State soccer tournaments begin tomorrow

The 5A, 4A and 3A state soccer tournaments begin Thursday and we're gearing up for blanket coverage of the three day event.

In Thursday's paper, you'll find a full-page preview in the Statesman with a feature on Centennial forward Michael Kafari, capsules for all 20 Treasure Valley team competing this week, 10 players to watch, tournament schedules and ticket information.

We'll continue our coverage throughout the tournament with a full page of coverage each day on top of our Varsity Extra coverage of football, district volleyball and district cross country.

Rachel Roberts and I will be at as many games as possible, and I'll also post my observations from the tournament on this blog after I write my daily stories for the Statesman.

Let me know what you think of our coverage by commenting on my blog entries throughout the week, and most importantly, enjoy the games.

Varsity Soccer Coverage

I'm a huge high school soccer fan, and I love ALL the teams because I know so many kids, both boys and girls, playing at every 5A SIC school. I have respect for all the players and know the commitment it takes to play at that level. To be up front, I'm a Capital High parent, and have been disappointed all fall at the lack of interest in Capital's highly successful girls' team. But whatever, I figure they'll get a little repsect from the Statesman when they prove themselves at state. But NO. Today, all you have to blog about is Taryn Cressy missing a PK during regulation play and how "rare" it was for the Boise team to run over and recognize its student fans in the game. Never mind the fact that Lauren Tiernan, Courtney Irwin and Ali Cahill totally shut down Boise's highpowered, Miah Mollay-led offense, and that Capital completely outplayed Boise the entire game. That isn't what bothers me. Why did you choose to focus on Boise's student section, when that SAME group of kids chanted "Just like last time" over and over again, AT TARYN CRESSY, when she went up to shoot her PK in overtime (which she nailed, by the way)? That is probably the rudest fan behavior I've ever witnessed from people who weren't drunk. Before the shootout, Capital players CAME OVER AND ASKED THE CAPITAL STUDENT SECTION (WHICH NUMBERED ABOUT 100, AND YOU SEEMED TO MISS THAT STORY, TOO) NOT TO CHEER DURING THE SHOOTOUT BECAUSE IT WOULD DISTRACT THE SHOOTERS. I think the ink should go to the classy behavior of the Capital kids, not the Boise students who chose to taunt a player while she went for her PK. Capital won the game on the field and in terms of class. Go Eagles, take state... and shame on the Statesman for their biased coverage.

o calm down

welcome to high school sports capitalfan.. obviously it's going to be hostile its a state tournament.. what do you think this is? chess, the spelling bee? its high school for christ sake ...go to any state tournament game around the nation and you will see much worse fan behavior.. distract the shooters thats what fans are supposed to do.. it comes with the territory and if you cant accept that than dont come to the games. period

Not a Pollyanna by a longshot....

EXACTLY. So why is the paper talking about the Capital fans being disrespectful to the boise players?... When your fans did the same exact thing. My point was that the paper talked more about the fans than the actual game.. which capital won.. I could care less about people booing as long as you recognize that BOTH SIDES WERE DOING IT.

come on!

listen, that wasn't a complaint about fans, or more fanatics, it was a complaint that the statesman hasn't said more than three words about the Capital team all season. The girls on the team have worked their butts off and lost only 1 game in district play. The story should have been about how Capital, after having lost to Boise 3 times this year, the last time in a heartbreaker shootout, finally pulled ahead and completely dominated the game. It should be how this team that was not at all expected to beat the team that the newspaper has been raving about all season. Capital really showed well today and deserves more recognition than this. This team is a great team would just like a little more respect.