Boise State to the Mountain West?

Former long-time Voice of the Broncos and KBOI talk show host Paul J Schneider has reported that Boise State president Bob Kustra has received a letter from the Mountain West Conference regarding an invitation to join the league.

Boise State is currently a member of the Western Athletic Conference.

Everyone from Mountain West commissioner Craig Thompson to Kustra is refuting any contact has been made.

"I can categorically say Dr. Kustra has not received a letter from the Mountain West Conference. No correspondence has been exchanged, there are no active discussions nor change of status regarding conference affiliations," said BSU spokesman Frank Zang after speaking with Kustra on Tuesday afternoon.

Thompson was asked about membership expansion in the nine-member Mountain West on Monday. He said he does not expect expansion and that the "next time the board meets is in June."

Thompson was also asked if including Boise State in the league would help the conference gain status as an automatic qualifier for the BCS.

"I don’t know," Thompson said. "My personal opinion is that they probably wouldn’t be 12-0, taking nothing away from Boise State. I don’t know that they would go undefeated against the top four teams that are vying for the conference championship at this point."

Utah, TCU, BYU and Air Force are competing for the league crown.

A school must notify the WAC of its intention to leave by July 1 of the year before it wants to leave. For example, Boise State would have to alert the WAC by July 1, 2009 in order to leave the league by July 1, 2010.

A school leaving the conference would also forfeit any end-of-year payment from the league for that year. So if Boise State were to leave the WAC and then make a BCS bowl in 2009, the Broncos would not receive their share of that revenue.

Thats why

Boise State has never lost to a MT West team, ever! They might lose from time to time if they are in that conference but they will start winning crowns soon enough.
As for the rumor its probably not true, but bound to get some comments.


Here are some facts for football fans.

When you analyze a football schedule, it consists of 12 games. For BSU, eight of those are in the WAC and you can do nothing about the strength of schedule (SOS) for those eight games.

So basically we are talking about the other four games for SOS. Virtually all 1A teams play one 1AA team. So when BSU played ISU that is what virtually all 1A teams do, so there is nothing wrong with that game.

So now we are discussing three games. Well let me check the schedule, BSU played at the Oregon Ducks. So that counts as a real legitimate opponent.

So now we are talking about two games. Well Bowling Green defeated Pitt in week 1. Pitt is in a BCS conf (the Big East). Plus, Pitt is ranked in the top 25 and Pitt is number one in their conf standings. So being BSU beat Bowling Green and BG beat Pitt, there is nothing wrong with that game.

So now we are talking about one game. The Southern Miss (SM) game. Sure SM is a tad down this year. They are in the middle of the conf standings at 2-4. So was this a cupcake game (Like when BSU dominates the Candles every year) no, but it was not a super tough test either. It was kind of a mid game.

In conclusion, when people say BSU does not play anyone, I have clearly shot that argument down.

BSU 91
Candles 0

thank you bum..

There you have it people. Bring on the MWC!!


They also beat S. Miss in Mississippi, and beat Oregon in Eugene. I think away games are more tough than home games also, have to deal with the crowd, travel, time change, etc.

shot down?

All fact. You've stated nothing that the computers/voters would agree with...unless of course you put horse blinders on those entities as well and simply asked them to rate an entire season based on a single game played. You have to use the system at hand whether it benefits your interests or otherwise. The quality of your opponents is based on their entire composite schedule, and like it or not, your entire conference schedule matters in that evaluation as well. There is nothing wrong with where this team is in the polls or where they are going to end up--if you're trying to rebuff the system though, I guarantee you, it is far more advanced in it's thought process than you are. The top ten ranking is proof of that. As for facts: you have two quality wins versus Oregon (7-3) and San Jose State; opponents non-conference record (16-24--Idaho State which you conveniently left out of your assessment is 0-10--good win); and the conference is 42-43 overall--which gives you and SOS around 61st. Alabama's SOS is 84th. I wouldn't play this argument out because you won't shoot anything down and it's clearly a moot point--there will be two non-BCS schools in BCS games this year.


"...there will be two non-BCS schools in the BCS games this year." Hope you're right. Did you mean "there will not"?

facts or SPIN

Because Boise plays in the WAC it needs to play four real conference apponants to make up for the WAC. After all the BCS conferences may play a sub game but the rest are against real teams.


Thompson is right. If the donks were in any other league besides the WAC, the best they'd do is 8-4. If Bleymeir decided to schedule real teams instead of the 1-AA crap they schedule for their non-conference now, it would be a different story. BSU got lucky with Oregon have 9 injured players. But ever since a game in Georgia, playing a good team in the regular season has been out of the question. Take a cue from Fresno. Pat Hill has guts and a good football team. No one could say anything if BSU was winning against good teams. Luckily that means we can keep talking. No good teams in sight...and no BCS


Well duh... with teams like U of I in the WAC it definately brings down the conf

They sure don't do anything

They sure don't do anything to try to compensate for playing the vandals...they schedule even easier teams for their non-conference games. We played USC and Michigan state in the last few years by choice. How about you? Pretty sad when the UI schedule is harder than the almighty broncos...

Those teams probably schedule UofI because they know they

aren't a threat. And how many home-and-homes does UofI get with those teams?

That's the thing. Unlike

That's the thing. Unlike BSU, UI will play people without having to have them return the favor next year. We'll play USC in LA without any expectation of them coming to Moscow. The problem with everyone's argument of BSU being "forced" to play the vandals still does not negate the fact that BSU has the opportunity to balance it out with top 25 teams in the out of conference schedule, but continues to avoid it. As I've said in the past, if BSU were beating USC, Texas Tech or someone else in the top 10, I'd have nothing to complain about. You think you deserve to be in the top 10? Play someone in the top 10 then.


You know U of I only gets those games:
1- Because any school will agree to schedule a winnable game, especially if they don't have to travel a home and home to the Kibbles Dome.
2- Because it's the only way the U of I can bring in money.

Please feel free to attempt to validate your argument, I'm in a humorous mood this evening.

UI gets those games because

UI gets those games because we don't have a huge ego and demand that a top ten team come play in Idaho, or heaven forbid, on that disgusting puke stain you call a field. You think you automatically deserve a home and home with everyone you talk to because you won one bowl? Pay your dues, play real teams when you have the chance, and then you won't have people on ESPN saying you don't deserve to be where you are.

UI got those games because we had the guts to do it (38-10 loss to USC isn't bad when we go 4-8 that year). If bsu asked for those with no home game in return, they'd be glad to stomp your brains out.


Boise State has been in the Top 25 most of this decade. Its not unfair to ask teams to play 2 at their place for one here...they dont do it for obvious reasons. Your team sucks, the Broncos are here to stay...please go find a U of I board and try to remember your good old times.

What difference does it make...

...the Candals get blown out by just about anybody; Broncos, Trojans, Wolfpack...and probably most of Div III. UI needs to get serious about a program or get out and spend their money on remedial English and math classes.

There are no easier teams...

... than the Vandals.

A lot of facts in that post.

Fresno is 5-4, obviously better than BSU, and has lost to teams that BSU had defeated this same year. BSU is 12-0 against MWC teams, doubt they'd be a bottom feeder. At the time BSU scheduled Bowling Green and Southern Miss., both those teams were winning their conferences. Schedules are made up years in advance, nobody has control over how good their opponents will be when they schedule them. You think Utah scheduled Michigan as a cupcake? And gee, Oregon had to play a freshman against BSU, good thing BSU had a senior going against the Ducks in that hostile environment. Oh, that's right, BSU had a freshman QB also. Get over it, BSU beat Oregon at Oregon. End of story.


Sorry, but neither Bowling Green nor Southern Miss were winning their conferences when BSU scheduled them. Bowling Green hasn't won its conference since 1992. Gene scheduled mid-major middleweights, not BCS challenges.

And if BSU had arranged to play Michigan this year I'd give them credit for trying to go after a tough team that didn't pan out when they played. But they didn't. You BSU fans who cling to this scheduling argument are in for a lot of disappointment if you ever do move up in conferences.

A little research shows....

These games were scheduled after either the 2003 or 2004 seasons. In both those years, Bowling Green and Southern Miss. played in bowl games.

2003 Motor City Bowl
Bowling Green (11-3) defeated Northwestern 28-24.

2003 Liberty Bowl
Utah defeated Southern Miss. (9-4) 17-0.

2004 New Orleans Bowl
Southern Miss. (7-5) defeated N.Texas 31-10.

2004 GMAC Bowl
Bowling Green (9-3) defeated Memphis 52-35.

These teams were winning when BSU added them to the schedule, but you can't control how your opponents do after you schedule them. Don't let the facts get in the way of your hatred for BSU.

You are correct though, I should have stated that they were bowl teams when they were scheduled, not that they were winning their conferences. I made an assumption that was incorrect and I appologize to all the UofI fans I offended by that.

Stop playing 1AA schools? But we have to play U of I!

BTW, BSU played only 1 1AA school, the same 1AA school U of I did...
Are you kinda stupid or something? I understand if you don't want to follow the U of I schedule/results, because it doesn't lend itself to joy. Congrats though on finally beating a 1A school! Woo-hoo!

At least

you take a better punch than your team will this weekend, hater.
Ya I think the Broncos should take a cue from Pat Hill and Fresno St....get hyped up every year and finish 6-6. Great strategy! Can we also borrow U of I's locker room? Or how about your strategy to sell out that beer can in the sand you call a stadium?
Credible info from Vandal fans...gotta love it!

You are right UIdonkeyhater

You are definitely right!!!! If BSU didn't have to play the likes of Idaho then they could play some REAL teams!!!

What cue from hill?

I don't understand, Hill did not want to move to the MWC because he knew he couldn't win. How is that decision working out in the WAC, is he winning? Your point is moot.

That's exactly the point.

That's exactly the point. He's not good enough to move up, yet he still plays and competes with great teams around the country. He knows he couldn't consistently compete in the MWC. Great, BSU wins consisently in the WAC. But unlike Fresno, you haven't shown much of what you can do outside the WAC. Except Idaho state and other D-II's on your schedule. You can beat them pretty consistently. If you think you should be in the MWC, prove it first by playing a few decent teams for 5 years. Consistently beat them and you'll have something to talk about. Beating Oklahoma two years ago doesn't mean you should be in the MWC. Last years losses sure didn't prove it, and whoever you lose to in the humanitarian bowl this year won't look good either.

Thanks for helping....

Are you listening to yourself? Sounds like your saying that Fresno plays tougher teams and regardless if they win or lose (more losing) they are the better team. So.....what does it mean when we beat Fresno, consistently? I don't care if Fresno beats Wisconsin, Colorado and Oregon State in the same year, a la 2001, the team that beats them to win their division and then goes on to take 5 of 6 WAC chamionchips is the epidome of consistent.

BTW- Utah, Oregon, Oregen STate, Bowling Green, Southern Miss and BYU have suffered losses to us in the past 4 years. Anyone would argue that those teams are strong in their respective divisions.

oh and....

How exactly has San Diego State, Wyoming and UNLV (who I forgot to include in my earlier post, we consistently beat them for 4 years) earned their place in the Mountain West.

My reasons

Wyoming was a good football school (not great, but good) when the Mtn West was organized. SDSU is the only CA school in a hot recruiting area (Southern Cal) the Mtn has and UNLV is in another hot recruiting area and has a great basketball program. Those are the reasons they kept those schools in the market.

They do not want to lose the SDSU conncection because they lose Southern Cal. It is the same reason the Mtn chose TCU over Boise. Boise beat TCU that year in football, but the recruiting area just opened up a hot bed in Texas.

classless "UIdonkeyhater"

So UI was to USC last year as ISU is to BSU this year. A cakewalk, warm-up game. Of course UI has a stronger schedule than BSU. They have a stronger schedule every year. They don't have to play themselves and they have to play BSU. Now get out of the WAC and let the real men play football. As for Fresno...where has playing anybody, anywhere gotten them? Are they ranked? Keep hating UIdonkeyhater, it'll make it feel that much better as roll past your precious "12" wins and continue to crush you. The vandals new streak is in their underwear.

UI lost to USC 38-10. Better

UI lost to USC 38-10. Better than BSU would do against them any of the last 10 years.

Face it

U of I is going to loose. They're going to get stomped up and down the field today by BSU, and any of your stupid arguments don't mean crap. There's is no factual evidence in your post-just your jealous, idiotic, whinny that my teams not the best anymore opinion. And by the way, Holt probably felt sorry for you guys and didn't want to beat you guys up so bad and let you leave with a little dignity. Arizona, on the other hand, didn't feel sorry for you guys, what was it 77-0?

Jealous much?

Are you trying to be ironic? Didn't U of I (or the Larry Craigers if were using cute nicknames) play the same 1-AA crap you refer to, or has your memory completely failed you? FYI- Playing "good" teams and getting your butts handed to you over and over is nothing to brag about. Maybe you should have the cheerleaders get back their old uniforms so there would be a legitimate reason to attend a U of I game. Until your team can put its performance where your mouth is, you would be well advised to keep quiet.

you WISH you could be 8-4!

You crack me up! Find me a vandal who wouldn't give their left nostril to be 8-4 right now!
If BSU goes to the MWC, they will probably lose some games. GOOD! No one gets better at anything if they succeed every time they do it. If you do not fall down skiing, you'll never get better. You've got to fall off some horses to become a really good rider. (And I'm speaking from experience - ow - here!)

Fact is BSU will be a great addition to the MWC. It will finally be some good competition for BSU and it will change the face of hte MWC a bit too!

I just hope that a good ESPN contract is mandatory. If so, then I am all for it!


Coming from a Vandoll, makes sense you would say that.

But, facts are facts! BSU has lost to no team from the MWC to date. Would BSU go undefeated every year in the MWC? NO! But they certainly COULD! And, they have the scoreboard to prove it!

Now, go away Candal. You and your fighting butt logos are stinking up the place.

Of course...

He would categorically deny this rumor. Everyone will deny it until the invite! THEY HAVE TO.

But, I doubt it is untrue. Too many signs point to the invite after this season.

Also, Mr Thompson, BSU would be the conference champs in the MWC THIS YEAR! Utah is not that great and BYU has had stretches where they have not played very well. I think BSU would roll most MWC teams. Sorry, just a fact!

If the MWC had made the correct decision a couple years back, they would have had a team in the BCS games 3 of the last 5 years and possibly 2 this year.

Get rid of crappy TV contract 1st. That should be a condition.

Mtn West has terrible TV exposure thanks to their lousy exclusive agreement with that crappy network whose name I can't even remember. Do remember they only have about 1/6th the households that have ESPN/ESPN2.


And they still have better recruiting on average than any team in the WAC. They also have 3 teams in the top 25 and I have seen any game from the MWC that I wanted to see this year.


I think ESPN helps BSU in recruiting, which is why they

are able to attract talent from places like Texas and NJ. The MW schools are probably helped by having a longer 1A tradition than BSU. Hard to believe that BSU has only 10 years at this level.

Congrats on being one of those 1 in 6 households.

I don't even have cable and why does KTVB even bother!

Furthermore, what the hell is so special about the MWC? You armchair AD's acting like TYCOONS are frontin' and wack. Stop it, tryin' to be bloodthirsty and getting most of it on your shirts!

Where are you?

Down here in Texas, the MWC is never on TV, but the WAC is every week. I think the point about the TV contract is national exposure, not just regional. People down here know more about Fresno and Boise than they do about BYU and Utah.

syncster obviously knows little about recruiting rankings...

But alas most people share his ignorance...

JC recruits are notoriously over-ranked. (usually 2 star ranked players from HS finish 2 years @ a JC, then are magically ranked 4 star and only have 2 years to learn O/D and compete at a particular school.) The top MWC teams on average take twice to three times the number of JC players than Boise State does. Big strike for Boise in "star rankings" which in many cases mean little to begin with. In REALITY Boise not only holds its own, but smokes those teams with regards to recruiting real talent... (but you have to do a little of your own research to realize it...)

Mtn West TV

I agree 100% until the Mtn. West gets rid of that network agreement they have we should turn them down. BSU is built on people being able to see our games almost anywhere. If the Mountain West thinks they are so good only people that use the Mtn West Network deserve to watch their games, we should tell them to kiss off.

I really think the move up is what BSU needs, but the lack of TV exposure is not an acceptable option.

Is it

Versus? Better get Dish next year if this happens. I don't even get CBSCS station but the pub does, dumped 60 bucks that night watching Boise man handle S. Miss and loved every drop of golden brew that 60 bucks bought.


You really need to stop copying information from a certain FAN site! Thief!

Like WOW

And like what has U of I done, been nothing but a bottom dwelling all these years. But its not U of I thats bad, it's all the insane people like you that talk smack with out anything to back it up, in other words, if U of I beat Boise any here in the past 9 years at least, then maybe you could say something, but to have us win for the past 9 years (soon to be 10 years ) in a row, you have nowhere to stand and say the poop your saying. Period !

I wasn't saying our team is

I wasn't saying our team is great in that post. But obviously since you haven othing to refute any of the crappy scheduling allegations, you'll talk crap about a bad team. News flash, we don't need it to be on the front page, we are 2-8, we know we are bad! Don't bring up the last 9 years. Cause that just means i can bring up our 13 year streak before that. I know you can't before that, because bjc was just a junior college teaching truck driving...a lot has changed. Now they drive truck AND play football.


It was a 12 game streak. When are Vandals going to learn how to count? Oh, and before that streak, the Broncos were on a 5 game streak over the Vandals, and were 8-2-1 overall up to that point. The Broncos are now 19-17-1 over the Vandals, and are on a 9 game winning streak, with the closest game in that stretch being a 14 point Bronco win. During the Vandal's 12 game streak (which ended 14 years ago), seven of the games were decided by a touchdown or less.

So, they've "not received a

So, they've "not received a letter" and they've not "exchanged correspondence."

That's a very crafted statement from Boise State's flack.

If I was a reporter, I would make a public records request for any writing, draft, signed, unsigned, etc., that mentions the Mountain West Conference or the MWC or any teams in the MWC, including the Commissioner thereof.

No one is worse than the Vandals

Your Vandal team is only better than the craphole you play guys play in. Your facilities are a joke...that place you call a stadium is smelly piece of junk...when Eagle High school has better facilities you know you should fold up and call it quits. Your a dying program.
Listen, we will give you a beat down this year and then again next; then we will be onto better things and you will finally be off our schedule. Either we jump conferences or you guys go back to 1AA...
Our days of kicking your butt in everything but womens vball will be over.

You're wrong, jackhole

WSU is worse. Go Cougs! Haha.