Paul's success in Idaho could show McCain's depth of support in the West

Both Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama are campaigning across the West this week concentrating on three states that could be critical to the election this fall.

But Ron Paul's Idaho results could tell us a lot about November.

The potential to get a westerner back in the White House should give McCain of Arizona a distinct advantage in a region that has long gone Republican. But Westerners weary of the top down decisions from Washington on natural gas development and nuclear waste, give Democrats a good chance to carry New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada and even other states like Montana.

Idaho doesn’t fit into this mix for the simple reason we don’t have any oil and gas. Idaho ranchers haven’t had drilling forced down their throats in their back yards. And Idahoans have largely supported sending the nuclear waste from the Idaho National Laboratory to New Mexico and Nevada.

Obama has supported a compromise mining reform plan, which will help him especially in Nevada. Both back climate change legislation.

in Nevada, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has worked with Las Vegas unions to give Democrats a 52,000 lead in registrations, according to the L.A. Times. Four years ago Republicans led by 12,000.

A good test of how well McCain might do across the region could come today in the Idaho Primary. If Ron Paul gets a high percent of GOP votes then the lack of excitement for McCain here could be a bellwether for the entire region.

We already know how well Obama did here, attracting more than 15,000 to Taco Bell Arena and record turnout at Democratic caucuses in February. But only the most optimistic Obama supporter believes that will translate to a victory here in November.

But if Paul does well a lot of Idaho Republicans might just not work so hard next fall. They may be joined by their compatriots across the region.

Nobody believes he's even a Republican in the first place!

When I see a car plastered with RP signs and stickers I know who would normally be charged with LITTERING and it's still not OK to tack them to power poles.

Paul's MARKETS are a beter indicator.

Are there any Oregon races...

that you care about, foreignoregonian? Or are you really an Idahoan? Gotta wonder...

We vote by mail, Cisco! Already did?

There was little opposition for anybody in my Districts and many positions are either nonpartisan or unopposed. It took less than ten minutes to fill it out and drop it off at the library's voting box outside. You can vote 24/7 until the deadline and not spent any postage ever.

J. R. Simplot Co. has an office here too.

Why the crap do you keep wanting me to be an Idahoan anyway? I was born in Nampa and I've lived in Malheur County since 1978 when my dad decided to become his own boss and reopen a closed gas station in Nyssa. My parents and the rest of my family moved back in 1985. I live next to the Interstate 4 miles from SRCI and near KSRV. Jeebus, I should call myself a Mexican if you gotta have frijoles for a noggin.

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Could have fooled me...

You misunderstand me. I don't want you to be an Idahoan; but it's nonsensical for you to enter this forum and sound off, when the issues are Idaho politicians, Idaho elections, Idaho fish and wildlife, etc. Boredom can certainly be a motivator - but it's a weak one.

And it's sillier yet when you pronounce, repeatedly, that 'you don't care' about one issue or another. How can that be, when you care enough to enter the forum and sound off?

I think the Oregonian has blogs. Why not go there? You'd be a 'local,' not a foreigner.

Don't be so twitty, Conway!

I live about a mile from the border and most of my family going back 3 generations lives in the Treasure Valley and the Oregonian hasn't been sold in Malheur County for maybe 15 years!

Portland almost bores me, other than the bicycle culture there.

God, how I love the 'polite' Love it or Leave it crap.

It's also a damned pun. Sheesh.

It's not about lovin' or leavin' it,

it's about being engaged in local decision-making vs. taking potshots from outside.

I'm sure you've heard the statement, "If you don't vote, you don't have the right to complain." So, in the same vein, it appears that I might complain about a failure of Idaho politicians, Idaho policies, Idaho government, as I vote here. But you'd be more credible criticizing public policy in Oregon.

Unless, of course, you move back across the border - in which case you can go for it, with the rest of us who expect more from our leaders.

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your last few posts might make you a hitman, if there is one. I suspect the Statesman will decide whether your vitriol is appropriate for this forum.


You haven't ever read this site have you. I've been here since last fall too.

Thanks for all the threats. That really scores points.

By that reckoning about 30 of us are walking dead. Please learn how to play with us and leave the knuckle repping to the Mother Superior if you will.

I don't think you are currently residing in Idaho either so tell Hillary hi.

PS I'm simply not over the top...

I am that top. Thank you for your considerate abuse.