Coaches effusive in praise of Moore

Just returned from the Kellen Moore press conference at Boise State, and what stood out the most was how effusive coach Chris Petersen and offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin were in their praise of Moore.

They gushed about the freshman in ways that I can't recall them talking about other quarterbacks, which is a great sign for the Broncos when you consider all the success the program has had with those other QBs.

Petersen said the Broncos offered Moore a scholarship after seeing him at one of their summer camps. They were impressed right away with the left-hander from Prosser, Wash. Not much has changed since that day in the summer of ’06 — the Broncos remain impressed with Moore.

Petersen said he had a little Brett Favre in him. I'm pretty sure he didn't mean that Moore was going to retire and then unretire before next season. Harsin talked about several throws that Moore made in fall practice that separated him in the derby with senior Bush Hamdan. They were "feel" throws — plays that didn't develop the way they were supposed to — but Moore still found the open man and completed the pass.

"He has a lot of instinctual things that are very, very hard to coach," Petersen said.

In the end, I'm not sure the quarterback derby was all that close. Hamdan clearly improved and made the competition a real one.

But Moore has something else. Petersen revealed that he watched Moore for an entire 45-minute meeting during the Broncos' preparation for the Hawaii Bowl as the quarterback processed the game plan and the coach came away very impressed. Petersen added that even last year on scout team he saw special qualities in Moore.

"We feel like this guy is extremely ready to go," Petersen said.

Now he has entrusted the program to him. Moore, for his part, remained as cool as ever during the press conference, which was televised by two local channels. Nothing seems to faze the 20-year-old. I believe that demeanor played a big part in Moore earning the starting job.

"I'm excited about the opportunity," Moore said. "I'm very thankful the coaches have the confidence in me."

They have more than confidence. They have no doubt.

11:52 a.m. Boise State just announced that freshman Kellen Moore won the starting quarterback job and will be under center for the Broncos' season opener against Idaho State. He will be the first freshman quarterback to start a season opener in Bronco history.

Consider me a bit shocked. I know that fans have been clamoring for Moore ever since the Prosser, Wash., product arrived on campus. I know that he has looked good, very good at times, during the scrimmages.

But I thought — wrongly — that senior Bush Hamdan had a very, very slight edge in the derby.

Now that the decision was made — and we will find out more at 3 p.m. when coach Chris Petersen and Moore meet with the media — we're left to try and sort it out.

Hamdan said something after Saturday night's scrimmage that I considered putting in my column Sunday morning, but left out.

He was talking about the progress that he has made in five years in the program, then he said:

"I made a mistake on the interception that will probably haunt me for a long, long time," Hamdan said.

At the time, I took it as a competitor being hard on himself. Looking back, perhaps Hamdan had a sense of which way the coaching staff was leaning — and knew that interception could be a pivotal mark against him.

In the end, I think, it was Moore's coolness that helped him win the job. The freshman never got too high or too low throughout the process.

No, Murphy....

All of us Bronco Nationals love Bush Hamdan. We are all thankful for what he has done behind the scenes for the Boise State Football program. However, when the senior QB only holds a "slight edge" over the freshman, it's time to hand the freshman the ball.

After four years, Hamdan should not have even had a freshman pushing him so hard. He either failed Coach Pete's expectations, or Moore far surpassed them.

One word for Murphy!

You are an absolute IDIOT!

That's 5 Words

That's 5 Words


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Okay, so I'm a tightwad.

Consider you.....

Consider you a bit wrong......not so much shocked.


You still have a lot to learn here. Every one has thier opinions of you and I would imagine that by now you are thick skinned. But sometimes you come off arrogant and elitist, in trying to keep your objectivity (something that is a joke in the journalism world) you have sometimes ignored the truth. Kudos for admitting you were wrong and here's to hopefully better coverage of the Broncos.

Moore is amazing but he's only 9% on the offense...

91 and 9 and we are fine.

I knew the coaches would

I knew the coaches would eventually see what a talent Kellen Moore is. I saw him play several times at the High School level and he was very poised, quick release, great on a roll out, strong arm and most important, very accurate. He knows football and being a quarterback better than most kids that age. There are many stories about him including he could step in and run the west coast offense for an NFL team right now since he knows the plays. My guess is he will be one of the top quarterbacks in the country by the time he is a junior or senior. He will probably not play in the NFL because of his size.

Boise State is lucky to have him. No Pac-10 school offered him a scholarship. He wanted to go to Washington State University. They all thought he was too small and a product of his dad's system with excellent receivers. Two of his receivers will play Division 1. One of them is Kellen's younger brother who is 6'3". Boise State has offered him a scholarship. This would be great for Kellen as they have been playing together all their life and it would be like a sixth sense with the receiver. A fade route in the corner of the end zone would be extremely hard to stop and they would be able to perform it consistently. The other receiver is a freshman at University of Washington. These three guys plus some other receivers could have broken many national records if they were playing all four quarters. They typically only played three quarters because they were so far ahead in the score. They still set a lot of Washington state records.

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