How well do you know the news?

Journalists are competitive by nature, so we’re always looking for ways to test and prove our knowledge of the news.

Every Monday morning, we post a quiz based on the previous week's news
events. It's created by the McClatchy newsroom. Sometimes we think the
questions are easy, and sometimes we think they are too random.

But it does bring out the competitive streak -- "I got 80 percent correct,
how about you?" or "Off week for me -- I only got 60 percent correct."

Take the quiz yourself and see how you stack up against your co-workers.
Here's the link for this week's quiz

It's posted in the "News Updates" section every Monday morning but after
more news is posted throughout the day, you'll find it under "Life" on the

I'm curious about what you think - is the quiz too easy? Too difficult?

Darlene Carnopis
Online Initiatives/Technology editor

More than I want to.

I have a quiz for

I have a quiz for many people in town have the silent disease? Who did you kiss today? Boise is drug and gang infested and it got worse. They brought a killer with them. Your daughter? Your son? Who will it get next? Why don't you stop it? It is toooo late now!!!