Celebrate Deschutes Brewery’s 20th birthday with a Black Butte XX

Bend-based Deschutes Brewery, one of my personal favorites, is in the midst of celebrating its 20th year of making excellent craft beer and just released a special version on their Black Butte Porter in late June to celebrate.

The Black Butte XX is a major taste explosion — a deeper and darker version of Deschutes’ regular Black Butte Porter, which is already a full flavored treat.

The Black Butte XX is chock full of interesting flavors — like roasted and slightly burnt malt, coffee, chocolate, and spiky bitterness. It’s a monster at 11 percent alcohol by volume (it must be what those XX’s are for). The Black Butte XX is a nice imperial version of a beer many of us associate with quality and a cool way to mark their 20th Birthday.

This is not a quaffer by any means — the Black Butte XX is super strong and has a pleasant but slightly spiky mouthfeel. So don’t be in a hurry. Pour it into a brandy snifter or pint glass and let it warm up first, and drink it over a period of time.

According to the folks at Deschutes “our brewers enhanced this elixir with Theo’s Chocolate cocoa nibs from Seattle, dry-hopped with 100 pounds of Bellatazza’s locally roasted coffee, and then aged a portion of it in Stranahan’s Colorado whiskey barrels.”

The Black Butte XX is kind of pricey — a single 22 ounce bottle cost me $9.53 with tax at the Boise Co-Op — but that cost is pretty typical for an “extreme beer”, especially now with the cost of beer-making ingredients like hops and barley continuing to rise.

One thing I really like about this beer is it makes sense — it is the Black Butte recipe taken to a new level of taste complexity.

Extreme beers can be pretty gimmicky and wildly unbalanced, but I am happy to say the Black Butte XX is the real deal. So it’s a nice way to celebrate 20 years superb of craft brewing over yonder in Bend.

Supplies are very limited — both on tap and in bottles — so if you are interested, snap one up asap.

I'm in heaven...

I've been waiting for this to be released since I heard about it when I was in Bend in May...it was well worth the wait...now to find me a keg to horde...

Black Butte Porter is one of

Black Butte Porter is one of my favorite beers during the cooler seasons; that or Snow Cap, which is a strong seasonal beer from Pyramid.

Their summer Twilight Ale is out now too

Seen it in 12-packs only at both Winco and the Co-Op. The Black Butte is their signature beer (they say so themselves) but I think Twilight is the best thing they make, and it's the best summer ale I've ever had.

The Best Porter Bar None

When I reach for a porter it's got to be Black Butte. I've tried different dark beers and nothing comes close. This is great to hear about BB XX. Can't wait to go get it tonight after work and watch my son play his first Tee-Ball game. Thanks for keeping me informed Mr. Orr.

not for neo-conservatives :-)

I just took my share from the Boise Co-op and it will be gone soon...forever. Aged in Makers Mark Bourbon barrels, the whiskey taste that kicks you in the face then gently rolls off the back of the tongue, a little strong for the conservative palate. I wish they would get some of the flip top bottles like Rogue instead of the wax dip, what a pain! ... Cherish this brew. Can't wait to crawl into the Abyss.