Craig's 'strong support?'

Seems whenever I want to stop writing about Sen. Larry Craig, the senator himself makes it impossible.

On Tuesday, The Hill in Washington, D.C., published this little gem: Fellow Republicans are urging embattled Louisiana Sen. David Vitter to stay on the job, despite his connection to the "D.C. Madam" case. And guess who is among the senators offering counsel to Vitter?

“First and foremost, in these kinds of issues, it’s the state and the relationship you have with your state that really determines where you ought to go,” Craig told The Hill. “That was certainly my case. The Senate itself wasn’t going to judge me. I would allow the citizens of my state to do so. And there is still strong support there.”

Hmm. I'll take Boise State University's word over that of Sen. Intent-to-Resign.

According to BSU's most recent public policy survey, 57 percent of Idahoans do not think Craig should have decided to close out his term. Just 37 percent support Craig's decision to stay; 6 percent were unsure of refused to answer.

Some "strong support."

"strong support"

Larry Craig certainly has enjoyed the strong support of Idahoans in the past. If he had handled his episode of indescretion honestly and professionally from the get-go, he may still enjoy our strong support.

We are a very forgiving people but I believe it fair to have questioned his judgment and forthrightness of late. In my mind his handling of the situation was worse than the "sin" itself.

My "support" is tepid at best, and steeped in disappointment. I suspect BSU's survey numbers are pretty close.

Support for Larry

C'mon, Kevin: There are people who still support Larry. And, in the interest of providing real information, I think you should list the names of all three of them.

You Too

I'm with you Gordon, Us Bi-sexuals must stick together and someday we will be like the "Normal People" It just goes to show that Larry is as it was reported. I know the bathroom senerios and his actions fits the bill.

Nothing about the crazy DJ guy burying the 'stolen' car stunt?

Everything is a PR stunt anymore. Nobody supports anything without PR.