Why another "Incredible Hulk"?

With the second "Incredible Hulk" movie set to open Friday, the big question is: Why make "The Incredible Hulk" just five years after director Ang Lee's "Hulk" was not the success Hollywood had hoped for?

USA Today entertainment writer Scott Bowles referred to "The Incredible Hulk" as "one of Hollywood's biggest mulligans." Indeed it is.

But "The Incredible Hulk" has a few things going for it that 2003's "Hulk" didn't.

1) A better star. Edward Norton has the cool factor that Eric Bana didn't. Who would you rather see? The "Fight Club" star or the "Munich" star?

2) A director whose career depends on it. This is Louis LeTerrier's first big Hollywood film as a director.

3) A villain that isn't Nick Nolte. Tim Roth is just creepy enough to play the bad guy - Abomination - in this one.

4) Momentum. "The Incredible Hulk" comes on the heels of a successful comic book adaptation ("Iron Man"). The darker "Hulk" came out in June of 2003 after "Finding Nemo."

"The Incredible Hulk" is not "Iron Man." It probably won't achieve the same level of box office success. But don't let the 2003 version scare you away.

It might work...

it just might work.