Make sure you have running lights

Waterfowl hunters are getting ticketed if they don't have running lights on their boats when going out to hunting areas in the dark.
I talked to a hunter at one of the boat ramps on the Snake River today who ended up getting fined $84.
Marine deputies are enforcing the running lights law to prevent accidents.
There were six boats at one ramp and seven at another ramp within five miles on the river so you know there is some busy boat traffic in the morning.
A marine deputy said they have heard of near crashes on the river in the dark with faster boats overtaking slower ones.
Better get a set of running lights. It could be expensive without them.
By the way, duck hunting was terrible Sunday. Most hunters reported poor hunting.
It was a complete turnaround from last weekend when hunting was good.
Go figure.

It could be expensive??

It could be expensive without them???
That's the reason to get lights???

Right, and to say nothing of colliding with another boat and being liable for killing someone in a collission.

BTW I believe it was Senate committee that killed a bill to require boater safety with learning navigation rules and for operators to carry certification. The idiot who got fined might be the exact idiot that bill would help. I am anti-laws and government regulation unless it protects me from idiots. That one I would be in favor of requiring better boater education of the rules.

Zimo, I know you are safety oriented from your many safety bits and pieces, but I am very disappointed you don't even use the word safety or shout safety is the reason for lights,,, way over and beyond avoiding the $84 fine. Maybe even some tidbits of how to safely overtake another boat, and how about bells and/or horns for heavy fog?

Good points


We use running lights and a big spotlight. The spot light really works well for watching for other boats, logs, islands and sandbars.
Thanks for mentioning the safety angle.

Drowning in the middle of a lake ain't fun...

and you can't call their cell to warn them.