A new Statesman columnist

I encourage you to check out the Statesman's newest syndicated columnist: David Sirota.

Sirota is the author of the best-seller "Hostile Takeover: How Big Money & Corruption Conquered Our Government – And How We Take It Back." Sirota is based in Denver, and he will view national issues from a unique and much-needed Western perspective.

Perhaps most important, Sirota is no stranger to many of our readers: He spoke at an Ada County Democratic banquet in November, and I heard from several readers — both before and after his speech — asking us to add his column.

Check out his debut in Sunday's Insight section.

Yay!! David Sirota!!

Kudos to the Idaho Statesman for this aquisition.

This is what passes for balance

to Dan Popkey?
Why not just publish his columns as your editorials; the content will be one and the same.

Hey Meridian...

If you're not happy with the columns of Dan Popkey published in the Idaho Statesman in Boise, Idaho, why don't you simply subscribe to your local newspaper...The Meridian...??? I'd love to see what's printed in the heart of republicana mormonia!

Hate Speech

and I'm offended


I was offended when you criticised Dan Popkey. I find his writing to be refreshing in the "reddest of the red states."


Being a "native" of anything is purely an accident of birth that you had absolutely nothing to do with!
Methinks you should hang up the sheet and stick the pointy hat in the closet! You are WAY over the top here! It's statements like yours that give the whole state a bad "rep"!
You need to start acting like your Momma and Pappa are watching. They would be ashamed!!

You mistook something for something...

Since when does any of that have to do with any of THAT or that OTHER that?

Is That That?

When ever someone interjects the they are a native Idahoan

I stop them in mid sentence and ask "what tribe?".

aishenda'ga embai'gandishe

(Thanks for asking) I'm half Shoshoni and half Italian. I make the world's best bolognese sauce from venison.

Pheasant or Chukar?

I would like elk better if you have to use a hoofed animal.


What species?


Sirota was dullsville at the Ada Democrat's fundraiser. Said nothing new or even inspirational. I doubt he even prepared. If this is what passes for quality national political analysis now that Molly Ivins is gone, we're in trouble.


We were in trouble the first time Entertainment Tonight uttered the name of Anna Nicole Smith, to be honest.


another liberal columnist, just what the statesman needs!

Since THIS was entered by Kevin in 2007...

what the hell happened to him?