Pixar looks to the future with "WALL-E"

Thanks mainly to "The Incredibles" and last year's "Ratatouille," I count myself among those who have a mythical appreciation of the movies created by Pixar. I am as hip to "Cars" and the other Pixar feature films as any adult legitimately can be.

But hearing that Pixar's new movie "WALL-E" begins with a half an hour of zero dialogue makes it even more intriguing than any of the studio's other offerings.

Here are a few interesting stories about the film, which opens in Valley theaters on Friday.

One writer points out the contradiction between the basic premise for the movie (that the earth has been trashed by over-consumption, consumerism, and environmental degradation) and the fact that "WALL-E" merch is flooding the market. Read that article here.

Look no further than the cool, retro posters (which cost $165 unframed) to see evidence of that.

Controversy aside (c'mon, people, it's just a movie!), media like Wired magazine are pointing out parallels between "WALL-E" and classic sci-fi movies like "2001" and "Blade Runner."

As is the case with most weekends this summer, "WALL-E" will have serious competition when it opens this weekend with another high profile release — "Wanted." Read more on that movie here later this week.

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