Idaho wolf in Oregon

Last week we had news reports in the Idaho Statesman that one of Idaho's wolves is roaming around in Oregon.
That's wild.
The Idaho Department of Fish and Game knows this because the female wolf has a radio collar and is somewhere in the Wallowas.
Wolves don't care about state boundaries.
Anyway, my questions are did she swim the Snake River in Hells Canyon to cross over or walk across Hells Canyon Dam, or just walk over the bridges that cross the river below Brownlee Reservoir or below Oxbow Reservoir?
Just a thought.
With all the activity around the highways and bridges, I'd like to think she swam the Snake River. That's wild.

Put the wolf to work!

Oregon is not a welfare state.


Oregon is very much a welfare state. They just hide a lot of it, such as requiring you to pay an extra 20 cents per gallon so that someone else will pump your gas for you.

That goes back to...

The State Fire Marshal circa 1957! It also applies to kerosene, LPG and many aromatic fuels with the potential to be hazardous through ignition or inhaling during dispensing.

It was a safety edict.

I don't perceive any great difference between Ontario and Nyssa prices and Parma or Fruitland and Payette, especially next to the border. Nobody can afford to breakout too much and survive. The Shell across from Nampa's Denny's usually has a horrendous markup compared to Jackson's at the overpass. Of course, I seem to recall that BOTH the Karcher and 2nd St? Stinkers are now GONE, leaving only the Midland corner Jackson's between Nampa and Caldwell (is the other Stinker or the station farther in toward the Cleveland split at the Curt and Hal (former?) lot there? Is there still a Gusher station next to the sportong goods (about a block or so from City Hall)?

See, it's been over two years since I have driven and it shows.

It's like

"trying to fence the wind".

Wolf Management Not Extermination

In Response to the Statemans full page article in Sunday's paper.

As a wildlife supported and Idaho resident, I can sympathize with the Ranchers and Outfitters. I don't feel delisting, hunting, poisoning or trapping is wolf management.

Breaking up packs will create weak, unstable and renegade packs, which will prey on our livestock and cause more human conflicts.

I would like to support a initiative that would resolve these issues. It may seem over simplistic, but as a child from the days of "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom" and Marlin Perkins, I say we should sterilize wolves and place tracking systems on them to see the ecological impact.

Sterilize not extermination.

In closing I would like to ask for support to find a way for us to co-exist with Idaho's wildlife.

Puppy Control

I don't recall reading that before. Certainly a good option for reducing/stabalizing numbers. Are you willing to pay for it?

It's too late!

I saw the news today, oh boy!
Two stray dogs saved in St. John's, Newfoundland...
And though the ice was rather thin,
They sent the firemen in!

Now it's plain as you can see,
They made it on the CBC!!!!!

You'd have to

She's not the first

your comment of "that's wild" would imply you are thinking this is the first wolf to be an illegal immigrant. Surely you were aware of the predecessors and just didn't ask the questions then.

Put on top of that-- is WHY?
If there is food and no pressure here in Idaho, why would any animal make the effort to swim the river or coincidentally find a bridge and then use it to roam somewhere they haven't been before. That must be a lot of curiosity. You know what they say about curiosity...




Do ou suppose wolves wander around new territory similar to all other animals including humans? I would sure rather have wolves around than the predators from down south.

Idaho wolf wandering around Oregon...

and it can't get beer and cigarettes because it's go no ID and it's also 3 am. Woeful!


The wolf must have run out of Idaho elk to slaughter so naturally migrated. Should take care of the stray dog/cat/homeless population in Oregon.


would like to think she gets shot.

But she won't pay any sales tax!

Unlike Idaho wolves.

OPD is always quick to shoot...

A Wolverine parked underneath a truck that was next to the Sully's pub entrance of Rusty's Pancake and Steak in Ontario during karaoke. It was just looking for girls but instead of trying to capture it they just shot it. I guess it would be abusive, but it had a nice fur coat already, would have don't better than most of the guys...

...and just WHO re-introduced the wolves?

Interesting, interesting, interesting.......what we have done has created another "Jurassic Park" by bringing wolves back into an environment that is wrong for them. Totally unfair to them. The climate, amount of people, availability of food...And now, horrors! they're running amok and the mobs are starting to form. Whoops. Looks like we may have made a boo-boo!

While we're in the mood, how about if we go and dig up some pilgrims, throw in a couple vikings, and get some cavemen and let's see how well they manage. I think we should dump them up in the foothills not too far from Harris Ranch.

Why is it?

WE aren't the misfits.

You can't be crazy, Katie, just too lazy to be properly sarcastic.

Why isn't it?

Thank you foreignoregonian, I try not to be toooo sarcastic - remember, we ARE in Idaho, which is also (a) Republican, (b) ahem, Mormon, and (3) full of idiots based on #1 & 2.

PS: Jurassic Park is on Channel 51 as we write.

perhaps we can pick up some tips.



I don't know what is is on cable. Haven't paid attention in ten years. Just numbers on my folks' television (Sony CRT SDTV, somebody gave it to them maybe, at least it's a Trinitron).

a, b, and 3? Don't copy essays for footballers : )

PS Was Jeff Goldblum in that? Are you shilling for something that made more money than Idaho took in vehicle registaration and licensing last year : p

OK. Do it but it's a movie and what's film got to do with it?

Girls On Film (two minutes later)...
Girls On Film...