Environmental historians meet in Boise

The American Society for Environmental History is in Boise at the Centre on the Grove through Saturday for a conference titled, “Agents of Change: People, Climate and Places through Time.”

Non members can participate in the conference for $105 or $40 daily. Some of the nation’s top environmental historians will be talking about wild fires, climate change, energy, wilderness and agriculture.

I’m on a panel today that examines the how the policy of fighting wildfires in and around urban areas developed, a major issue here especially since the Eighths Street Fire burned into Boise in 1996. Thursday I’ll share a panel with wild fire expert Stephen Pyne of Arizona State University reexamining the Yellowstone fires of 1988.

I’ll share some stories from the conference here through Friday.

That's too much money w/o food, drink and Spitzer chicks.