Axl Rose: Wouldn't he like to be a Pepper, too?

In an attempt to get Axl Rose to cough up the mythical "Chinese Democracy" album, Dr Pepper has offered everyone a free can of soda if he releases it this year. Everyone except Slash and Buckethead, that is.

Now THAT’S funny.

In response, Rose at least had a slight sense of humor. But let's be honest here: If the album is as exciting as the so-called Guns 'N Roses concert at the Idaho Center in 2002, no big loss if it never arrives.

Ah, just thinking of that 4 1/2-hour Nampa debacle is a warm 'n' fuzzy trip down hate-mail memory lane. I received nearly 120 e-mails and calls from around the globe -- mostly from fans who didn't even attend the show! -- about the concert review. A few were congratulatory, but most were quite ... unpleasant. G 'N R fans definitely still exist, and they are definitely hard-core. I dig it.

It's not cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper...

Axl is just particular.

Here's a recording that took 148 years!

Listen to the MP3 file and read the story behind it. This is an actual (female?) voice recreated from traced paper drenched in oil smoke and scanned (15 decades later), processed to present 10 seconds of Au claire de la lune, 17 years prior to Edison's phonograph.

Before you get too excited, the tracings were intended to study sound patterns, not for playback. This sample however is the earliest copyable example of a human voice ever reproduced!

Now that we've recreated sounds from virtually nothing and played Layla of a molecular sized radio, what is next?

PS The Chinese need to release that album FIRST!