Lots of love for "WALL-E." Too much?

USA Today's Anthony Breznican is not the only film critic out there saying "WALL-E" has a shot at a best-picture Oscar nomination.

An article in the July 1 edition of USA Today said New York magazine triggered the debate when the mag posted the headline "Start the Campaign: WALL-E for Best Picture!" on its Web site.

Can it happen? Well, it certainly hasn't since "Beauty and the Beast" did it in 1991. And the Oscars added best animated film seven years ago, so it isn't highly likely.

BUT, if Academy voters love this movie as much as critics do (Universal acclaim alert!), it could be possible.

I saw it the other night and agree it was a bunch of fun. Better than "Ratatouille"? Better premise, but not necessarily a better movie. Better than "The Incredibles"? I don't think so.

The main reason for the Oscar hype is that most of the big movies of the year won't be out for a while. Remember last year? "There Will Be Blood" and "No Country for Old Men" came to theaters in December/January (Oscars are in February).

So give it time before jumping on that bandwagon - there's still plenty of year left. But do go see "WALL-E" and don't be late. The Pixar short that runs before the movie ("Presto") is alone worth the price of admission.

Verrrry Boring Flick....

from Pixar. Why all the "flap" about this film, I still can't understand. None three kids we took to the show last week enjoyed it that much. I thought is was too campy.

The Joker blew him up...