Curtis Bowers: The saga continues

In a case of the life of the Idaho Legislature imitating the art of Bob Dylan, here's the latest verse in the ballad of state Rep. Curtis Bowers.

Last week, you'll recall, Bowers wrote a rather bizarre newspaper guest opinion, chronicling his covert operation to infiltrate a 1992 Communist Party meeting. There, he said, he heard Communists espouse feminism, environmentalism and gay rights — policies that have worked their way into the political mainstream.

Unmoved both by Bowers' reasoning and his stealth, Eileen Wight of Nampa has launched an online petition drive targeting the Caldwell Republican.

"As Democratic, Republican and Independent Idahoans, we urge Rep. Bowers to apologize to every hard-working, patriotic citizen offended by his absurd accusations and get back to doing the people’s business. Either that or resign so that someone else can."

So let's recap. Bowers has never stood before the voters in Canyon County's District 10. He was appointed in April, in a less-than-inspired moment, by Gov. Butch Otter, who passed over two other finalists to pick Bowers. Never elected, Bowers is already under heat to resign. That, sports fans, takes some doing.

Say this for Bowers: He keeps on writing. In today's Idaho Press-Tribune, he responds to critics of his first column.

"Trying to silence anyone who disagrees by labeling them 'hateful' or 'intolerant' is a clever way to take away their freedom of speech, but one that should never be used," he writes. "Any group or individual that tries to label a difference in opinion or woridview as 'hateful' should kindly remember this isn’t the Soviet Union yet."

Well, that ought to smooth everything over.

Like the old movie cliche goes...

"Oh GOD NO, Marge...IT'S DRUGS"!

Now, wait a minute, honey? Didn't WE do them too?

OKAY, that settles's SEX and I'm going to have a few choice words...

UMM...I think we did a lot of that too...

PS If you take the vertically formatted Ron Paul signs I saw, and I'm not saying, heavens NO, but replace the ON with U...

think about it...

RuPaul 2008 Not Just President but QUEEN...

President, First Lady and goodness those supermodels have come so far!

Curtis Bowers is another GOP wanting to bring back the 50's

Otter chose him, among two other preferred GOP candidates, to carry on the fringe right wing in Idaho.

Otter knows he, himself, would have been only a drugstore cowboy without his marrying Gay Simplot. The right wing likes those types.

Women need to stay home and have rich husbands, the GOP way.

McCarthy has returned

Joseph McCarthy has returned. Curtis Bowers entered Idaho's political arena fully ready to combat all the social ills associated with those ungodly Communists.
Mr. Bower's rhetoric is reminiscent of McCarthyism during the 1950's. Eventually McCarty's claims turned out to be nothing more than a witch-hunt.
Can we expect the same fervor by Bowers? Will he demand the Idaho legislature investigate those dangerous Communists as a threat to our security? We don't need to worry about those other issues affecting the state. According to Bowers, we need to stop those vile Communists before they destroy the "American way of life." Sadly, Bowers is stuck in a Cold War time warp.
Mr. Bowers it's time for a short history lesson. The Soviet Union collapsed and was replaced by a confederation of independent states of which most are democratically elected.
I was somewhat glad Bill Sali made it to Washington that meant there was one less "fricking idiot" in the state legislature. Unfortunately, Governor Otter decided we needed a grade A replacement idiot and he found one in Curtis Bowers.

He coulda easily found one

He coulda easily found one HERE...

Ignorant of you ....

... to think that communists don't exist. Well maybe not. They call themselves "progressives" now. Do some research. National socialists. Fascists. You want to say that these are all fantasies of paranoid people. Do the research before you start spouting off. Better yet read a book called "Liberal Fascism" by Jonah Goldberg. Dare you.

This is OREGON, dear!

If our library doesn't have it I will have to spend 15 dollars to get it from another library as WE HAVEN'T HAD A STATE LIBRARY SYSTEM IN OVER TEN YEARS.

Them late fees are somethin'

When did Jenny ever leave?

Maybe her senses but still...not the Queen Britney.

Which Simplot is Gay?

Are you starting another one of THOSE things?

I used to think Otter was doing this deliberately....

appointing the dregs of his Party's wingnut section to the Legislature, in some sort of dialectic strategy. Especially after he appointed Shirley McKague, the walking corpse, from Nampa. But now I think he's just showing his true colors.

Is that you, Paine?

Grow up and what took you 2 years. Thank you.

Maybe this dude...

wrote all the MI5 Victim stuff on the newsgroups!

The Dems answer Bowers (

The Naked Comusexual

Rep. Curtis Bowers
Idaho State House of Representatives

Dear Rep. Bowers,

I salute you. It takes a lot of guts to grow a goatee and infiltrate a communist meeting, but by God, I'm glad you did it. If you hadn't, we may have never learned that the homosexual movement is nothing more than a communist operation to destroy America by first destroying the American Family.

Now it's time to take the next step and infiltrate the comusexual's Idaho headquarters, a bar called the The Sheepherder's Secret in Soda Springs. It's not going to be easy. It'll take more than a goatee to get in there this time. We'll need to break out our nipple chains, leather jock straps, and ass chaps. You know the kind of chaps I'm talking about: red leather, gold hammer and sickle, chaps so sexy it's like they have "seize my means of production" written all over them.

And we're going to have to speak their lingo too. No "Hi, nice to meet you" when we arrive there. It's "Socialist greetings comrade sailor. Let us celebrate the joys of dialectical materialism by placing our party organs in each others' proletariat."

Now that I think more about it, I realize it's going to take a lot of preparation to pull this off. Maybe you could join me in my trailer for a weekend. We could practice and work out and watch my extensive collection of gladiator movies. Do you have a gladiator outfit?

Heterosexually yours,

Gen. JC Christian, patriot

JC was never a soldier.

Stop blaspheming the notion and name of your Saviour.


Do you ever have a point to make, foreignoregonian, or are you just a troll?

That's what I've been wondering for a long time

so I finally posted some nonsense in reply.

He used to dump on my post then wonder why I kicked him around so I started in jibberish instead & now some other guy is kicking me. This is great entertainment. I'm a little too much like Lewis Black as far as kicking Bush & politicians around & they think I'm too serious. Guess I won't make it as a stand up.

Oh well? He basically gave me the same as you in the next rant.

You wasted all the good material

for your presidential campaign on that Geico-as-Satan thing. Why do you think you wouldn't get razzed on some?

You will never have much luck chasing after me and trying to play a game.

You acted childish and forgot I've spent 8 years reading newsgroups. That was wasted time. There's also a rule in there that says don't fabricate stuff.

have phun.

More jibberish?

Rules? Who's the Post man?

If I posted an idea to save the taxpayer $, you'd do all you possibly could to shoot it down. You are all about yourself & that's it. Give the people the opportunity to better their lives by reducing the taxes they pay which you don't by not owning, without your jibberish.

You're an internet pig, like the phone/cable companies. Let it go. If you don't own & don't pay taxes why would you openly suggest you don't care that the rest of US pay more taxes & you love it? Who is being childish? It's all about you & your internet wanna be world. The rest of US have a life, live, & pay taxes. We make it happen. You don't, you live in a ride a bike world going no where.

Sorry to leave you out but if you don't want to be a part of the world don't blame US!
Don't fabricate? How about just living among the living without laughing at US for paying the taxes you avoid through fear?


PAINE is an *** for mixing religious and patriotic allegory into a 7-speed Hamilton Beach.

This is common for him however. I've had to read him.

My point is...

A troll is as anybody doesn't like, which is pretty useless.
If I point make a point to you it's fine.

Gee whiz, I've been here on this so-called internet 13 years and 8 years of it have gone to waste listening to old men on Usenet complaing that kids have ruined newsgroups, etc.

I'm 41 and most of those guys are about my age to 55. It's Bill Gates let them in or AOL etc. I've used computer since 1979(!) and I assure you that if our kids screwed up the internet, more of us went along with it, part and parcel.

It never fails to amaze me that a handful of bloggers think they do anything more than chat. Who is reading this site other than Scott Syme (a couple of times, and to get you to check out his site for his race) and how does it help?

This is commentary. I'm happy you're unhappy but if you go following me around barking like rule #6 ain't nothing, don't expect a Christmas card.

Thanks for writing, foreignoregonian (the tag is a pun too, son)

Whoa, slow downnnn Jethro,

you're kinda gowin offff theee deeeep ennnnnd. You might think you have all the internet experience the rest of US only dream of but we're not riding a bike around the looney farm. The rest of US own cars, a home, & pay the taxes that make America happen. You kick US & laugh at US for contributing through taxes with your jibberish, "I don't care."
You sound like Bruce Willis on that movie when he's making fun of the girlfriend,

I know I'm all about bashing our representatives about taxes. Think about it. corporations used to pay 50% of taxes, today they pay 10% & we pay 90%. Campaign contriiiiibuuuutionnnnssss. Sounds like tater salad, doesn't it? They're filty stinking riiiiiicchhhhhh. You know when he's talkin about the in laws?

If I could pay $50 to each of the two contolling parties & get $100,000 back I'd be all in. We all would! Unfortuneatly that only works in the corporate world. Buy a democrat, buy a republican & your horse can't lose! The American people aren't invited to play!

It isn't about you or me. I need help too buddy but I'm more than willng to let you in line ahead of me because you're obviously, missing a spoke in the wheeeeeeel of life.

It's simple. We need to start controlling our misrepresentatives! They're breaking US!
Be a shareholder! Doesn't matter if you make $6 an hour or $15 an hour, you are a shareholder in the largest corporation in the world, America.

Alright, Foreignoregoneian freak, poor on the jibberish. Your name alone spells nutcake.

Look Behind the Curtain

Foreign Oregonian is a fool with too much time on his/her hands. All you have to do is read this individual's repetitive and redundant posts to see the goal is to bait people who post comments.

The sad thing is FO's posts aren't intelligent, clever or funny.

And the intent of the infamous FO sign off? Hardly original and clearly reflects how thin skinned s/he is.

Don't rise to the bait.

Don't drool, you two.

Hey Look, it snowed again.

Considering that I'm not employed other than self-employement I wonder if you can possibly be any more obvious.

Where else do you want me to be, Albert? I fix electronics for myself and for my friends. No, I don't care who or what yours are or if you8 think much of mine.

After 8 years on NNTP/Usenet/newsgroups or whatever you think of them, none of this garbage works.

And you sound familiar. Like, from Florida, or Chicago, or who cares.

If you were one bit political I'd worry.

Bowers is one whacked dude...

He responds to criticism he is out of touch with current reality by saying...'oh yeah, well look at this manual from the 1950's that says I'm freakin' right'.

Well Mr Bowers, there were once 'manuals' and reports on how to identify a witch, and how to deal with them appropriately. Would you stand by those too? Sometimes ignorant paranoid people attribute their dislikes to those they call evil or the enemy. It doesn't mean they are right.

Sensible Republicans need to look at replacing this doofus.

I need one of those manuals

because it seems a lot of people are using them. We need to keep them women at home taking care of ten kids too?

I'm waiting for some of that 21st century stuff to come out so I can at least try to fit in.

Watching Lewis Black last night on the Comedy channel & he goes off on that get under the dest in case of nuclear attack stuff. I'm all about his style of humor because I kick Bush & the rest of our representatives too but I guess I'm too serious. I won't survive the attack because I'd forget to get under a desk. I need that manual.

Don't get this post wrong, seems my sense of humor isn't in the manual either. I get kicked all over the place for suggesting we move into the 21st century. I agree with your assessment.