Nisby's goal: Touch his toes

Boise State redshirt freshman defensive tackle J.P. Nisby has always been known for his strength.

The 6-foot-1, 295 pound Nisby benches 425 pounds and squats 675 pounds.

But in order to be a better defensive lineman, Nisby is working on his agility and flexibility — never a strength.

"I just came in trying to power lift everything," said Nisby, whose playing time has increased in recent weeks as injuries have mounted along the defensive front.

When Nisby first arrived, even stretching was a problem.

"They were actually laughing at me when I was doing the flexibility test, but I've gotten a lot better," said Nisby, who is getting closer to being able to touch his toes.

Nisby, who played high school ball with Doug Martin, took the ribbing well. He is determined to reach his goal.

"I'm working on it. I have to bend my knees a little bit," Nisby said. "The good thing is I'm not the worst. I'm getting there. I'm pretty close."

Nisby said he is on a different stretching program than most of the other Broncos — and he can't wait for the day when he finally reaches his goal.

"That will be a real good day. I can finally say that I can do it," Nisby said.

Nisby has six tackles in four games.

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