Idaho gets new reports of cattle mutilations

Cattle mutilations are back and Idaho is once again ground zero.
Monteview rancher Kyle Stoddard reported the deaths of two bulls to Clark County Sheriff Craig King Oct. 16. And it wasn’t wolves that killed the $2,000 animals.
The two bulls had apparently been tranquilized and their sex organs had been removed. Stoddard told the Idaho Falls Post Register he suspected some kind of ritual was behind the odd deaths.
It’s been a few years since Idahoans reported the strange practice in their backyard.
Cattle mutilations have been attributed to everything from satanic cults to aliens or the long-haired hippies down the road. The phenomena started getting attention in the 1970s when a rash of mutilations all over the West caused law enforcement officials to hold a big conclave in St. Anthony. The governor of Colorado issued a statement decrying the mutilations.
Since then, another cycle of reports erupts about every five or six years. Idaho’s last big one was in eastern Idaho in 1989-90 with more than 30 cases of mutilations reported from Bear Lake to Rigby. I last wrote about this in 1995 after a series of mutilations were reported in California and Oregon. I talked to two men who investigated mutilations in Idaho then.
In 1975-76, Idaho Department of Fish and Game warden Joe Curry, now retired, examined several cattle in Fremont County that were supposed to have been mutilated. He concluded they were killed by predators. ``I personally didn't see anything that looked like it was mutilated by a human being," Curry told me then.
Rigby veterinarian Ferrin Kinghorn responded to several reports of mutilated animals in 1990. He came to a similar conclusion. ``The ones I saw there could be a logical explanation," he said. ``But I don't want to leave the impression there aren't mutilations. I'm sure there have been some."
Boise native Linda Moulton Howe has become somewhat of an expert on the phenomena. She has been collecting reports on mysterious animal killings since the 1970s when she was a reporter for a Denver television station.
In her book ``An Alien Harvest," she says extraterrestrial aliens are responsible and that the federal government knows it. ``I've talked to dozens of eye-witnesses who have seen silver discs landing in their fields," she told me in 1995.
Moulton was a regular on Art Bell and is one of the best known researchers of strange phenomena. Her website, Earthfiles, is a fun read.
The reports come as a new poll shows that 34 percent of Americans believe in ghosts or UFOs. Who knows what really causes cattle mutilations.
But it's hard to say they aren't real.
Just ask Kyle Stoddard.

Cattle Mutilations

I would advise officials to seek the sort of poachers who kill bears just for their gall bladders. There are human whack-jobs out there who will kill any animal to sell their internal &/or sex organs on the black market. The buyers? Even bigger whack-jobs who believe such things as bear gall bladder, rhino horns, and the male sex organs of large male animals will somehow "enhance' their virility. I say we should have an open season on poachers.

I Remember the Cattle Killers

I remember the cattle mutilations when I was a kid. It was really frightening. Everyone attibuted it to the "devil worshipers."

I don't know about aliens or devil worshipers, but these people are criminals destroying the property of others.

Mutilation or a harvest?

Why were the bulls tranquilized and then shot? Could someone have been trying to steal bull semin? If so someone in the ranching community might be able to follow leads....Good Luck.

A Tranquilized bull

....would not be able to fend off the attacker. I would think that once a bull is hurt it would react thus a bull would be tranquilized. Blood is drawn in hospitals and , there is limited amount of blood spills. So the same technique is probably used. I doubt that we have to think of it as an alien probe.

cattle mutilations

How do they know the bulls were tranq'd? Has anybody EVER come forward to admit to "ritual" cattle mutilation? Has anybody EVER been caught red-handed doing this? Old story. Old "explanation".

Ever hear of 'blood samples'?

YOU go babysit cattle.


Cow tipsy - with ketchup on top

Thank you, Rocky Barker for continuing to expose this.

Cattle mutilations should be newsworthy too, whereas there are hundreds if not thousands reported each year throughout the globe.

It must be difficult for editors to zone in on the best way to write about these baffling incidents, when the root causes are seemingly unknowable.

‘Seevee’ asks savvily in this thread, “Has anybody EVER come forward to admit to "ritual" cattle mutilation? Has anybody EVER been caught red-handed doing this?”

Blaming these incidents on UFO’s, almost seems like a cliché or taking the easy way out for a reasonable explanation, since flying saucers have now been imbedded into our modern mythology culture, for over sixty solid years.

But if it’s not UFO’s and not rowdy cow-tipping teenagers, then who or what are perpetrating these puzzling nighttime mutilations, so often without any vehicle tire tracks nearby or even a droplet of blood left remaining in the bovines? Even the coyotes have enough horse sense to not nibble upon the carcass with the strange vibration.

I’m scratching my head like a mad scientist here, wondering which is worse: the intentions of whomever is committing these mutilations, or the aims of those in charge of obscuring the fact that mad cow disease has yes indeed penetrated deeply into Idaho’s heart.

Or could there be some blood relation between the two uncanny subject matters?

Cattle mutilations

Cattle mutilations were going on in South East Idaho years and years ago! You people need to read about it more before making stupid accusations. It was attributed to devil worshipping then and most probably still is, it has been looked past and ignored way too long there. The main reason being that people of power were also involved in it.