Petersen to Washington talk starts up

It's that time of the year again: the coaching rumor mill has started.

Boise State coach Chris Petersen, like it or not, is going to have his name linked to jobs all over the country and, especially, any job on the West Coast.

The talk of Coach Pete to Washington started several weeks ago.

The Seattle P-I has been counting down the days until current Washington coach Tyrone Willingham is fired for about a month. Petersen's name pops up whenever Willingham's impending dismissal is discussed.

Check out this and that.

On this morning's Colin Cowherd show on ESPN Radio, Cowherd said his sources have told him that Washington is prepared to pay "$2.5 million to $3 million" for a coach and Petersen is among their top targets.

(Note: Whether they are preparing that offer for Petersen is debatable, listen here. The relevant part is about the 6:45 mark.)

Cowherd asked his guest, ESPN college football analyst Ivan Maisel, about the possibility of Petersen going to Washington for that kind of deal.

"It's something we all assume anyone would do. I'm not sure he would do it," Maisel said. "He has set roots down there. He's got a lot of reasons to stay there. In the end, you'd be surprised if anybody turned that kind of deal down, especially at a Washington where there is a tradition and a foundation to build a winning program."

Petersen is making $935,000 this season. If the Broncos (6-0) win 10 games this season, Petersen's annual salary will rise to more than $1 million. There are also bonuses in the five-year deal for academic and on-field success.

Additionally, Petersen gets $250,000 if he remains Boise State's coach on Aug. 1, 2009.

Petersen signed the five-year deal in 2007.

Petersen has had several chances to leave Boise, first as offensive coordinator and then again as head coach. Reports said that UCLA called Petersen about its vacant job last off-season, though Petersen denied those reports. He said one school, which he declined to name, did contact him last off-season.


we go again! Right now If these reports were true I'd say Pete does not go to UW 1 mill obviously isn't the same as 2.5 to 3, but still you have a proven succesful program making 1 min a year right here thats going to be tough to leave. I've said before I'm not sure Coach pete is someone that would chase money! You know that man is going to be getting a ton of interest!

why make more ?

Why would Coach Pete want to go anywhere else, if obama gets in, it's all going for Taxes then, so why make more money. Lets just spread the wealth around as obama and Biden saids.

Coach Pete

It may be time for the well-heeled BSU boosters to pony up enough in order that Bleymaier can get Coach Pete to the 2 million-plus annual salary level. If not, a PAC-10 program may very well be able to hire him away from Boise.

Well there's your problem...

There are no well heeled boosters! 90% of them didn't go to BSU, or college for that matter.


Is this one of those facts you learned at U of I? Please enlighten us...

It doesn't take schooling to

It doesn't take schooling to see that the wife-beater portion of the bronco apparel section is always sold out. Those aren't selling to "well-heeled" boosters. Broncos and blue collar go together like Busch Light and a gun rack.

That's U of I's problem

You keep clinging to the past, and your well heeled boosters. Maybe you should try to develop some new money, new programs, and keep your fingers crossed for that big game against Moscow Jr. High girls volleyball squad. I'm sure your football team can win convincingly... say 7-3?

Coach Pete (continued)

One more thing; it will also be important to provide Harsin and Wilcox top-notch coordinator salaries (and security) to keep them on the Bronco staff as long as possible. There is nothing more important than coaching stability on the head coach and coordinator levels. If Pete did leave, I would guess that Harsin would be offered the head job, with Wilcox following Pete. Hopefully, all three will stay at BSU for a long time.

Yah but

Yes Washington is hoping to offer him so much money that any person would do it in an instant, but what they are overlooking is the fact that coach Pete now lives in an area where there is more sunshine than anything else. What he'd get in Washington is 300 days of rain out of 365 days total. That's the type of rain that is gray and driery all day long for consecutive days in a row. We're not talking about it rains and then an hour later and all the rest of the day it sunshines. No it's gray gray gary, yuk. That makes for gloomy days after you've been used to bluer than blue skies. I don't think he'll take it, I may be wrong though.

Boise State will

always be a farm club for coaches and faculty.

Coach Petersen

Coach Petersen will do whatever he wants to do, I don't spend a lot of time worrying about it because it is out of my control.

Br thankful we are not stuck with coach Nutt.


same could be said of any program in the country...

He isn't leaving for UW

Thank you Mr. Murph for giving us something to talk about until game day. I was getting so bored. And you brought out all the Vandal retards hoping Pete leaves the Broncos. Misery loves company.

Retards, Landon?

Retards that graduate 30% more students than donkey state does.

Yes Retards

Thats the nicest thing I can say about your classless, decrepit, dying institution.

Hey hate!

scoreboard! don't hate the player hate the game! Its not our fault that our coach isn't considering suicide like bob up there is. Go cry in ur beer while you consider how many boise state stickers you'll need to steal at the scandals vs BSU game this year to make your child support payment by selling them on ebay!


That's the dumbest statistic I've ever heard. Maybe you should be in the presidential debates. Considering that Boise State has a large non-traditional student population, that 30% is meaningless. Compare statistics on traditional students and I'd guess the numbers are significantly closer. And, if Moscow had ANYTHING to do besides drink beer and go to class, maybe there'd be a few more students moving on to other opportunities.

Remember Coach Hawkins?

I can tell you that I hope that coach Pete is happy living in Boise and with the program he continues to develop. What would happen to Kellen Moore and his newly committed younger brother, if coach Pete were to move on to greener pastures? Sends shivers up my spine just thinking about it!

The Turf on the Other Side...

Coach Pete seems to be a pretty astute fella and I suspect that he heeded the wisdom that Dirk Koetter imparted upon him at the Fiesta Bowl a couple years ago. Dirk told him that the money may be tempting but the turf is always greener (stupid pun intended) on the other side. Koetter serves as a perfect example of this... he entered Arizona State like a lion and achieved mediocrity in a community that has much more going on than Sun Devil football (like Cardinal football, etc) and 6 years later he exited like a lamb. I think Pete has really embraced Boise and his family has grown roots here; he has a community here that worships him; and the quality of life here is great. All this makes me suspect that he will decide to stay in Boise even though the money at UW is tempting... something tells me that Pete subscribes to a philosophy that doesn't prioritize money as the end-all, be-all. If not, Dan Hawkins could be the next example (but, let's hope not)...

Coach Pete to Washington

You can just hear Coach Pete's comment.
Washington? We don't play them this week do we?

As Dirk...

... Koetter so wisely advised Petersen a year ago, the grass is not always greener. Look what has happened to Koetter and Hawkins since leaving the Broncos:

Koetter at Arizona State:
Year W  L  Pct.
2001 4  7  36.4%
2002 8  6  57.1%
2003 5  7  41.7%
2004 9  3  75.0%
2005 7  5  58.3%
2006 7  6  53.8%
All  40 34 54.1%

Prior to Koetter:
Bruce Snyder
W  L  Pct.
58 45 56.3%

Hawkins at Colorado:
Year W  L  Pct.
2006 2  10 16.7%
2007 6  7  46.2%
2008 4  3  57.1%
All  12 20 37.5%

Prior to Hawk:
Gary Barnett
W  L  Pct.
49 38 56.3%

Neither of them improved on the records of their predecessors. Koetter has been fired, and Hawkins has only been there 2.5 years. I think Petersen will look at that, and keep it at the front of his mind when considering offers from other schools.

Meanwhile, here's Boise State's records over that same period:

Year Coach          W   L   Pct.
1999 Dirk Koetter   10  3  76.9%
2000 Dirk Koetter   10  2  83.3%
2001 Dan Hawkins    8   4  66.7%
2002 Dan Hawkins    12  1  92.3%
2003 Dan Hawkins    13  1  92.9%
2004 Dan Hawkins    11  1  91.7%
2005 Dan Hawkins    9   4  69.2%
2006 Chris Petersen 13  0  100.0%
2007 Chris Petersen 10  3  76.9%
2008 Chris Petersen 6   0  100.0%
All                 102 19 84.3%

I think Petersen is well aware of this, and will keep it at the front of his mind when considering offers from other schools.

Well stated master

Well stated master statistician


I wonder what the strength of their schedules was while coaching over the years...certainly higher than 117th last year and 108th this year. Like it or not, the SOS argument is swiftly approaching...I think he should take the money and the far greater coaching challenge.


Coach Pete has two young sons. I'm sure their not going anywhere until they graduate.

You're right vandalfanshated and HateDonkeyState...

I mean, just because we sell out EVERY game in a 30,000 plus seat stadium (including a newly expanded, $33 million dollar addition with a loge level with 44 loge boxes (at about a grand a year), a club level with 750 seats (also spendy), a suite level with 26 suites (over $10,000 a year), and a press box level with another 13 suites (tens of thousands a year)not to mention the great donors for whom it is named, Mr. and Mrs. Stueckle, who have donated about 4.5 million dollars to the University of late...2.5 for athletics and a cool 2 million for academics). None of this means that we have well heeled boosters. How many tickets do the Vandulls sell to their games?...and the follow-up many actually attend each game? Now remember, your stupid comments were in regards to us not having any "well heeled boosters" who would be willing to put up money for Coach Pete and his staff to stay. Sounds like a lot of boosters are putting up money for our football program (Stadium expansion, Caven-Williams Sports Complex, etc). How is your programs funding doing? I'm just reading a lot of jealousy in your pathetic posts.

Vandals filled with hate for Boise State

You folks that hate Boise State and love the Vandals need to remember a couple things - you are no longer in a frat and no longer enrolled at the U of I. You now live and work in Boise. You should remain loyal to your alma mater, but you should also embrace the culture of the community in which you reside. The culture of Boise includes BSU. Grow up and smell the roses. Enjoy all aspects of your community and let the hate go. If the Vandals are so appealing then by all means embrace the community and culture of Moscow.

Breeding Ground

I think no matter what, this is great for BSU. In recent history, this has been a school that has had a knack for producing top notch coaches. If/when Pete moves on, somebody else will step in as a successor - knowing full well that they are on the road to success, too. Quality programs draw quality coaches - have no fear.

Hey hatesdonkstate

"Retards that graduate 30% more students than donkey state does." Do all your "grads" hang out in the mens room with your most famous grad, twinkle toes the toilet troll larry craig.

Nice buttlogos this year, twinkle toes design them for you? I thought I saw right under the I my name is larry craig and I desinged these pants.

As for Pete leaving, yes someday, but not this year. One thing not mentioned here that has helped keep Pete here, he likes the medicall treatment his son receives.

With Pete, its family first, money wont change that, which is why Pete is a Bronco at Boise State, not a logo at buttopian university in moscow

And he wouldn't like the

And he wouldn't like the medical treatment in Seattle, where one of the best hospitals for kids is in the nation? Children's in nationally known for excellence. St. Lukes isn't going to keep him here. He's destined to move on and disappear like so many other BSU coaches who find out what real competition is like...

Job Offers

Coach Hawkins used to say that every coach owed it to his present team to listen to offers of employment elsewhere. Why? Because he said he would ask questions about how they did their fund raising, how they got money to pay assistants, how they got radio and tv money, Nike money, etc.

Dan Hawkins said there are some great minds out there and during an interview you can interview those great minds and if you don't take their job you should go home with more knowledge to run your own program.

Someday Coach Pete will leave. Maybe this year, maybe not. He's on a roll and is real hot right now so he could pretty much write his own ticket. Family concerns will matter. He does have lots of immediate family living in Boise. What kind of deals can his assistants get? Seattle is a high housing cost area. Pete will be able to afford a house close by, but can his assistants? That does matter to Pete. Will he be able to attract good assistants at what is being offered? That matters to Pete.

There is so much more then just money involved in coaching. It is a Pac10 offer. That's huge. But if he takes Washington he just about removes any possibility of being offered Oregon, ever. And that's where many of us feel he would go if offered. Hell I would and I love Boise.

So if you are going to argue about Coach Pete going or staying, please at least take in the entire argument and address all aspects of the possibility.

Money is not Pete's God. But there might be something out there that would interest him and only him and his family know for sure.

Many think Dan Hawkins will return to Boise as AD, but how do we know that Pete is not also interested in that job instead of coaching?

Both of them, all of them

Mike Bellotti - UC Davis
Nick Aliotti - UC Davis
Dan Hawkins - UC Davis
Chris Peterson - UC Davis
Justin Wilcox - Oregon

All family of Phil Knight (Nike). If they ask, he and Justin are gone!

If Oregon ever asks

then Pete should go. Thats home to him he loves them. But that might be a few years away.

Be quiet.

Final answer.

Money For Coach Pete

If the standard for paying D1 coaches is 7.5% of the football revenues (and it is) then BSU's expected $14 mil makes Pete's $1 mil salary spot on. Another BSU bowl appearance should net BSU an additional $3 to $4 million if the 07 Fiesta Bowl payout works for an 09 appearance too. (Some assuming is needed here.) That leaves BSU with enough coin to bump the money another $300,000 or so. I can see us getting to $1.5 million pretty easy with room to increase assistant coaches too. Like one old guy asked me "What can you do with $2 million that you can't do with $1 million?" Update that to Pete's situation and then mix in leaving Boise for 350 days a year of Seattle sunshine and I suggest there is plenty of reason to not give the deal a lot of consideration. That especially holds true if you have to actually live in Seattle to get it. Has anyone been there lately? What a zoo!. Now if somebody was to offer him Belotti's job...

Let's win THIS year's games before y'all become job counselors?

If this had been an actual troll post the attention seeking you just read would've been followed by screaming, name-calling and cutting and pasting for no apparent reason. We now return you to the Idaho Statesman already in progress.

I actully wouldn't be surprised

to see some of the assistant coaches lured away for more money or higher positions, some of them could make pretty good career moves at this point.