Kids and moms

Brag about your kids

I'm a mom of a Little League baseball player and a soccer player.
And judging by the packed stands and fields, there are a lot of us out there
supporting our athletes. And I know there are other sports you support. So
brag about your kids. Upload video or send us your pix of Johnny catching
that fly ball or Susie kicking the winning goal.

Send jpg photos to and upload video here.

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Brag about your mom

I know there are a lot of great moms out there. (even my 5 year old tells me he loves me "prettily much.") So take the time to brag about your mom online. Don't forget to enter our contest for the Mom's Tribute. The best tribute will win mom a spa package for her and a guest from Two Rivers Salon & Spa and four tickets to Mother’s Day festivities including brunch, concert and more at The Winery at Eagle Knoll. So we've done the shopping for you!

You can interview your mom, interview your siblings or just talk yourself about what a great mom you have. Dads, interview your little ones - I bet they have lots of special things to say about their mom.

See the details here

Darlene Carnopis
Online Initiatives/Technology editor

Oh no, my daughter kissed a

Oh no, my daughter kissed a football player who kissed a girl who kissed a thug and now she is dead. I as a mom sat back and watched as drugs and thugs took over our town. It happened across town. Not my problem. No not your problem. Funerals are expensive. The thugs brought a silent killer and you just don't care. There are good people in Boise. Yes, unsuspecting victims of a silent killer. And yes, Boise you deserve it for keeping your heads in the sand. I elect every mother who is a stupid fool for not standing up for right.