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Larry Craig

I just got back from a trip to Kuwait and Craig's exploits were the subject of comments on the BBC as well as middle eastern channels. His booking photo was prominent even with Arabic commentary.

In addition to the routine questions: "What is this wide stance?" (There were several impressions of that since nobody could quite figure it out) "Is this the way people in your state act? They commit an offense, plead guilty and later say 'I'm not guilty!'" and "Is he a freak?" My friends over there also asked if a guilty plea was a guilty plea and why this man kept changing his statements and why Americans would put up with this behavior. Several commented on how sad it was that a man who served as a Senator could say with a straight face that he didn't understand what he was doing when he pled guilty and none of them believed he didn't talk to a lawyer, being how DC is full of them. I asked the question and none of them thought he could continue to serve effectively.

Senator Craig is deluding himself if he thinks he can be effective in any sense and it is shameful that he continues to subject Idaho to international derision. The honorable thing to do is step away, retire and move on.

Bottom line -- what benefit is there to the citizens of Idaho and the people of the United States if Sen Craig continues to play out this silly drama? The Minnesota court affirmed his guilty plea (knowingly and intelligently given) and his lawyers are now playing "rope a dope" with oceans of motions -- so what benefit is there to anybody but Sen Craig?

Terrorist are eating this stuff up! They are banking on our misrepresentation in DC! They can't lose the war if We the People allow this demockery to continue. If we don't hold our government accountable, NOW, it's over. America is done!

Nobody to blame but yourselves. The battle cry of 21st century America will be the only battle cry anyone ever remembers. Turn & look at your family, son, daughter, whoever, & ask yourself what is going to happen to them. They aren't going to have a pot to piss in & you coulds have done something about it. When they ask, 20 years from now. Why didn't you do something? You can tell them you were too busy paying down the debt & taxes created through campaign finance because your parents didn't do anything either.

Except vote down party lines.

"there's nothing you can dooo." Make a copy of this & remember the battle cry!

How many generations of politicians are going to send the families who pay their wages to die in war based on lies so those politicians can get richer? we didn't finish the job, The American revolution isn't over!

Craig's lies

There isn't a gay man on this planet that would offer a shred of support to this creep. He's beneath contempt-a typical "family values" hypocrite. However, he is extremely polished: Notice how he can look "straight" at Lauer and lie without batting an eyelash. He doesn't even blush. Now THAT took practice! But I guess republicans have had a lot of practice "bending" the truth the last few years.

larry Craig

Nine years ago, nov. 11th. veterans day at the veterans park, state and veterans parkway. I had a lengthly talk with Sen. Craig about my claim with the VA. The good Sen. Craig took down all my contact information AND PROMISED to call me the next day. I am still waiting for that call. Sen. Craig gives a great "talk" and continues to claim how he helps the veterans. I know veterans that have got the same results that I got from Sen. Craig. Many of us feel he is in office for his self and a few close friends and family. THE SENATOR TALKS THE TALK BUT DOES NOT WALK THE WALK.
Senator Craig is fighting to stay in office for himself and his EGO, not the things that he is speaking about right now on the TV.
I know that there is the question of hearsay, BUT we that have been in idaho for all or most of our lives, know the rumors of Larry Craigs sexual preferences. Perhaps if I had talked to the good Senator in the mens bathroom 9 years ago, he might have called me the next day like he said he would.
We all shall see what happens in the future, and Larry Craig will have to answer to his maker when he knocks on the gates of heaven. Never know, he might be put in the express elevator to the darkness of hell.
I do not trust Senator Larry Craig. PERIOD.

do you feel represented?

How do you feel as a veteran? How do you feel as a taxpayer? How do you feel as an American? How many veterans have done without the medical aid they deserved & how many more will? It's happening as I write this, Gulf War Syndrom!

Going to wait till tomorrow or another nine years? Didn't learn a damn thing & still aren't! Listen to the rumors, write a little blog, whine about it & call it a day. That's the battle cry of 21st century America I hear. "there's nothing you can doooo."
Wait for Craig to ride the elevator, maybe your son or daughter will die in the meantime. Did waiting to make our misrepresentatives accountable to US do any good if just one more American dies in this war?

Would any of the corporations which buy our misrepresentation remain solvent if they allowed their CEO & board of directors to accept $ from outside sources in return for favors costing the company money, remain solvent? If you allow the President, Congress, & the Senate to continue acception contributions in return for tax cuts will We the People remain solvent? Look at & the counters, national debt, cost of war! It can't be paid down!

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As I continue to watch and listen to our good senator (?), I am reflecting on my many years as a police officer and a probation / parole officer ( both in idaho ). I see a man in turmoil and trouble. I truly believe he is not telling the truth. As an Australian I know would say when a person was talking gibberish and not understandable..... He's talking like a man with a mouth full of gibbers ( small rocks ).
With my experience and knowledge the good Senator is NOT telling the truth, again. PERIOD !!!!!

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Credit to Lauer ...

At least he went into the 25-year history of the rumors. KTVB never went there.


I'm not sure how he does it but Senator Craig somes off...pious? I'm not sure what word I'm looking for. He's like a cross between a Miles Standish and Bill Clinton. I just can't explain how odd he feels I can't decide if it's cadence, or an affectation in his voice...he's just...odd. Maybe that colors our opinions. He sounds almost stuck up--he doesn't sound Idaho.

OK. He just creeps me out. The way he talks just creeps me out.

His story keeps changing....

His story has kept changing.
He blames other people, for his mistakes. If he was not as educated, i might believe he didnt know what he was doing.
He thinks we are all idiots, his words are too calculated, almost as if he knew what was going to be asked.

My problem as an Idaho voter is not the fact he was arrested or plead guilty, because i personally have been there in my life. However, he tried to keep it from the people who put him into office. He filed a guilty plea, he waited until the story was going to damage his career before he tried to remove the guilty plea. I wonder what would have happened, if we in the Idaho had never found out.

"This seat is not mine, it belongs to the people of Idaho" Yes, it does. And we as Idahoans want it back. You have made Idaho the laughing stock of this country.

What interviews?

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Where was the toilet paper?

First it was behind him, now it's on his shoe, where was the toilet paper really? Why would any one pick up toilet paper off a public bathroom floor? It's all about Larry,
he doesn't care what we in Idaho think, it's money for nothing and sex in the bathroom!
Larry can win if he runs in 08, he has a (R) behind his name, thats all the voters in Idaho

Is Larry's little problem anything more than a distraction?

While Larry Craig's problem is all over the news & has everyone's undivided attention, is there a bigger problem in our nation, in politics? The lie democracy has become, campaign finance!

It came up that Craig is positioning himself for a lobbyist job. I've been trying to make the point that campaign finance is one of our biggest problems in America & politics as it buys our representation. All these people evidently believe we are represented by people like Lary Craig. If the interviews & response don't show what is really on the minds of people, can't trust or believe Craig & not the reality of Washington DC manipulation & lies, we're in a world of hurt!

Packwood, ring a bell? Now a consultant making hundreds of thousands of $ a year was found by the ethics committee to have engaged in a pattern of sexual misconduct from 1969 to 1990. He now has influence in DC while making a fortune & the people he works for as a lobbyist making billions, contributors. Pennies on the dollar & We the People aborb those tax cuts! He is a sexual preditor! He should be on a list as the people the same lawmakers who make laws & have convicted of like patterns of abuse! He should be a registered sex offender! The people in DC don't care, they are all of the same money making manipulation at the expense of US!

Politicians stand by lobbyist, say we need them. Yea, they need they so they can become lobbysit & make billions on top of the millions they make on our dime giving away billions of our tax $ to contributors through lobbyist!

Bush has been going along with Congress on many issues, things he can't win, he has to sign them into legislation/law. Behind the scenes he's writing off the work Congress & the Senate so he doesn't have to abide by the laws they create. Executive privilage! This makes Congress & the Senate mute, impotent. Why do we bother to have them, pay them, provide health care, & retirment? Then allow them to become lobbyist to buy our representation? We have a hell of a problem in Washington DC!

The current administration has created a dictatorship in America while Americans die in war based on lies in which terrorist grow to hate US more & will plan to attack & kill more. We the People are misled & manipulated but we pay for it all in $, blood, life, & freedom!

That is why I started To create a lobby for We the People.

It's all about ideas by the American people, post ideas, support ideas, & put government back to work for US, taxpayers! One of the things I feel we need to do is tax campaign contributions, $20 tax on every $1 contributed to the campaigns of people we not only elect but on every dollar contributed! We also have to insist contributors contribute the same amount to every candidate, not just a million to republicans & $750 to democrats to ensure their horse wins but to every candidate & when the elction is over all the money left goes to education & other needs of We the People! If all the candidates get the same amount they get the same coverage. If there are ten candidates in four different parities a contributor would have to contribute the same $1 million to all candidates in all parties. Their horse still wins but the money goes into America & not legal fees as Craig would use campaign $ for his defense! It's a small price, still pennies on the dollar but we get something beside the bill, the taxes evaded!

Need $ for education & tired of it always coming from your property taxes? Know why it always comes from your property taxes? Campaign contributions. Somebody has to pay taxes evaded through those tax cuts!

Look at & you can see how much $ is being spent on the war in Iraq, the national debt, & a chart which shows how much corporate unAmerica used to pay in income taxes in 1940 verses today while individuals pay the rest. It used to be almost 50% each. Now individuals pay 90% & corporate un-America pays about 10%! The $9 trillion debt is the result & it is killing US!

Look at other sites, & See where the money comes from & where it goes. Alcohol in America, millions contributed, billions in profit, thousands of innocent people die every year in alcohol related accidents. Police, courts, jails, corrections, & the state makes money on the taxes & pays employees/benefits. Terrorist killed 3,000 in 9/11, Bush started a war killing thousands more including almost 4,000 Americans. Alcohol kills almost 18,000 Americans in auto related accidents every years & Bush & our misrepresentatives profit! Billions spent on prisons, police, courts. It's a disease of pandemic proportion promoted like illegal immigration driving up health insurance & care costs.

I'm not polite or nice & don't show respect for my misrepresentatives, they don't deserve it. I'm not shown any repect as their boss & it doesn't do a bit of good to call or write them. Auto responders don't listen & I pay for representation which I'm not getting! My money would be better spent on a lap dance than on politicians who give tax cuts to campaign contributors when I absorb those taxes!

If the Ameircan people want to live under a dictator, fine. Go to the funerals of your loved ones & pay for everything. You're being taken in the biggest scam the world has ever seen! It's called democracy but it has become a demockery! Terrorist know it! They are winning the war on terror through Washington DC! Terrorist can't lose if we continue to allow our misrepresentatives & corporate un-America to cheat US!

If you get on Nextrev. you can see military equipment at the bottom of the main page. When employed at the Nebraska Dept of Forestry my boss was stealing & selling equipment the DOD could have been selling on auction & the $ could have gone back into the DOD so US soldiers could have equipment to prevent their death & injuries! You can also see pictures of dairy product in unsanitary conditions in trucks, warehouses, & being dumped on the ground. Billions of $ being subsidized & dumped. Kickbacks in the transportation of dairy products. Your representatives won't investigate & even if they do they will cover it up as they did in Nebraska.

Ever wonder why we have these large dairies when family farms used to produce milk? Campaign contribuitions! Agri corruption contributed to your representatives who claimed there was too much milk in the 1970s & 1980s. Our misrepresentatives paid small family farms your tax $ to quit milking! Small family farms have been going under for decades & the farm bill keep growing, billions of yourtax $! Get the picture? Your misrepresentatives are selling US out & making $ to do it! Understand why you can't afford health insurance?

I had my boss caught on film in Nebraska & he was fired. The politicians in Nebraska, including then Gov. Mike Johanns didn't want to know & tried to cover it up. Mike Johanns later was appointed Secretary of the USDA, the same USDA that was in charge of oversight of the FEPP program he didn't want to know was involved in stealing from Nebraska taxpayers. The same Mike Johanns who resigned the position of Secretary of the USDA so he could run for the Office US Senator Hagel is resigning from in Nebraska. Do you want this deadbeat in the Senate? He wouldn't even answer emails about the unsanitary conditions I reported to the USDA at Dari Gold. He doesn't give a damn, just like Craig, Bush, Cheney, Packwood, Abramoff, Cunningham, Clinton, & the rest of your representatives.

It's the same in Idaho & every other state! The Nebraska State Auditor didn't do anything in five months until it was going to be on the news. I walked into the University of Nebraska operations analysis office & told them they were going to be the lead story on the news that night before I could get anything done. I had an investigative reporter catch my boss! That's what you have to do in America & your representatives will lie all the way to the end! Just like Larry Craig! Just like right now, people won't join in, I had to do it myself! Your loved ones are dying & you don't care just like politicians don't! Are you any different? Is democracy so implanted in your mind you allow it to rip you off & kill your family? That's how the mins works. Trained from childhood just like terrorist who blow themselves up!

That FEPP program had outlived it's original concept years earlier but was kept going to siphon tax $ so selfish people could justify their jobs & US soldiers are now dying in Iraq, ten years later! The taxpayers being ripped off paid for this equipment the first time so America could be protected in earliers wars. The same taxpayers fought the wars! They were now being ripped off & their sons & daughters being killed because they don't have equipment! The American people are so brainwashed they would sacrifice family before they think for themselves.

You going to enjoy Christmas with your sons & daughters lying in a cold grave for all the wrong reasons? Keep beliveing the lies! Or get on Nextrev. & help create a lobby for We the People. Put government in it's place, working for US! Or enjoy the upcoming holidays wishing your son, daughter, mon, dad, grandma, grandpa, or whoever was there with you instead of six feet under because people like Bush, Cheney, Craig, & the rest of these crooked as a dog's hind leg liars are getting rich!

I can't win alone, I can't fight your fight! If being an American means sacrificing your loved ones so the people you pay to represent US get rich it isn't worth it! Time to wake up or concede. Why keep fighting in Iraq if the real enemy is right here in DC?

Why keep up the lie America has become if the child you raise is only going to die in a war based on lies while those who start the wars get rich on you? I don't have kids, I could have stayed at the Nebraska Dept. of Forestry & ripped off the taxpayer, could have had my boss's job & retired with hundreds of thousands of $. That wasn't how my parents raised me. I stood up for the American taxpayer then, again in Idaho, & both times my representatives lied & denied. I was fired in Idaho from Dari Gold, your misrepresentatives won't investigate, & the American people are being ripped off. The media won't get involved. Why do they go after one misrepresentative like Craig when he is just one liar in a barrel of rotten apples? They claim they didn't go after him but this is all about Craig, they're after him now. Why won't the media investigate the President, Congress, & the US Senate? All they have to do is pull up the stories they already printed, it's already documented!

Craig is wrong in illegal immigration & the Salmon issues but he is only one! Every state has the same overpaid, lying crooks getting rich while they send your families to die in war based on lies. War & terrorst who hate US because of the misrepresentation we won't put in line!