Fat Tire in cans? It's possible this summer

New Belgium Brewing is getting ready to offer their incredibly popular Fat Tire Amber Ale in aluminum cans to thirsty imbibers this summer, but it is unclear at this point if those cans will show up at Boise-area package stores.

Company officials said the beer will go out to limited markets this summer but haven't yet made any final determinations as to where that will be, spokeswoman Alicia Hassinger said Thursday.

Unlike high beer prices and the hop shortage, the phenomenon of craft brewers embracing cans is a trend I can get behind.

Who likes dragging bottles along when going camping or fishing? And there is much less chance of barbecue-related injury when tossing a can, as opposed to a bottle, across the backyard to a thirsty friend.

New Belgium is following the lead of fellow Colorado craft brewers Oskar Blues, who got the awesome idea to sell their most excellent Dale's Pale Ale and Old Chub Scottish Ale in cans several years ago.

Cans weigh less, don't let light in, and are easily recyclable. I don't detect any can taste in any of the Oskar Blues beers, and the New Belgium folks say they ran a series of tests using the O.B. Canning line and detected "no flavor differential."

Sweet. I am not the biggest fan of Fat Tire or any of the beers New Belgium makes (I am more of a British beer style guy), but I love the company's commitment to environmental responsibility and think their embrace of cans is both cool and shrewd.

New Belgium people say the lighter weight of cans should help their trucks save fuel, thus reducing the company's carbon footprint.

We've always had that! It's called aerosol flat repair...

By the "weigh"...

I reiterate the plain truth that carbon + two oxygen molecules = a hops Happy Meal?