Is it a bear or Bigfoot?

Last week I wrote about the Idaho rancher’s report of cattle mutilations. This week a hunter in Pennsylvania captured a picture of what researchers claim is Bigfoot. Follow the link and see for yourself.

The Bigfoot Research Organization says it’s Bigfoot, despite the fact everyone knows that Bigfoot lives in the Pacific Northwest. That’s like saying they found a spotted owl in Iowa.

Pennsylvania game officials say it’s a bear with mange. Linda Moulton Howe, the Boise native, who is an expert on crazy things like this has it on her website, Earthfiles. She also interviews an elk hunter who was abducted by aliens.

Happy Halloween.

Bigfoot 'Taint

Pennsylvania officials are vigorously maintaining that this is nothing but a mangy bear. The same officials have for years denied that mountain lions have penetrated state boundaries. To admit so, would alarm some hunters and their wives, resulting in less hunts and a downturn of the industry. Not only that, it would probably divert many of the outdoorsy types over to football stadiums on Sundays, which in pigskin obsessed Pennsylvania, would result in many of the State’s popular arenas dangerously bursting from the seams!

Monk-ee the Sasquatch

escapee from the zoo.?
discarded by someone who thought it would be cute?
escaped from the person above?

Just shoot it and be down with the questions!


It's Charlie Sheen in a Chewbacca costume.