The invisible Clinton campaign

Inevitable? Or invisible?

The Hillary Clinton campaign — that supposed juggernaut, or so it seemed — has been virtually below the radar in Idaho. It is a remarkable contrast, considering that Sen. Barack Obama is planning a campaign stop in Boise Saturday.

The Clinton campaign has been so silent that the sighting of a very sketchy Clinton for Idaho Web page actually made news on an Idaho Democratic blog earlier this week.

More tantalizing is this item from Randy Stapilus, a veteran Northwest political blogger and former Boisean who was passing through town last week.

Writes Stapilus: "The Hillary Clinton forces do exist, but they’re much lower key. The discussion this week has to do with the personal calls to some key Idaho Democrats (who either hadn’t endorsed yet, or who were thought not to have) from no less than Bill Clinton. One on one, that could have some effect."

Or could it? Obama has succeeded in securing many key Democratic endorsements in Idaho. One factor: I believe some Democrats are afraid Hillary Clinton would be toxic to Democrats elsewhere on the ticket. I'm not sure how persuasive her husband could be on that score.

So, a week before Idaho Democrats take part in Super Tuesday, you have a very well-polished Obama presence (replete with four field offices, including one in the GOP stronghold of Idaho Falls). You have some scattered support for former Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina, namely from former state party chair Bill Mauk and from a fellow Boise attorney, Kurt Holzer.

And for Clinton? Pretty quiet out there. It'll make for an interesting Super Tuesday.

How Obama Rises Above Old, Dirty Politics

From Bill Richardson, here is a story that is so telling of how Obama truly rises above the rest and takes the high road.


"...and he said he likes Obama, telling a story about how Obama saved him during one of last year's Democratic debates:

"I had just been asked a question -- I don't remember which one -- and Obama was sitting right next to me. Then the moderator went across the room, I think to Chris Dodd, so I thought I was home free for a while. I wasn't going to listen to the next question. I was about to say something to Obama when the moderator turned to me and said, 'So, Gov. Richardson, what do you think of that?' But I wasn't paying any attention! I was about to say, 'Could you repeat the question? I wasn't listening.' But I wasn't about to say I wasn't listening. I looked at Obama. I was just horrified. And Obama whispered, 'Katrina. Katrina.' The question was on Katrina! So I said, 'On Katrina, my policy . . .' Obama could have just thrown me under the bus. So I said, 'Obama, that was good of you to do that.'"

Obama promises a lot of things no President can deliver

Get real , no foreclosures when he is President!, hey if you take out a loan , mortgage loan orotherwise and you don't meet the agreed on payments you are subject to foreclosure.
Hillary is a little more realistic saying she wants a 90 day moratorium on federally funded mortgages being foreclosed on if she is elected.
Still neither of them are addressing the real problem are they?
The real problem is that people are being qualified to buy homes on variable rate mortgages for homes that are way beyond their means in the first place, these aren't regular houses that are being foreclosed on, all are in the value ranges of over a hundred or more k.
We are the second generation in our home, owned by my husband's parents andf they bought it from an insurance salvage sale after a fire, they rennovated it added a basement foundation and raised three children in it
no the ceilings aren't vaulted and some of the rooms are smaller , the tyub is an old clawfoot tub but hey its paid for
and we live within our means as a result we are saving toward our retirement by buying gold bullion ounce coins one a month, the best hedge against inflation possible, another sacred investment item we have is my Great Grandmothers Damask Rose patternsterling silver flatware a 24 piece set with lemon forks, that set is so valuable nowe for its artistic value and the silver our Allstate agent wants it to go in a bank vault, to my Great Grandmother it was the silverware. our house is nothing fancy , we rewired it twice last time with a new panel box that was more modern and we grounded it with copper rods, the porch and sidewalk have been repaired from cracks and trees cut away from near the house. still inside we are warm and cozy and we can afford a night out as well as our gasoline because we live within our means.
Obama can't stop foreclosures until the US citizens start living within their means- GET REAL!

I have no intention of letting the media tell me how to vote

I sure don't plan to vote for Obama, he needs to grow up first of all this man is a former drug user, we can do better than that.

Tell me then, Russ?

Would you withhold a vote for Alice Cooper?

He's a lot more intelligent, maybe Canadian, not sure where old Alice wandered in from...still Alice IS more brilliant.

don't be ridiculous not gonna vote for Alice Cooper either!

I don't think I can stomach a guy who wears make up to be the president of the US of A and if he is Canadian then he cannot be the US President you have to be born as a US citizen of two US citzen parents and on US soil its part of the requirements, no immigrant can be President.
And intelligence??
An intelligent person whould not run for president of the US the office tends to age people considerably.

Alcoholism did most...

of the aging for Alice and thank god he quit!

So do car salesmen, computer dealers and lovers.


As any would...

By wearing new, dirtier clothes.

that makes no sense

I think clothes should be clean no matter how old they are

It's a joke, son!

Don't strain your eyes over it : )

A lot more than just a couple of us Kevin

Just because we are the ones on the Press releases doesnt mean that support is scattered. People like Legislator Bill Killen, Bannock County Commissioner Lin Whitworth, Kathy Johnson in Kootenai County, Maria Mabbut in Canyon County, Bill & Charlotte Morris in Boundry County and many others. Edwards' support is solid North to South and East to West in Idaho.

JOHN EDWARDS For President: Idaho Democratic Caucus News

With county caucus coordinators now in place in almost 40 of the 44 Idaho Counties, John Edwards’ Idaho campaign is rolling forward with great energy. “We are excited and working to make sure that Idaho Democrats’ voices are heard,” said Idaho co-chair Bill Mauk today. “The national campaign is incredibly invigorated and has great energy as does the Idaho effort. Idaho is just one of the states Senator Edwards is looking solid in for February 5th .”

From NBC's Victoria Riess via MSNBC First Read

In a conference call today, the Edwards campaign announced an "aggressive media buy" in ten states over the next 48 hours, which it plans to expand as February 5th approaches. According to the campaign, the ad buys will give the public more exposure to Edwards' message and help him win support because, "as we saw in South Carolina, once people have a chance to hear directly from John Edwards, the numbers move."
The campaign added that fundraising is booming, totalling almost $4 million dollars even before Federal Matching Funds took effect. The campaign noted that the most significant trend in an increase in fundraising came from long-time online supporters who made first-time contributions.
The campaign is confident going into the race for delegates on Feb 5th, citing several states in which Edwards has strong support and backing (AL, CA, ID, GA, MA, MN, MO, NM, ND, OK, TN).

Moot Edwards is no longer in the mix ,he was a flash in the pan!

Edwards dropped out, who knows who he will now support.

But not Oregon...

and you must realize the biggest gripe we have in Eastern Oregon is that Metro folks think Oregon ends in BEND. That's why we want state senators and representatives that are strong and work hard to keep us in the mix.

Because Portland media only has ONE broadcast TV channel to represent them HERE (Oregon Public Broadcasting) and the other took YEARS to get back on cable (KGW and I don't have cable) after the federal law about simulcasts and exclusive programming rights that was supposed to protect other stations' markets from ratings drain made the four commercial Portland stations look like Swiss cheese and they came in on expensive microwave links that were TOUGH to engineer through the Lime/Huntington area. *Lime is a concrete plant and exit on Oregon 84 W if I remember well. The terrain makes it hard so it was expensive, and these were the 1990s.

At least in the past

the good old boys in Asylum would come to eastern Oregon for the pheasant season and do a couple of speeches at the Rotary club and Chamber of Commerce so they could write the trip off. But you're right, the new politicians have no interest in eastern Oregon other than sending the prisoners there and stealing trained correctional officers from Idaho for better pay and benefits.

The official county offices for our...

state senator have usually been near the corner of SW 2nd St and SW 3rd Ave and have been for a few years. Tom Butler would call or come in to the KSRV-AM studios down the street and talk almost every week.

PS It's SALEM and I've lived there for a coupler weeks. The Capitol building is impressive, though hardly as much as Idaho's. You may not realize the treasure you actually have ENOUGH.


I love the defense of Edwards at the same time his pretty boy trial lawyer, no experience, liberal anti gun, anti dam, rear end is exiting the race.

When you have support from the likes of Bill Mauk, it makes it hard to win.

LOL. Bill Mauk. LOL

Edwards is a loser

face it he loses too often

He should step aside...

he's hogging it.

LOLOL I'd roll on the floor laughing but this is where they leave the tacks that failed quality control!

the republicans on the other hand

They seem to have nothing to offer this year except a bunch of old whiners, its very sad maybe US politics is a dying thing
they certainly seem somewhat dead

With all the WHINING and HOOHAH anymore...

I'd expect it to be stillborn.


Having Republicans on your other hand, unless you ARE a Suede-o-masochist or something.

Well , the Republicans really didn't have a candidate this time

McCain is their best bet only because of his war record,and he has been known to throw the occasional tantrum, I respect hinm for the pain he endured as a POW but I don't see him as a leader. Mitt Romney is the best looking candidate the Republicans have and has a chance mostly in Utah and Idaho, I respect his values the best. Mike just isn't my idea of a President, and in my town I see a lot of Ron Paul signs hmmm

I am no masochist

just saying this is one of the most disappointing presidential election years I ever saw

I wish they would choose a non blizzard season 4 super tuesday

but hey maybe they don't really want voter participation? They coulda picked a better season for this

Plug the inverter in to the Slow-cat's cigarette lighter...

and keep coffee or soup warm on the way to the polls!

This is a political strategy

This is a political strategy as well: setting the votes date on a day that people work or can't make it God knows why. I was studying European politics and came across the recent presidential elections of Romania. One of the candidates had the simple folks votes so the counter-party set the voting date on a Saturday when people work their lands or some still go to work in the mornings. This way they thought many people will not come to vote the other candidate. Well, their method only brought them a larger number of votes but they still lost.
building links

Europe's govt's don't suck as bad...

The Euro Community crap brings out the worst government a phony government can espouce though...about as bad as Hitler saying he was 'uniting' his homelands. Bunch of bullies.