What is punk? Crowd-surfing in a tree is punk

Considering that my first real concert without the 'rents was a 1986 Black Flag gig exactly like this one, I have a certain litmus test for what constitutes punk rock. The term gets thrown around a lot today — particularly the nauseating term "pop-punk." Most bands calling themselves punk just aren't punk to my ears. Memphis-based Jay Reatard, however, definitely is punk rock. There's a beautiful late '70s/early '80s attack in his short-burst tunes, yet they still maintain a pop songcraft. His debut CD, "Blood Visions," is pretty excellent, as is this face-flaying clip of Reatard taking a sonic meat cleaver ("My Shadow") to a Philadelphia crowd on the street outside Sailor Jerry's. Without question, it's also the first time I've ever seen someone crowd-surf in a tree.

Jay Reatard, 9 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 7, Neurolux. $3 cover. Opening: The Universal

Warning: Contains profanity near the end, so stop the clip with 15 seconds remaining if you don't want to encounter it.

Punk is?

More than your Gramma telling you to Shut up or you'll ruin my tat!