that one don't you (Bronco 34 Frogs 31)?

My friend, and fellow BSU alum whose son now plays for the Broncos, invited me to tour the TCU stadium and hall of fame trophy room shortly after the big win while wearing a Boise State Broncos T-shirt. I thought the TCU strength and conditioning coach and former NFL player was going to personally "escort us out" THROUGH THE WINDOW overlooking the stadium when he just happened to notice the T-shirt. :O

TCU is a worthy opponent and not just by virtue of their BCS and AP ranking. Their trophy room is chock full of Cotton Bowl, Sugar Bowl and Orange Bowl, etc. trophies, a Heisman Trophy and even a very cool, green Masters jacket from Augusta National. TCU may not be a BCS school, but they have a great pedigree. And finally, the Tarheel fans will not travel well (to Boise) because, as Dick Vitale would say, "Its ACC basketball season baby!" Go Broncos!


Boise state deserves to go to the best bowl with the best opponent available to them buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut
it's all about the money.

McDonald doesn't watch football or look at rankings!

If he does, he would not have said that in his mind there is not much difference between a 10-2 TCU (Boise State's likely opponent in the Poinsettia Bowl) and a 7-5 North Carolina (a possibility for BSU in the H-Bowl).

How did this guy get on the selection committee of the H-Bowl? I don't think I need to justify my position on that one. I will say, however, that the Truck-Stop Bowl officials should seriousely think about this McDonald character.

Boise State -vs- TCU would be one helluva matchup! If we don't go to a BCS game of course!!!Plus, it will show just how good we are against a solid Mid-Major team that hails from a conference that is, argueably, better than some of the BCS conferences (Big East & ACC).

Lobby for them to pick Boise State over Ohio State?

Are you serious? I want to see Boise State play in a BCS bowl more than I want to see Ohio State or Utah, but would it really be right to try to push out Ohio State? Their schedule has been brutal. Why should they be punished for losing to Penn State and USC while the Broncos were knocking off Utah State and Idaho? As many fans as the Broncos have, I doubt they have more than the Buckeyes do. That Horseshoe seats almost 100,000 fans alone. Ohio has 10 times the population of Idaho. I think the case for Boise over Utah would be an easier one. Utah only squeaked past Michigan, a team that lost 8 or 9 games this year. They squeaked past New Mexico. They did beat TCU, BYU and Oregon State. Anyway, the point is that it would be ludicrous to knock Ohio State out of BCS contention for the Broncos. Outside of Boise and Ann Arbor, it just would never go over.


I will steal BSUniversity's line of "truck-Stop Bowl". It's Awesome

State your case for Boise State for BCS bowl berth

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My mother doesn't have internet, just a computer.

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