Responses, re. Steven Thayn

A sampling of responses to my style="text-decoration:underline;">Wednesday post about Rep. Steven Thayn — and his son Damon Thayn's guilty plea stemming from a domestic dispute.

• From style="text-decoration:underline;"> Bryan Fischer at the Idaho Values Alliance: "Note in particular the utter lack of sympathy for Rep. Thayne (sic) and his family from someone who fancies himself the very embodiment of liberal compassion.

"Thus the Statesman’s editors hypocritically and shamelessly transgress what they claim is their own standard for the conduct of public officials — that what happens in their personal lives and the lives of their families is nobody’s business and irrelevant to the debate over public policy.

"Other pro-family lawmakers can falter in their support of the work of their colleagues in the face of such mean-spirited and malicious attacks, think that somehow the Statesman’s editors are speaking for the majority of Idahoans, and grant them a de facto heckler’s veto over any family-friendly legislation they don’t happen to like. But of course nobody elected the editors of the Idaho Statesman to establish public policy for the Gem State."

• From Republican blogger style="text-decoration:underline;">Adam Graham: "(Damon Thayn) may have to end up leaving the state (though that would be a rather extreme outcome.) The damage to Damon Thayn will hurt his wife and child — who did nothing to merit it.

"And why? Because at the end of the day, Kevin Richert and the Idaho Statesman didn’t care about what was responsible or ethical. All they wanted was to hurt Steve Thayn, and they didn’t care who else got hurt in the process.

"I went to college to study journalism and had an offer for a full-tuition scholarship to the University of Montana, which has one of the finest journalism schools in the country. It’s at times like this that I’m glad I turned them down. If this is what 'professional journalism' is, I’m glad not to have any part of it."

• From online respondent eeckles: "Liberals love to hear themselves talk or in Richert's case type. It amazes me they don't get tired of using so much energy to say nothing. It does seem like the brainwashing that takes place in our public education system through elementary, secondary, and college schooling somehow destroys the mind's ability to think logically or understand basic concepts of reality. I'm sure Richert's parents are embarrassed to have raised someone so mentally bankrupt."

Thank Goodness for Kevin Richert

The far right like Thayn and Fischer don't like their own lack of values pointed out.

If these people had not set themselves as righteous enough to set moral policy for the rest of us, they wouldn't have suffered the fall.

I was hoping...

he had ravioli!

And in the Blue Corner..

I don't know about Thank Godness for KR, but I'll agree to Thank Godness for a free press with cajones to print the news even when it affects our politicians.

Not sure why it's important to label a blogger as Republican or otherwise. Although, crybaby might fit in this case.
And for all three, when Damon Thayne committed a crime, it became public information and that is news. Just like when Jimmy Carter's brother was caught peeing in public, that was news! Billy Carter's incident was at least funny.

There's nothing funny or innocent about domestic battery.

Idaho Values Alliance An Idiotic Name

The rightous should be quite angry with Thayn not Richert.
The values of this group are so transparent. Damon was just the symptom of the sickness of this family. The sickness of a self appointed leader of values. He demeans all that is moral and good in this world.

So is Knights of Columbus...

but they do decent stuff, so there.

When I found out the Thayn boy threw his wife to the ground

and he was my kid, I'd show him the same treatment. So sad his dad just chose to excuse his abuse of women.

Math A, Social Studies B+...

English C-

IF I found out and he were...

He isn't though. You received an A+ in Rhetorical Statements.

Free Will

Many good parents have children who choose wrong actions, and many bad parents have children who choose good actions. Parents influence but do not control their adult--or even teen-age--children. God gave every individual free will to choose right or wrong--good or evil. Rep. Thayne cannot--at least should not--be held responsible for the actions of his adult son.