Idaho gives a holiday gift to the national media

Just in time for the slow news season comes style="text-decoration:underline;">this juicy little dispatch from small-town Idaho. A school nurse at the Wilder School District takes at least four teenagers to a clinic to get contraceptives.

At least one student gets a shot of Depo-Provera, a birth control hormone.

Parents aren't happy with the district.

Teens. Sex. Controversy. Parents vs. school administrators. It's enough to make a gleeful editor say, "Sen. Larry who?"

Anyone want to start up a pool on when the first national media outlet descends on rural Canyon County?

Or start up a pool on the inevitable headline, "Girls Gone Wilder?"

Parents vs school administrators

Who has the responsibility for children, parents or the state? A totalitarian state takes the responsibility for the purpose of indoctrination in that state's philosophy. In America, a free country, parents have always had the responsibility. Schools have traditionally operated with the permission of parents as "en loco parentus"--in the place of parents. Teachers couldn't (and I understand still can't) give aspirin to children without a parent's permission. The pro-abortion crowd is so adamant about promoting promiscuity so they can obtain abortions (that's money)that they are by-passing parents as much as possible in sex education and "protection." They protect pedophiles by refusing to tell authorities when minors have abortions--that usually indicates statutory rape. The teahers who took those children to the facility (a Planned Parenthood business, I assume; it's not a health clinic) should at least be fined and possibly relieved of their school responsibilities.

But Allen!

Why didn't you take them?

I'm glad somebody cared 1/2 way even if they should've had a talk with the girls AND their parents...

At least this person wasn't trying to be as ignorant as folks in the '60s and before and I didn't see any actual abortions mentioned.

Sending a pregnant girl to a home and taking her baby from her while demeaning her as less than something was also disgusting and there were no 'pills' or legal abortions. Please don't unnecessarily mention dangerous/"safe"/radical abortion procedures as I know that and that's not what I'm getting at. Women should have the right to be what they long to be and that should mean deciding if they want to create life before the actual act and not after the fact, but they do get pregnant and will continue because sex is an EMOTIONAL NEED as much as a PHYSICAL ACT.

Am I against abortion? I wouldn't ask for it if I was told I made somebody pregnant. I can't speak for anyone else but I do feel there are better ways to help a womam of any age than making a picket line and screaming god will get you or bombing and killing.

You have missed the entire point if you ignore the woman until she is pregnant or really ill from it.

Soon to be

I can't wait for the day when an Econ teacher secretly takes students to the local Idaho Young Republican rally.

You missed one!

Idaho Log Cabin Gay Republicans and Wyoming Hunting Expo.

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The case can be made

that if youth don't feel comfortable going to their parents regarding birth control, there damned well better be someone willing to step in and give the kid information as well as access. We've seen a recent alarming increase in the rate of teen pregnancy in the last year, due in no small part IMO to the abstinence only policies of our current administration. There's a name for kids who don't get the information and the tools they need to prevent pregnancy..."parents". Nobody is promoting promiscuity. Some people are promoting common sense, and this gripes the hell out of sanctimonious types who think it won't happen to their children.

A judge recently ruled that a 14 year old boy could refuse life-saving medical treatment on the grounds of his religious convictions. If this is to be the way of our country, then there's nothing wrong with 14 year olds deciding for themselves whether or not to be sexually active. And they WILL be, with or without parental approval.

The school nurse who compassionately provided information and access to birth control for 4 students is to be commended for her straight forward attitude. I'll assume she didn't drag them kicking and screaming to the health clinic.

Re: The case can be made

Yes, I can agree with pretty much all of your post. Thanks for making a number of good points.


Sorry to disappoint you. It wasn't Planned Parenthood. Go back and read.

PP is a women's health facility (clinic) regardless of what you say or would like to believe. My kids at the ages of 9/10 took sex education classes there. Each child was accompanied by at least one parent, although in most (as with us) both parents and siblings.

Promotion of promiscuity....our kids told us when in high school that those sex ed classes were the primary reasons they weren't sexually active OR wanted the means to obtain birth control (at the age of 17).

Keep a tight grip on your ignorance.

And kudos to coultergeist! Especially for this: Nobody is promoting promiscuity. Some people are promoting common sense, and this gripes the hell out of sanctimonious types who think it won't happen to their children.


The more you actually explain sex and it's effects tends to turn them off that path anyway...also if you keep them busy with responsibilities and activities that show them they are loved and meaningful and have self-esteem and ambition.

They're are always girls who have a fantasy that a baby will have no harmful side effects and somehow make them better. You should be noticing how your children feel about babies and if there is something wrong in their total relationship picture that leaves them challenged to see the truth.

Boys need to see that girls are the other half of the sky and if they are not well neither are boys.


When 2 of the 9th grade girls I taught in the NYC public schools came and told me they thought they were pregnant, all regulations permitted me to do was refer them to their guidance counselor. Had I taken action such as the Wilder school nurse, the results would have been my immediate dismissal, the suspension or revokation of my teaching license and a probable lawsuit. And there's a big difference between handing out condoms and giving adolescents hormones that might affect them negatively for years to come...a Depo Provera shot is medical treatment, and I wonder why the medical facility is even allowed to do it. I know if one of my 14-year-old son's teachers took such action without my knowledge or permission, he/she and the school administrators would be served with legal papers before they were served their next dinner.

Of course, pregnancy wouldn't

affect a 14 year old negatively for years to come. Snark intended.

Hopefully you have the kind of relationship with your children where they wouldn't feel the need to seek out their sexual education from the school nurse. That's a good thing, but hardly the only situation today's youth have. Your threat to sue the teacher is a bit off base, since it wasn't a teacher but a health care provider involved in this particular case.

Chastity belts...

with GPS and wireless alarms.

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Now you know I wrote this before Hey! and was being ornery.

PS Are my kin...

the only Idahoans not constantly talking about sex?

Somehow I doubt the perv brigades are going to demand Dateline arrest them there on live TV.