Senate leaders back off pressure, allowing Craig to funnel money to Idaho

Sen. Larry Craig has desperately sought to prove his decision to stay in the Senate was about serving Idaho, not his own interests. He got some help Thursday by a story in The Hill.

The Capitol newspaper, which broke the story on his arrest and guilty plea to charges resulting from a men’s rest room sting, reported today that Senate leaders have apparently backed off stripping Craig of his “earmarks.”

Earmarks are provisions adding funding to spending bills for a congressman’s own preferred programs. Craig has 84 earmarks, the Hill said in various appropriation bills and is the only sponsor for 22 of them says Taxpayers for Common Sense.

These earmarks include funding for the Idaho National Laboratory, the state’s universities and all kinds of projects Idaho leaders worried would be lost when Craig leaves.

So far that includes language salmon advocates say is aimed at overruling a federal judge’s orders by requiring federal officials to implement a plan for 10 Idaho dams that was replaced Wednesday by federal fisheries officials.

Craig did not need "help"

The Statesman may need a lesson in civics or they are just continuing to attempt to mislead readers as to every aspect surrounding the Larry Craig saga. The paper tells you that Craig was "stripped" from his committees - that is a blatant lie and they know better they just think readers in Idaho are too stupid to call them on it. Craig VOLUNTARILY stepped aside from his ranking positions the first day or so on his own accord. Also, the only threat ever (besides the editorial position/opinion of the Statesman) to Craig's earmarks for Idaho being lost would have been if he would have resigned. If he would have left, they would have been stripped. Since he stayed they were protected. I hope someday in this valley we get a paper with ethics, that does not rely on unnamed and anonymous sources to justify a vendetta against one of Idaho's longest serving leaders.

Oxy[GOPTRUTH]moron - Larry Craig Loves to be Stripped

My sweet Larry loves to be stripped. He was hoping that young officer would strip search him.

Silly boy, GLOPTRUTH, we all know that sweet Larry didn't get stripped; but, he's no longer the Head Cheese on said cummittees, making him as impotent ass a FreshMan pole'.

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Thanks for the Straight Scoop

Most Idahoans are unaware of this information, and the Statesman has been very clear they have no intention of telling us the truth and nothing but the truth.

Wide Stance & Earmarks

Bennett said "why punish Idaho" for Craigs errors.
So they could keep those earmarks WITHOUT THE NEED OF THE WIDE STANCED SENATOR is how I see it.

Larry Craig's Gay Club

Looks like the GOP are rushing to join Larry Craig’s gay club.

This past Thursday (November 1st), another Republican was arrested soliciting gay sex. This time it’s in Florida, and occurred in a BATHROOM STALL, JUST LIKE LARRY CRAIG!

The Republican politician is Mike Shallow. He’s a two term City Commissioner and mayoral candidate.

And just a few days earlier, Washington State Rep. Richard Curtis (who is a Republican) joined Larry’s Gay Club too.

Ex Daytona commissioner, teacher charged in sex sting
By Kari Cobham
Published November 2, 2007

Wide Stance is not needed.

They just proved Craig is of no value to Idaho. Bennett said, "Why punish Idaho?" So we would still have those "ear marks".

NO recall in Idaho?

Why do the citizens of Idaho have to continue to suffer the humiliation and lack of personal ethics and morals that Larry Craig exhibits why can't the voters recall him?

Is he the only qualified person from Idaho to represent Idaho? I would hope not. Come on folks if there is any way possible to get rid of Craig and the shadow that hangs over him then do it now. Do ALL Republicans in the State of Idaho condone what Larry Craig did? I do not live in Idaho any longer but you all should know Idaho is soon becoming the butt of many jokes outside the state and people are questioning if Idaho is a gay haven or just a haven for gays in denial.

Craig is like dog feces on the bottom of your shoe, you get rid of it you don't walk through your home leaving tracks and stench every step of the way. He lied when he said he was quitting. How many times does he have to lie before citizens get sick and tired of it? He has no credibility and absolutely nothing to offer the citizens of Idaho, get a stick and scrape him off your shoes and soap and water to finally cleanse your soles!

Impeach or Recall

I heard thoughts on both but I forgot. They are talking about impeaching Chaney so why can't we get rid of the Wide Stance

The answer is:

1. Senators and Representatives are NOT impeached, they are censured, pressured to resign and only THEN if that fails is a trial initiated to facilitate EXPULSION.

2. The notion of a possible Cheney impeachment proceeding was suggested by a Presidential candidate who is a current member of Congress, I've forgotten which one. The Republicans said, "Sure! Let's explore it!" which is actually a tacit, "We'll go for it if you shut up"! Since then that member and others have tabled the whole idea.

Summary: the locomotive let off steam.

Thank you

I appreciate your answer.