Idaho Newsreader - 11.03.08

Diabetes rising in Idaho • Potlatch discontinues scholarship • Idahoans shop strong in Ontario • Carcass Queen studies big game decomposition • Appeals court upholds sentence for Washington man who impregnated 12-year-old Idaho girl • Jerome man gets unique new prosthetic hand

Diabetes rising in Idaho

The Spokesman-Review says the number of Idahoans diagnosed with diabetes has tripled in the past decade - outpacing soaring rates of the disease in other states.

"It's very concerning," said Mimi Hartman-Cunningham, diabetes control and prevention program manager for the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.

The state had a 216 percent increase in diabetes cases during the past 10 years, compared with an 87 percent increase in Washington.

Records show 63 percent of Idahoans are overweight. About 8 percent, or 86,000 of the state's adults, are diabetic, the state says. Idaho doesn't track childhood diabetes.


Potlatch discontinues scholarship

For 56 years, Potlatch Corp.'s college scholarship plan has distributed more than $11 million to about 3,300 high school graduates in six states.

But now, in a sign of the times, that scholarship program is going away, the Lewiston Tribune reported.

The scholarships were awarded to students who lived within 30 miles of a Potlatch operation in Idaho, Washington, Minnesota, Arkansas, Nevada and Illinois.

Students could receive $1,400 a year that could be renewed for three years as long as students met required academic criteria.

"Although our philanthropic budgets will be less, commensurate with the size of the company, we will continue to support our communities where we operate," said Mark Benson, vice president of public affairs for the Spokane, Wash.-based forest products company.


Idahoans shop strong in Ontario

The Oregonian says Idaho shoppers "flock" to Ontario because Idaho imposes a 6 percent sales tax while Oregon has none.

A typical traffic count on Idaho Avenue linking Oregon and Idaho, according to the paper, is 35,000 vehicles a day.

Malheur County economic development director Jim Jensen says many are shoppers hailing from such Idaho towns as Caldwell, New Plymouth, Fruitland, Emmett, Payette, Council and Cambridge.

"They are absolutely welcome here; we want them to shop," says Ontario Mayor Joe Dominick.

Ontario has a sluggish 0.5 percent annual growth rate, while the Snake River's Idaho side has been growing for years, he said.


Carcass Queen studies big game decomposition

Montana woman Carleen Gonder is also known as the "Carcass Queen" to her friends.

The former game warden, park ranger and firefighter has spent most of her adult life defending wild places, says the Missoulian.

During that time, she has run across scores of big game carcasses.

Gonder's new profession has her studying how these animals decompose.

At the University of Montana, she put together an interdisciplinary studies program that combined biology, criminology, anthropology and curiosity.

Her findings help out law enforcement officials in instances such as poaching cases.


Appeals court upholds sentence for Washington man who impregnated 12-year-old Idaho girl

James Henry Crumble, recently convicted of engaging in lewd conduct with a minor and burglary in an unrelated case, will have to serve 20 years before becoming eligible for parole.

The Washington state man accused of impregnating a 12-year-old Bonner County girl and burglary in an unrelated case.

A district judge sentenced Crumble in 2006 to 20 years to life on the lewd conduct charge and five to 10 years on the burglary charge, which Crumble appealed, claiming the sentence was excessive.

The Idaho Court of Appeals just affirmed the sentences, ensuring Crumble won't be eligible for parole until 2025.


Jerome man gets unique new prosthetic hand

Mike Thompson is thought to be the first Idahoan outfitted with the i-LIMB, a prosthetic hand made by Scotland-based Touch Bionics.

This is no ordinary prosthetic hand: It is "multi-articulating," meaning all five fingers move and can adjust to a variety of grips and holds. They're controlled by a microchip that reads muscle movements farther up his arm.

Thompson said to the Times-News he was told by Scotland-based Touch Bionics that he's the 162nd person worldwide with the prosthetic - and just the fifth or sixth in the United States.

The Jerome resident lost his hand in an accident with his truck twenty years ago.

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Everything is a 60 mile round trip

from Emmett. I shop at the Ontario WalMart rather than the Eagle/Fairview one because a)it takes me 25 minutes to get to Ontario, 35 to Eagle, b) the traffic between Emmett and Eagle is horrible, no traffic between Emmett and Ontario, c) I can drive through beautiful Idaho contryside, and d) the folks at the Ontario WalMart are friendly and helpful, and the lines aren't long. Unlike the Eagle store. So clock me in as part of the flock. And I apologize to foreignoregonian for the offense of a non-Oregonian helping that Oregon economy.

Everything is a 60 mile round trip

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To read is wonderful. To comprehend art. Falling back to whatever you believed in is NORMAL.