Too early for Boise State Orange Bowl prep? Not for Nike

Sports merchandise giant Nike is preparing Boise State merchandise for potential appearances in the Orange, Fiesta, Sugar and Rose bowls.

Don't get too excited: Nike is doing the same for all of its schools with a chance at the Bowl Championship Series.

"As a fan, it's cool for me to be a part of the process. You start getting your hopes up. This is going to be pretty cool," said Travis Hawkes, the owner of the Blue and Orange Store, who visited the Nike campus for a sneak peek at their Fall 2009 line of Boise State merchandise.

While there, he got a look at the bowl game gear.

"It is a weird thing, looking at all the stuff for the different bowl games and realizing this could happen," Hawkes said.


Nike and Hawkes made similar preparations during the 2006 season as the Broncos headed toward an eventual Fiesta Bowl appearance.

Hawkes said Nike is making plans and, just like all pundits, forecasting the probability of certain teams making certain games. He said Nike's projected order for Boise State is Orange, Fiesta, Sugar and Rose.

Hawkes, who has to pre-order items to stock his store, said he anticipated demands for an appearance in the Orange, Fiesta or Sugar would be slightly less than the 2006 season.

"There's a certain magical thing with the very first time. ... It’s going to be huge, massive, but anyone would have think it would be a little bit less than last time," said Hawkes, who believes a Rose Bowl appearance would have the same kind of "once-in-a-lifetime" appeal that the 2007 Fiesta Bowl did.

Jersey sales

Hawkes said that No. 11 jerseys have been the hottest seller since the start of the season. No. 11, worn by freshman quarterback Kellen Moore, is now available in blue and orange.

But Hawkes said No. 41 jerseys remain the top seller this year and since June. No. 41, senior tailback Ian Johnson's number, is solidly the second-best selling jersey in the last six weeks, Hawkes said.

Cool Stuff

I am reminded of the talk radio a few years back when BSU was making the move to D1. Many thought it was a bad move because we would have a chance to complete for a national championship like we would in DII. My how far things have come. We have not played for a NC, (yes, we might have had we stayed DII) but we have made a much bigger splash than a DII NC would have ever made. And who knows, maybe if we could string together two straight undefeated seasons, have a 26 game winning streak, we just MIGHT (that is a big MIGHT) have a chance to play for that NC. The stars will have to be just right.

Who knows

If Tulsa goes undefeated this year and goes into the game next year on the same win streak, and Boise State goes to the Orange Bowl this year, and Oregon goes to the Rose Bowl (a distinct possibility; if USC collapses all they'd have to do is beat Oregon State in the Civil War), Boise State could spend next year advertising their strength of schedule, not hiding it. Remember, BYU was considered a serious contender for the NC this year, with TCU and Utah on the schedule.

who knows

Oregon has only won against the bottom of the Pac-10 and was tromped by USC. Chances are good they will end up 6th. If they can beat CAL sat. thier chances will improve.

Wonder if Ian can take 41 with him

if and when he gets to the NFL? I noticed Oklahoma's kid Adrian Peterson did (28 I think?) And I only say if and when about Ian and the NFL because I am terrible superstitious. Let's hope it's a when!
Dear Santa: I want an Ian jersey this year. Thank you!

One game at a time

As a BSU fan it pains me to say this, I hope Utah runs the table or TCU passes us for a BCS bowl bid and we get slighted this year. We then continue to run another undefeated season next year and make the Rose bowl or even higher and with a better team than this year.

I know our team is good this year but not BCS great, not like 06, at least our offensive line anyway. Our defense is superb but our O-line is a disaster and we will get embarrassed in a big bowl.

I love my broncos and I always will, but we have a lot of work too do. In fact we still have a few games to get past that have tripped us before. Like Nevada, playing with the same team as last year and we got lucky….SO LUCKY!

Broncos, keep playing one game at a time, for the next 3 years you are going to shock the world again.

The bottom line

You are absolutely right, they do have a lot of work to do. This years kids have not put up the points that Tharp did the previous year, and that has the analysts looking down at this years Bronco's. This years Bronco's are more physical and way cooler under pressure then last years team, and that is what it takes to win games. Thus, here we are again undefeated.

The only thing keeping this young team from beating any (any!) BCS team is themselves. Moore has a lot of work to do (he is young but way far ahead of his competition), but the receivers all the more, they need to give the 110% every play, not fumble and drop passes. When they start catching better and the line starts blocking better nobody will stop them. Coach Pete is working hard to get the line in shape and that has been a major problem all year. The lack of power on the line prevents BSU backs from putting out more yardage points and stats. We are not weak there and once those kids get blocks that frees them they will look better then they ever have.

I hear what you are saying. However, we are undefeated and just as worthy as any non-BCS team to be presented with a major BCS bowl game. The bottom line is our kids will have earned the right to be there if they continue to win. More so should they fix the issues that prevent them from putting up more points. This young batch of kids are only going to get better. Possible national champion here? But that won't happen if we do not make BCS buster a habit! I appreciate your post. Thank you for your support.

No Orange

We are most likely headed to the Sugar Bowl if we go BCS. Get it right!


team in the top 25 .... oh yeah I'll take that!

Not even Coach Pete knows

In regard to "We are most likely headed to the Sugar Bowl if we go BCS. Get it right!" Until the rude "get it right" your post like everyone's else was cool and your opinion. Only the BCS heads know for sure (and I doubt you are on the board). Albeit since the odds are that a non-BCS WAC team would most likely be offered a Rose Bowl under the rarest circumstance your "get it right" choice of Sugar Bowl is hitting 33%. I hope you are right. A Sugar Bowl would be great. As for our kids, should they be in the Orange Bowl or revisit the Fiesta Bowl I doubt they will be disappointed.