"So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu"

This is the 76th essay in my blog series and the last for the time being or at least in this format. I have been writing first five and then four a week since Feb. 4 with only a short break in May. The Statesman asked me to write these regular blogs during the legislative session and to continue them on a consistent basis. I don’t feel I can continue at this pace any longer.

Though I like writing these essays, I do have a job that I am paid to do. I had planned to continue writing these blogs on a regular basis until right before The College of Idaho goes back to classes in September. Lately, I have seen that I need to do much during the summer that will preclude me from writing this blog. I have not finished the two papers I am writing on my sabbatical research; I need to get prepared for my classes in the fall and the rest of the 2008-09 academic year; and I will have to spend time working as a member of the presidential search committee for the College. Besides, there are many more interesting things to do in the summer than pound away at the computer. I am also not a workaholic, Type A personality type.

I have certainly enjoyed writing this blog over the past few months. It has filled a place that was lacking in my life when I was away from teaching. I was able to communicate my ideas to others while also, hopefully, imparting knowledge of the political process in Idaho and beyond. That is what I usually do when I am teaching. The blogs have also improved my writing -- though others might disagree. Knowing my work is going out to a general audience makes for a very different writing style than academic work. I have always emphasized to my students to write to their audience and these essays presented a different audience for me to write to. The planning, drafting and rewriting have also made me a better writer.

I have also enjoyed the comments I have received on the blog, both written online and those communicated to me by other means. Many of your comments have been very worthwhile and have made me rethink some of my prior conceptions and premises. Sometimes I have thought the comments misconstrued my views, though that may have been due to poor writing on my part. I have never responded online to the comments. I have felt my role was to present a point of view and then allow the readers to develop the process as they saw fit. I will miss your comments though I didn’t understand all of the comments from ForeignOregonian. I assume they were funny.

I want to give special thanks to Brenda Gutierrez of the Statesman. Brenda posted every blog quickly so it was up early for everyone to read. Brenda also made many stylistic improvements that made my blogs easier to understand. I also liked her pleasant comments on my writings and her consistent encouragement.

I may return to the Statesman to write specific pieces on particular subjects though nothing has been decided yet. I may try to write a weekly blog during the state legislative session but again I don’t want to make any promises. Right now, all I am concerned with is the 100 days left to finish my sabbatical work and prepare for classes. Hanging out in my back yard, reading a good book and having my evening cigar are also on my list of important projects for the summer.

“Adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu.”

And as always: Go Yotes.

Dr. Jasper M. LiCalzi
Department of Political Economy
The College of Idaho

Thanks Professor

Thanks for the good topics and conversations. Best wishes with your endeavors.

Eh, you know of course that all behavior is a choice and you can become a Type A workaholic if you set goals and apply yourself... (smile).

Michael Tomlin

Well done

I, too, have enjoyed your writing. Mike is right.. you could put together a schedule and a work plan and be a type A before you know it! Or.. have a cigar and a good glass of bourbon and worry not.

Medium Rare. Good Riddance Jasper! Ciao baby!

And you can write your hate literature to Ralph Smeed in your personal diary.

Dana Dana

Your obsession with the good Professor is highly suspect.

Having never had anything to say on the issue, but offering plenty of personal attacks on this gentleman, it's obvious you either got a bad grade in his class and you're going to make the teacher PAY, or you have a deep burning love for him, and your 6th grade emotional maturity level is neatly demonstrated. If only Jasper had pigtails you could dip in the inkwell.

Who the crap is Ralph Smeed?

And why is he smothered in honey mustard and tripe and tightly wrapped in butcher paper?

Come now, child, ANSWERS!

Good job, professor

I'll miss your blog and hope we will still be hearing from you. Have a good and relaxing summer!

Kevin Richert
editorial page editor

We should all give him a "I survived blogging" shirt, no?

: )

It depends

Did he enlist as a blog host solely for the benefits....or out of a spirit of public service.

What say you Udapimp? (smile)

I didn't know it mattered.

It doesn't.

Darn - I was hoping he'd be saying goodbye permanently...

...time to say goodnight Jasper! Your missives bleed self-centered, self-promoting blather. Time for new blood. How about pollster Greg Smith as a permanent replacement for LiCalzi? If Jasper were a competent professor, he'd be teaching at a good university, or even BS University. They pay peanuts at C of I, in fact John McGee suggests that Jasper is using family money to donate to the college, as a way of thanking them for the job.

Always so classy Dana

A "good" university? More Idaho leaders of note have come through C of I and UI Law than any other combination of schools.

"They pay peanuts?" What is your point?

I forget what field your doctorate is in, and where you hold your professorship...please remind me.

Great! American Airlines won't give you any, sounds RICH!

Doctorate is from UC Berkeley...and you? I am not a professor!

Its called survival of the fittest. Ever hear of it? Or were you sick that day in junior high biology Mtomlin. I can think of few good academicians that would take peanuts like the positions at C of I - even if they don't need the money.

Oh, those money-grubbing academics

...Always putting their personal fortunes before the search for knowledge and truth. If only there were professors out there who really cared about imparting knowledge to fresh young minds. Alas, being an academic is just toooo lucrative for any professor to leave uncorrupted...

You can't even pay the bills on a C of I salary...

...let's see do we eat or do we impart knowledge to spoiled, fresh, young minds? Give me a break. Some people are so desperate to become a professor, they'll do anything to attain it - even work at school where they pay peanuts.

I think I am detecting

your mid-life never became a professor panic. How else to explain the jealousy?

Ah, a scenario I hadn't considered.

I got the "Jasper gave me a bad grade" scenario, and the "Unrequited love" scenario. The "professional jealousy" angle escaped me,but you may be right...assuming (and it's a stretch) that Dana Dana is actually a professional.

Good gets


At least we have given her options.


C of I profs, while perhaps not making as much as your illustrious mentors at UC Berkeley, certainly make enough to "put food on the table." Plus benefits. I seriously doubt that even professors at BS University have to make a choice between being a professor and feeding their children. Just because we're in a recession doesn't mean everyone in every profession makes $12,000 a year.

Skip Berzerkley, try San Jose State and get real.

Doctorate is from UW

I have heard of survival of the fittest, probably in elementary school science class. I see you were in a slower group and only got to it in junior high.

Your statement "I can think of few good academicians that would take peanuts like the positions at C of I" speaks more to your limited knowledge of good academicians than it does the school. Coming from UC Berkeley you likely cannot think of any good academicians at all.

There, I can insult too, but why? Insults and name calling seem to be your major contributions. I suspect you have more to offer - you certainly have manners to learn.

UW? Did you ever make it to class or were you too stoned?

But I'm sure your Doctorate committee appreciated the never-ending supply of brownies (or were you a medico - a blue collar scientist?). Probably spent too much time panhandling on NE 45th in the U Dist.

That was before they mainstreamed folks like you that rode the

...short bus in with the rest of us. At your special elementary school they were probably trying to explain to you why you were different. From your posts its apparent, you still don't get it. Mommy feed you aspirin as a tot?

And dogs bark at me on my bike because they are jealous...

because they can't ride a bicycle?

We'll, that's true but you ran out of Tuck's pads two weeks ago...go to Walgreen's at least!

No need for Tucks for DanaDana

He's a perfect a-hole.

Not the bus

Nope, didn't ride the bus, long or short. Why?

I went to Luther Burbank Elementary School and it wasn't special, just a bunch of normal kids.

I must not get it - why would my mother confuse aspirin with prepared potato products?

Ha ha

I think "academicians" is the biggest evidence I can find that Dana is not herself an "academic..."

It is, however, just about the funniest word I've seen.

It's always good to see

...you old people dipping your feet in the media of the new generation. Go Blogs!

And Dana2 spends way too much time reading blogs she hates... must be why she never managed to become a professor herself...

See you around, Prof.


Why when I was young, we didn't even HAVE hard drives! Not even to Garrity!

DOS was TWO.

Cookies had creme centers.

Snowbirds and smugglers were the only ones HITTING THR KEYS!

IF you got FRAGGED you would never be DEFRAGGED.

DENIAL OF SERVICE meant the bar 86'd you.

Working from home was a scam sign nailed to a power pole.

If you downloaded all the time you saw a doctor.

Now please don't get me wrong when I can do it better.

Reading stuff I hate is what defines educated...if you only read

crappola you like, then you will remain an idiot.

There are plenty of well-versed idiots too.


THIS is the writing of a


"Reading stuff I hate is what defines educated..."


Oh, and if you went to Berkeley, I'm an Oral Roberts U graduate.

I always loved that name!

Insert Beavis y Butthead en Espanol disponible SAP?

So long I fell, My Lederhosen, boo hoo!

Goodnight, Gracie.

Delete Delete

Okay, it's 10 days later now Editors. Let's drop the old and try to stay with the "news" as in delete this and the other unused blogs.

Maybe you can use the server space for an unbias blogger.

They just deleted a bunch of press operations workers...

Will it be long before Pioneer (the owners of the Press-Tribune) owns McClatchy?


What value is an unbiased blogger? There's nothing wrong with them having a "take" on the issues. It gives us a jumping in point for discussion.

From my experience...

an unbiased medium holds content with extremely low fidelity.

Sorry to hear you're leaving

I've enjoyed your work.

He insults now but later?

he works it.

In reference to what and whom and when, really cannot tell!

Line up the boxes without a tree is worthless.

Lifestyle Duncan

The downside to the lifestyle Duncan and you have at the moment is the upheaval. I’ve sort of got to the stage where you want to be settled in a nice posh pad of our own. However, to do this you’ve got to actually get off your bahookies and get something bought.

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Please 86 the Communist Spammer, for the 3,456th unofficial time

If this had been an actual troll post the attention seeking you just read would've been followed by screaming, name-calling and cutting and pasting for no apparent reason. We now return you to the Idaho Statesman already in progress.